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How To Take Photos Of Your Girlfriend While Travelling That She Would Love?

How To Take Photos Of Your Girlfriend While Travelling That She Would Love?

Why does the camera smartphone is so popular nowadays? 

Because photos are celebrations of people and moments. 

As we know, human being's memory isn't that good. 

Every girl likes to capture the beauty so that she could use pictures and tell stories to her grandsons when she was old. 

So, if you are helpless at or just entirely disinterested in taking a woman's photo, listen up! The ability to capture great pictures of your girlfriend will improve your relationships and the quality of your life. 

Here are some tips for you to take pictures of your girlfriend that she won't hate. 

[These three compositions allow you to get photos as fabulous as magazine covers]

A good photo is up to a good composition.

All you have to do is turning 360 degrees with your device to find the best angle and view. 

Then keep the view, the composition, the position, give the camera to your partner, and tell him, "just hold the camera and click on the shutter."

1. 2 :3 is the universal golden ratio. 

This ratio based on the golden ratio for chic photos, and it requires a few skills. 

If the character is in the right position, the picture is sure to be pleasing to the eye, no matter how poor photography skill you have.

In addition to proportion, we should also pay attention to the overall orientation of people. 

If the people turn their back to the scene, the photo looks weird. On the contrary, if people face the scene, the photo will be more engaging and attractive.

The orientation determines the integration between people and scenery, that is to say, you need to interact with the scenery. 

Therefore, the proportion of the scenery should be large, and people should face the scenery. 

2. 1:1 is a ratio that harmonizes people and scenery. 

This ratio can perfectly combine people and scenery. However, this ratio means high requirements of the scenery. 

Apart from people, if you want to take photos of specific objects, such as buildings, landmarks, cars, and stones, it is recommended to choose the golden ratio, 2:3 first.

1:1 requires an empty and simple background, which is relatively vast. However, it doesn’t require any orientation of people.

3. 1:9 is a ratio that is rather difficult to control but super chic.

This ratio will bring more difficulty in post-production, and it is recommended to use the ratio less often, especially when your girlfriend wants to be the protagonist. I often hear girls complain, "What are you capturing? I only appear in a little corner." 

However, if your girlfriend loves scenery more than herself, you can try this ratio. 

[In addition to the V sign, you can also let your girlfriend try these poses.] 

If your girlfriend doesn't know how to pose, you can refer to the figure below. 

Thus, you can give her some suggestions on poses. 

As long as you remember this picture, you will learn to avoid using the same poses.

▲ Different poses

▲ How to put legs
The following posts show how to master these poses. 

1. Her back 

A woman’s back is always mysterious, as if a narration of an infinite number of stories, causing the endless imagination. What if she turns around?

▲ Tilting the hat

▲ Stroking the hair

▲ Walking

▲ Half-exposed shoulder

▲ Doing yoga

2. Her profile

A profile, because in most profile photos, the subject does not look at the camera. 

So, how can you get a perfect profile photo? 

▲Passing + profile + not smiling + looking away + sunglasses + leg pose A 

▲Profile + smiling + half-exposed shoulder + looking away from the cam 

▲Sitting cross-legged + not smiling + looking away + sunglasses 

▲Bending knees + not smiling + looking up to the sky + eyes opened + leg pose D 

▲Sitting + smiling + looking far ahead + eyes opened + leg pose B

▲Sitting + smiling + looking up to the sky + eyes closed + leg pose C

3. Face: the right angle matters 

The most important is to pay attention to the facial expression. 

Most people’s faces appear a little puffy, or the expression is awkward/unnatural. 

As a boyfriend, you must know which expression is the best for your girlfriend, so when taking pictures, instruct her to reveal her most beautiful expression naturally. 

If she doesn’t want her face to look fat, you can ask her to slightly retract the chin, or incline the face, so that the outline of her nose will be more prominent. 

Whether you laugh or not, the most important thing is to do it naturally. 

