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Unveiling Realme 64MP Smartphone: Higher Resolution Than Sony, A Rival To New Redmi Smartphone

Unveiling Realme 64MP Smartphone: Higher Resolution Than Sony, A Rival To New Redmi Smartphone

In 2019, mobile phones use 40MP cameras, even though the mid-range smartphones use 48MP cameras. 

In the latter half of the year, 64MP and 100MP image sensors will appear, indicating a new round of the competition. 

Among the smartphone manufacturers, Realme and Redmi announced the debut of 64MP camera phone. It’s still unclear which one will be the winner. 

However, on the launch event in New Delhi, India, Realmi presented the new smartphone with a 64MP high-resolution camera.

Realme 64MP Camera Phone

Well, does the 64MP phone offer better performance than a 48MP one? Most consumers are concerned about it. Let’s go into more details.

Rear quad-camera which supports the 64MP direct image output 

In the conference, the Realme 64MP camera was covered by a phone case, so its specific configuration and design were still unknown. 

What’s certain is the rear camera, which consists of the main camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens, a macro lens, a depth sensor. In particular, the main camera uses the Samsung GW1 64MP image sensor, whose size is 1/1.72 inch. 

Its single pixel size is less satisfying than the IMX600 (1/1.73 inch, 40MP) image sensor which Sony has customized for Huawei smartphones.

However, unlike the high-end IMX600 image sensor, Samsung GW1 is intended for mid-range smartphones.

Compared with previous sensors, Samsung GW1 can directly output 64MP images, and produce 16MP ones through Quad Bayer. 

In this mode, a single pixel can be 1.6 microns, offering excellent results.

Comparison between Realme 64MP phone and Redmi K20 Pro▼

In the launch event, the photos taken by the new Realme smartphone and Redmi K20 Pro (with 48MP image sensor) were compared side by side. After magnification, it was evident that Realme 64MP camera phone outperformed the latter by offering ultra-fine details. 

At present, we can conclude that Samsung GW1 image sensor is remarkable.

Other functions: 5x zooming, super macro lens, and wide-angle lens

Additionally, Realme also introduced other features of the camera phone, including 5x zooming, a 119-degree 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a macro lens with an aperture of f/2.5, which can take photos of objects at a distance as close as 4cm.

In general, as a mid-range smartphone, its camera performance is nearly as excellent as Huawei Honor 20 Pro, superior to phones using Sony IMX586 image sensor. 

It seems that Samsung ISOCELL Department has eventually made an image sensor comparable with Sony image sensors for smartphones.

The Realme 64MP phone will be likely in the X Series and launched before the end of October. Whether the first 64MP camera phone will be from Realme or Redmi is not so important. 

After all, consumers take into account brand, design, overall performance, and price when buying a smartphone.

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