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Will Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Beat AirPods Pro with Enhanced Active Noise Cancellation & Larger Battery?

Will Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Beat AirPods Pro with Enhanced Active Noise Cancellation & Larger Battery?

It didn't take long after the release of the Apple Airpods Pro for Samsung to announce the lunch of its competing product. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is the newest flagship of the Korean company in the headphone industry. 

And while the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is set to be released, they are not Samsung's first attempt at true wireless as the company has produced two generations of the Gear IconX. The Samsung Buds+ is rumored Apple Airpods Pro competitor in terms of sound, design, battery, and ease of use and has not disappointed.

As expected, the Galaxy Buds+ is a decent upgrade to its predecessor – the Gear IconX. They offer decent sound, longer battery life, easy connectivity, and a warm, bassy sound. Also, their compact charging case provides both wireless and USB-C wired charging. 

Thanks to the reserved audio company AKG, users can now enjoy the rich live sound. The acoustic specialists have fine-tuned the Buds+ to deliver incredibly rich high-resolution sound. Besides, Samsung's next-gen adaptive dual microphone technology cancels unwanted sound and makes the sound more decent. 

Below are some attractive features of the Galaxy Buds+.

Active Noise Cancellation

Reviewers have praised its ability to reduce unwanted ambient sounds without raising the volume excessively. Samsung's next-gen adaptive dual microphone technology makes it possible to listen to audio content with minimized disruption. 

Galaxy Buds+ checks your surroundings during a conversation, and if noisy, uses the built-in microphones to keep your conversation crystal clear. 

Longer Battery Life

One of the most exciting features of the Galaxy Buds+ is its high-efficient micro battery, which can deliver up to 6 hours of battery life on the go at moderate volume levels when fully charged. It also comes with an additional 7 hours of charge you get from the sleek case. 

Each earbud contains a 58 mAh battery with the cradle (case), providing an additional capacity of 252 mAh. 

And when the battery is drained, QI compatible wireless charging pad (used for Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e, and other latest Samsung devices) can be used to charge the Buds via the cradle. It's as easy as placing the buds on the wireless pad, and they'll charge up.

Sound Quality

Samsung's current Galaxy Buds+ is tuned by AKG – a leader in sound production. As a result, the buds have received enormous positive reviews because of its warm, bassy sound soundstage. 

The Galaxy Buds+ reproduce an accurate, neutral-learning sound signature for enhanced presentation of your music and with minimal distortion. It may not be the most natural sound treatment yet. It is ideal for those who like their music bassy. 


This is one of the areas Samsung's current Galaxy Buds seem to impress. The Galaxy Buds+ are said to look similar to the current model. However, pocketable, slim design makes them so compact to fit comfortably in your pockets or with the rest of your belongings. 

The Galaxy Buds+ are about 30% smaller in size than its predecessor, making it hold firmer and fit more securely.

Extra Features

Through the Galaxy wearable app, users can enjoy amazing features with the Galaxy Buds+. You can:

ð Turn on "ambient sound" feature – comes handy in a noisy environment: it enables the Buds to switch the inner and outer microphones to mix in background noise to the music.

ð Use the "Find My Earbuds" feature to find your Samsung Buds, in case it gets missing.

ð Set equalizer and switch between Bass, Treble, etc. Users who like their music bassy will enjoy the "Bass Boost" feature.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ release date is set for March 8, 2020, in the US, UK, and the Middle East.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Price Estimation

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is expected to sell from $110 - $130, depending on your location.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ vs AirPods Pro Comparison: Which Should You Choose?

First, let's start with pricing. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ sell from $110 - $130 (depending on your location), and that's twice as low as the price of Apple's AirPods.

Also, the Galaxy Buds+ is a comfortable fit, lightweight, true noise-cancellation wireless earphone. The sound quality doesn't seem to wow as much as its competitor. 

However, its enhanced active voice cancellation feature makes it stand out. On the other hand, the second-gen AirPods bring fuller and more impressive sound yet, it doesn't fit the ears securely as much like the Galaxy Buds+ would.

Where the AirPods Pro underwhelmed, the Galaxy Buds+ seem to impress; with bigger batteries. Talking about battery life, the Galaxy Buds+ boasts 6 hours + an additional 7 hours from the cradle – an impressive 1.5 hours than what Apple's Air Pod Pro can offer (4.5 hours). 

Although they are called Galaxy Buds+, their functionalities aren't limited to Samsung devices alone. They still work seamlessly on other Android devices, iOS devices, as well as Bluetooth enabled computers and devices. On the other hand, Apple's AirPods Pro only works for iOS and Mac. 


ð Top-quality at affordable price
ð Improved, innovative design
ð Compact, both earbuds fit the ears securely – better than the AirPod Pro
ð Longer battery life than most competitors


ð Bass isn't all that deep
ð Non-android users running Android 5.0 or less than 1.5 GB RAM can miss out on some cool extra features such as Ambient Aware Mode and Automatic Sync (an easy pairing feature)

The Verdict

Although their sound quality doesn't impress as much as the competitors', the Galaxy Buds+ are a fantastic pair. The noise-cancellation feature, attractive design, longer battery life, and comfortable fit make these buds a convenient purchase, even for iOS fans. 

For Samsung phone users, however, the Galaxy Buds+ are true wireless earbuds. You get to enjoy several premium features that make them stand up confidently the competition. 

Non-Samsung and non-android users may miss out on some additional features. Yet, this doesn't reduce its reputation, nor does it dispute the fact that it is a smart purchase. 


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