▲Front face+ turning back + smiling + looking at the camera 

▲Tilting the head a little (to make the limbs asymmetrical) 

▲Holding the cheek + bending + smiling + looking at the camera 

▲Front face + not smiling + stroking the hair + sunglasses + leg pose D

Of course, you can add some parodies. 

4. Snapshot: extremely difficult, but photos are the most natural 

I often see beautiful pictures in magazines or pictures of other people's trips. 

In the photos, beauties are running and smiling, with hair fluttering in the wind. Every girl is probably envious of them. 

But in fact, but not for a professional photographer, it is tough to snap the perfect angle and expression. 

Maybe you let your girlfriend run many times, sweat a lot, make her hair as messy as a crazy woman’s. It turns out that none of the photos satisfy her. 

But in fact, the trick is simple - take more pictures! Yes, take more pictures!

The best way is to prepare a camera or a smartphone with a burst mode. 

Find the angle of what you want to shoot, adjust the shutter speed to the fastest, hold the shutter without releasing it, let your girlfriend go over and start shooting. When you are capturing, no poses are required. Let her move freely. She can walk from a distance or get close to you. She can also jump, turn in circles. 

A girl with long hair can swing her long hair; a girl in a skirt can move her skirt; a sporty girl can jump up, and she’ll look cool. 

Trust me, take a dozen pictures, there's always one that looks good. 

Looking back 

Putting the hair up



When you take a picture, you need to get your girlfriend to pay attention to the following: 

1. Pay attention to the angle, pose, and expression when jumping and running. A proper perspective is essential to a beautiful picture. 

2. When running, jumping, and moving, the movement should be small. Don't run crazily. After all, it's for a picture, not a race.  

3. The hair and skirt should match the wind. 

4. Be patient, and it won’t be wrong to take a few more pictures.  

5. Relax. Relax. Laugh naturally, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine that you are part of the scene. 

Anyway, keep in mind some poses that are similar to how your girlfriend moves. 
You could use a posing app to show her how it looks. 
For example, if she likes to dance, then it works if you instruct her to pose like a dancer. 
Be sure to focus on what she's proud of and avoid showing the areas in which she's less confident. 

[Adding props will make your girlfriend behave more naturally.] 

During the trip, anything can be used as a prop for taking pictures. 

A gust of wind, a meter of sunlight, a rainbow, a plant (a flower), an animal (a cat), scarves, sunglasses, cameras, etc., props will help your girlfriend distract herself, and revel in a particular scene. 

By the way, she would be so embarrassed that she doesn’t know where to put her hands. 

Light: Find the right lighting

Flower: Talk to flowers



When you master the above skills, you can take beautiful pictures of your girlfriend. 

However, it would be better if you have a camera phone. 

I'd like to introduce these top 3 camera phones in 2019 for you. 

No.1 Nokia 9 PureView - with a burst mode ( 5 rear cameras )

- Camera: 5 x 12.0MP rear camera + 20.0MP front camera

- Functions: Face Beauty, Face Detection, Panorama Shot, Smile Detection, Burst

- Video recording: support 1080P video recording

Nokia 9 PureView 4G Phablet International Version



No.2 Huawei P30 Pro - perfect for the night shot & selfie ( 3 rear cameras )

- Camera: 40.0MP + 20.0MP + 8.0MP rear camera + 32.0MP front camera

- Functions: Anti Shake, Face Beauty, Face Detection, Panorama Shot, Smile Detection

- Video recording: support 1080P video recording

HUAWEI P30 Pro 4G Phablet Global Version 8GB RAM



No.3 ASUS Zenfone 6 - flip camera ( 2 rear cameras )

- Camera: 2 x 13MP + 48MP rear cameras + 2 x 13MP + 48MP front cameras

- Functions: Face Detection  

- Video recording: support 4K video recording  

ASUS Zenfone 6 6.4 inch 6GB + 64GB Full-screen Global Version Smartphone



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