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All-in-one: Tablet, Desktop, and Laptop | The Global Launch of Beelink T4 Mini PC

All-in-one: Tablet, Desktop, and Laptop | The Global Launch of Beelink T4 Mini PC

Only $119.99. The Best Mini PC in 2019 with Good Performance & Portability

Why do you need a Mini PC?

Desktop computers are bulky items.

Maybe you think desktop computers should look like this:

The more attractive ones look like this:

They're actually like this:

Or in the most impressive case, even like this:

But all of the above have one common feature: They're too heavy!!!

So you want to buy a laptop.

Buying a computer is not just about playing games. No, a computer is a tool to help you study hard and work well. But their prices are like this:

So here comes the problem. Is there a computer that offers excellent performance and good portability at a low price?

Of course, the answer is the Mini PC!!!

The Mini PC comes in a variety of models to suit your family's needs.

From the perspective of saving space and reducing power consumption, I suggest you choose the Beelink Mini PC T4. Allow me to share my experience with you below.

What are the advantages of the Beelink Mini PC T4?

√ 17.7mm Thickness

√ Superior Heat Dissipation

√ Exclusive Intel Chip

√ HDMI 4K + DP 2K Dual Ports

Small size for great portability

The dimensions of the Beelink Mini PC T4 are 106 x 106 x 17.7mm, meaning it's only a little wider than the palm of one's hand. It can be operated in one hand, which is very portable.

Just like a portable hard drive, the Beelink Mini PC T4 can be easily transported between the office and your home or another city. Thus, you can connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to resume your previous work.

Just connect an HDMI cable and power cable, and then plug in a wireless keyboard and mouse connector. Almost no messy cables can be seen, making the whole table a lot tidier.

Elite configuration for efficient office work

The Beelink T4 is configured with 4 GB + 64 GB of solid-state memory and the chip uses the globally exclusive Intel庐 Atom x5-Z85001 Processor (up to 2.24 GHz).

Firstly, one of the most obvious things about this device is the fast boot time of only about ten seconds.

Additionally, the performance is smooth even with multiple software open.

I like to invest in stocks in my free time, and with the Beelink T4, the processor load when opening several stock websites is almost negligible.

You can even play simple shooting games between the discs.

Work is no problem. I can open five web pages and then open Word, and CPU usage is only at 9%.

However, the most surprising thing is that there is no stutter, even when watching 4K videos.

The Beelink T4 is equipped with a super processor, which has dramatically improved image processing.

With a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160, 4K videos on YouTube and local hard drives can be played smoothly and comfortably.

Ultra-low power consumption for 24-hour use

The Intel Atom x5-Z85001 supports standby mode, in which power consumption can be reduced to 1/50 of the regular operation. In standby mode, it can also maintain the network connection.

The power used by the Beelink T4 is much lower than that of an incandescent lamp, meaning it can easily be left on for 24 hours.

Fast heat dissipation for stable operation

The Beelink T4 uses a multi-channel heat dissipation system, which can effectively guarantee the service life of the hardware.

Except for a slight bit of heat produced when Photoshop was running for more than 40 minutes, there was no noticeable heat during normal web browsing or video playback.

I also never experienced any crashes or blue screens.

Small with comprehensive features

Despite its small size, the mini PC is equipped with a full range of features. It has built-in Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi. Bluetooth can connect to a keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth speaker, and other devices, making it very practical.

Dual-band Wi-Fi can connect to 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz wireless networks according to the signal strength. The system is all set up. By installing remote control software or using the system's built-in remote desktop, there is no need even for a monitor. So long as the power cable is plugged in, no matter if it's placed in the study to download things via BitTorrent, or used as a NAS by setting up SMB and NFS, the Beelink T4 is very flexible.

In what scenarios can the Mini PC be used?

In short, the Beelink T4 is smaller than a TV box, but yet it can be used to deal with text and process photos. Moreover, you can even use Linux for development. All in all, it's a great device!

And the price is much lower than PCs or laptops with the same configurations. Twenty-four hours' operation only consumes 1Whr, which is impossible for any other host. How important energy conservation is in this era!

Beelink T4 New Desktop Mini PC



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