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Here’s How Alfawise WS-1060 Make Cleaning Window Easier Than Ever! Better Performance Under $180!

Here’s How Alfawise WS-1060 Make Cleaning Window Easier Than Ever! Better Performance Under $180!

Living in tall buildings makes it difficult to clean dusty windows from outside. It is no doubt a very difficult and dangerous task. 

But do not worry, a Chinese brand Alfawise has recently launched a WS-1060 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner that can solve your entire problem. 

This Window Cleaner has a microfiber pad that can effectively scrub the glass surface and remove oil stain, dirt, and dust. This is an ultra-swift cleaning device that has the highest cleaning speed and is faster than any of its previous versions. The rubber track is composed of fiberglass that makes it highly durable which is greater than 400 hours that is exactly 400% longer than similar products that are available in the market.

The Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner is no doubt a high-end product that has an Italian chip, an intelligent sensor, and the latest upgraded path algorithm to assist the new user experience. 

This robot can be operated with both remote and mobile applications that make it easier for the user to operate this super-intelligent robot fluently. While most of the other robot window cleaners do not have such user-friendly features and this makes it almost impossible to control.

Unboxing Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner

The product package contains one cleaning robot, one remote control (without 2 x AAA battery), one cable, one extension cord, a power adapter, a safety rope, a suction cup, one cloth, one cleansing bottle, and an English manual.

The Alfawise Robot Window Cleaner is available in a single blackish silver color. This model has an ultra-thin design with a height of 3.66 inches which is like 25% thinner than any other model that is currently available in the market. 

It has a dimension of about 223.00 x 23.00 x 9.30 cm and weighs around 1.27 kg, which makes it very easy to move around or even climb up the windows.

 Main features-

The manufacturer claims that this robot window cleaner is the most efficient robot that is capable of cleaning 99% of coverage. This makes the glass cleaner 3-5% better than any of the window cleaners that are available in the market. 

The smart chip technology helps the robot to automatically clean the windows in a particular pattern like a Z or N+Z pattern. The ST semiconductor acts as an architecture microcontroller, the Allegro chip is the electric drive identifier and intelligent power management system.

The Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner has a one start button and can be controlled by a remote as well as an app. Long-time deep cleaning is now much easier with a non-slip track band that avoids sliding or skipping of the robot while cleaning the window. Absolutely clean windows can now be obtained effortlessly for constant 400 hours which is much longer than other smart robot vacuum cleaners.

The best part is the Alfawise Robot Window Cleaner is that it is extremely efficient. It is capable of cleaning one square meter in just 2 minutes which is precisely 300 percent faster than manual window cleaning. 

This super-efficient cleaning is facilitated by a 2800Pa strong suction capacity that helps it to crawl up the glass. The intelligent robot can adopt motion current sensing systems very accurately and that can detect the window frame and avoid getting stuck at the edges of the window. 

In case of any power cut issues, the robot vacuum cleaner can still stick to the glass for 30 minutes and send an alarm immediately. There is no doubt that its low noise interference can clean off your glass crystal clear.

Who would I recommend Alfawise WS-1060?

If you are one of them who desperately wants to get rid of daily cleaning chores after work, then probably you can get this Robot window cleaner for yourself. I can highly recommend this robot to you as that can help you clean even the worst dirt, oil and dust particles. 

You can buy this product from Gearbest at a very efficient cost of $186 which is an unbelievable deal. The Alfawise Robot Window Cleaner has the best feature and there is no other brand that can provide such high-end features at this price.

So what are you thinking now? Order this amazing product today and make your life simple!

Alfawise WS - 1060 Automatic Smart Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum Glass Cleaner Machine 99% Cleaning Rate



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