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Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector. Better than You Think.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector. Better than You Think.

Wants to see movies at up to 150" screen? Mijia Laser Projector - is what you need.


DLP Type
Full HD Resolution (1080p)
Image Formats 16: 9, 4: 3
Maximum screen 150 ″
Brightness 5000 ANSI Lumen
Overall dimensions 410 × 291 × 88 mm
Weight 7 kg

Projection takes place using DLP technology (Digital Light Processing), that is, a digital image is projected onto the screen through tiny mirrors. The projector has the so-called "short focus", so it must be placed at the shortest distance from the screen. Depending on the distance to the wall, a larger image is obtained, as with conventional projectors. The maximum image size is 150 inches, about 3.8 meters, and can be reached at a distance of only 49 cm.

Another advantage: the projector does not need to be placed at the screen level, the depth of the room also does not matter. The device can simply be placed on the floor in front of the wall.

Equipment and connection

Xiaomi company almost never disappoints, so the projector turned out great. The case is made in white, the assembly is flawless. The design matches most other Mi Home products.

There are truths and shortcomings: a glossy plastic cover is a real dust magnet, which also leaves greasy fingerprints. A special rag, which is included in the kit, is called to solve the problem.

Three HDMI 2.0 ports are located at the rear of the projector, one of them supports ARC - the port can be used both as an input and as an audio output. There is also a USB 3.0 port and audio output, AV input, S / PDIF port, and Ethernet connector. An optional USB 2.0 port is located on the side of the device.

The delivery set also includes a remote control and an operating manual. The projector is immediately ready for use without any settings.

Performance and management

Inside, the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector has a quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz, 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. This is enough for smooth operation: the menu navigation is freezing, the application opens quickly. The projector takes about 20 seconds to start, after which it is fully operational.

The projector can be easily controlled using the remote control. The design of the remote control is as simple as the projector itself. The number of buttons is limited only by the most necessary, the control is intuitive: you navigate through the menu using the direction buttons, and the OK button is in the middle. There are buttons "Home", "Back", "Menu" and "Volume control" - everything is pretty clear.

Alternatively, you can connect a mouse and keyboard. For some people, such navigation may be easier - the keyboard makes it easy to enter large text. In some applications, by the way, the remote control does not work, so we recommend that you always have a spare mouse.

Like a TV or smart TV, the projector has its own user interface. MIUI TV is based on Android 6.0 and works in English.

Video quality

Officially, the laser module is capable of emitting 5000 ANSI Lumen. It uses a technology called ALPD 3.0 (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display) from the Chinese developer Appotronics. If for you this information does not say anything, even in daylight the picture is quite bright and only slightly fades. In a dark room, the effect of a real cinema is created. Strong sunlight naturally has an adverse effect: in a lit room, the quality decreases.

Image in daylight

Image in a dark room

The declared contrast is 3000: 1, which is not much different from other devices that even have values outside 100000: 1. This indicator often says little about the actual image quality, especially when it comes to the projector, because even a little light from the outside affects the projection display. In a dark room, the picture is in no way inferior to high-quality LED TVs.

The maximum resolution is 1080p, i.e. Full HD. However, 4K video can also be played, but it scales to 1080p. Due to the higher bitrate, 4K video still looks better than standard Full HD. It is worth noting that when playing in 4K, the maximum number of frames is 30, and with Full HD - 60.

At maximum projection size, the image is clear, even small texts are easy to read. The projector is well calibrated from the factory, but you can reconfigure it if necessary. You can choose one of the ready-made parameters, you can save the manual settings.

The presence of a special screen for projecting an image is very important. The choice of projection screen is of great importance, especially in terms of color reproduction. If you want an almost perfect picture, you cannot avoid buying a special screen. Depending on size, they are available for less than $ 100. An ordinary white wall is also suitable, but color reproduction will be imperfect. By the way, color quality may vary slightly in the eyes of most people. If you have a white smooth wall, then this will be enough. If there is no such wall, then you should think about purchasing a screen.

Sound quality

The projector has 4 speakers: 2 wide ranges and 2 high-frequency ones. This is not comparable with a full-fledged sound system, but for a projector the sound is not bad, even bass is audible. If you want more, you can connect a separate sound system through the audio output of the projector.

Since the unit is directly in front of the wall, the sound is directed towards the wall. Inside the projector there is a fan, the operation of which is heard in silence, but when playing sound, the noise does not bother.


A projector with a short focal length is definitely better than a standard projector, since installing the device directly in front of the wall is a tangible advantage. Weighing in at 7 kg, Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector can be taken with you to watch a movie with friends. The biggest problem is finding a suitable canvas or wall to enjoy a 150 ”picture. Image quality absolutely corresponds to a high price.

Among the advantages of the Xiaomi projector:

• Very good resolution even at 150 inches;
• Support for 4K, but with scaling;
• Simple design, short focus;
• Bright projection with good contrast in dark rooms and at night;
• Good built-in speaker;
• Overall workmanship.

The cons include:

• Quality decreases in bright daylight.

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projector ALPD3.0 Laser Projector 2400 ANSI Lumens 1920x1080P



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