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Nokia X6 Review: Best Mobile Phones Under $180

Nokia X6 Review: Best Mobile Phones Under $180

When I got a Nokia X6, I gave it to my girlfriend immediately and let her guess how much it cost. 

She wasn't familiar with the hardware of the phone. After she played it for a few seconds, she said, “Wow! It has a face ID function. I guess it costs around $400.” 

According to the appearance of the Nokia X6, people tend to over-estimate its price, which is in stark contrast to the actual price. 

Later, amazed at the actual price, they assert that the smartphone offers a “next-level experience.”

The so-called “next-level” experience means that though sold at about $180, the Nokia X6 offers what you can only find in a flagship smartphone.

Appearance: nice feel and impression

Speaking of the appearance of mobile phones under $200, everyone recalls the ghastly plastic front panel, the sandwich structure which consists of cheap metal and two pieces of plastic, needless to say, the chromatic aberration between the plastic and metal that you dislike but can't eliminate. 

Therefore, it's hard to for you believe that the Nokia X6 is entirely different from what's above.

More specifically, the Nokia X6 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 8, almost in the same size as the iPhone X. 

As a fundamentalist of the iPhone, I believe that 4.7-inch smartphones are reasonably suitable to be held in hand, and I love it. 

However, thanks to the notch of the Nokia X6, its screen size is 5.8 inches, much larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 8.

What's more important is that the weight of the Nokia X6 is 151g, merely 3g heavier than the iPhone 8 (148g), even though the former is a little bigger. 151g is a perfect weight, neither too heavy, nor too light. 

In addition to the round body, beautiful curves, as well as the ideal transition between the metal and glass, the Nokia X6 doesn't feel as cheap as smartphones under $200.

As for the design, Nokia X6 perfectly accords with my aesthetics. The black is like the polar night within the Arctic Circle, while the white looks like the perpetual snow.

In a nutshell, X6 is not a phone which impresses you at first sight, but you will never get tired of its appearance and how it feels in your hand.

Perhaps Nokia X6 users have made a little compromise with their budget; however, the appearance and design of Nokia X6 are uncompromising.

Experience: never let you down

After power-up, you can see a concise screen of X6: it only has one screen with two rows of icons, including tools such as Calendar, Memo, Calculator, etc., as well as the folders.

Many mobile manufacturers design operation systems in the name of providing convenience to users, actually their systems are laden with bloatware and impractical functions. Let alone their motivation here.

On the contrary, Nokia doesn't pursue anything. Therefore, the system of X6 gives you a very refreshing experience right from the beginning when you use it. 

According to my experience, playing games with the Nokia X6 is excellent overall. You only feel a little bit lagging occasionally. After all, the frame rate cannot be as high as most Snapdragon 845 smartphones which ensure 60fps from the beginning till the end.

As for Nokia's relatively unique function, that will be the dual sight mode. 

It means that you turn on the front and rear cameras at the same time, then take pictures, and two photos can turn into one photo at last. 

I haven't found a more exciting function than it, do you have any ideas? If you have, send me messages or leave your comments!

Finally, I’d like to talk about battery life and charging. 

In the same circumstances as usual, namely, 50% brightness with WiFi connected in Airplane mode, playing videos for an hour, Nokia X6 only consumes 9% power.

 Let’s do a calculation, that is to say, it can play video for around 11 hours in a row, which means the phone can support medium to heavy use for a whole day without any problem.

Amazingly, the Nokia X6 supports QC3.0 18W quick charge, which uncommon in smartphones under $200. 

The Nokia official states that it takes only half an hour to 50% charged. However, it is a pity that the Nokia X6 doesn't come with an 18W quick charge power adapter, but a 10W one instead as a means of power supply. 

Judged from the positioning of X6 and its price range, this practice is beyond reproach.

When charged with a 10W charger, the phone can be about 35% charged in half an hour and 66% in one hour.

 It takes two hours to 100% charged because the high electric current becomes a trickle after the phone is 85% charged.

As a prestigious brand, Nokia doesn't play with consumers' emotions

When Nokia X6 was released, I thought Nokia would follow suit because famous brands always do emotional marketing. 

However, the HMD which got the Nokia brand never says a word about emotional marketing. 

They have a completely calm attitude towards the market, which I admire very much.

In general, Nokia X6 positions itself as a novice, fundamentally humble and calm in the mobile phone market. 

Faced with fierce competition, the company produced such a strategic product. At less than $180, the Nokia X6 has Snapdragon 636 chipset with 4GB or 6GB RAM, which is a cost-effective choice for consumers. 

Apart from the notch display, the phone has a dual camera and USB Type-C interface. Besides, it supports 18W fast charge, face ID, and fingerprint recognition. 

There are flawless phones in all aspects under $180, and the Nokia X6 is a representative. 

If you want to use their mobile phones, don't forget that the competitiveness of the Nokia X6 also lies in its operating system and excellent user experience.

Nokia X6 5.8 inch ( Nokia 6.1 Plus ) 4G Phablet International Version



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