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Alfawise Mini: TWS Headphones and PowerBank 2 in 1.

Alfawise Mini: TWS Headphones and PowerBank 2 in 1.

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Why have TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones become so popular? First of all, because they are very convenient. The lack of wire between the right and left headphones gives a degree of freedom that we will not get with any other type of headphones. It doesn’t matter whether you play sports, travel by public transport, sit at the computer at the office or just lie on the couch and watch YouTube videos, TWS headphones will give you maximum comfort and complete freedom. However, the lack of wire is not the only thing that makes them so popular. Another plus is the compact storage and charging box, which comes with almost all TWS headphones. Consider in my opinion a very successful TWS model of Alfawise Mini headphones.

Is it Power Bank?

Alfawise became one of the few companies that used a charging box made of aluminum in their headphones and looked very similar to the classic PowerBank, but only very small. Its dimensions do not exceed 90 x 56 x 20 mm. It fits easily in a shirt pocket and does not take up much space in a small women's clutch.

Inside there is a battery with a capacity of 2100 mAh, which is more than 4 times the battery capacity in most charging boxes for TWS headphones. This will allow you to charge the smartphone battery up to 30-40%. At first glance, a little, but this is enough for half a day using the phone. Not bad for such a compact gadget.

To connect external devices, the base has a standard USB port with an output current of 1A. There is also a microUSB port for charging the battery itself, a charge level indicator and a power button, however, it is used only to control the charge level.

To recharge the headphones, special recesses with a magnetic lock are provided. To put the headphones on charge, you do not need to apply force. It is enough to bring the earphone to the recess and it will immediately be attracted by a magnet and the charging process will begin. A full charge takes about an hour.

Magnetic lock and automatic charging ー certainly large, but not the only plus headphone Alfawise Mini. It is equally important to note the automatic inclusion and pairing of a pair of headphones when they are removed from charging. You just need to remember about charging PowerBank itself. By the way, if you use it only for headphones, you can safely count on more than 20 charges. It is very cool!

Design and specifications

Now let's talk about the headphones themselves. At first glance, nothing unusual. They are made in a classic design, are very compact and light in weight. On the inside there are two contact pads for charging. The flat outside of the headphone is a button under which a barely noticeable status indicator and a microphone are hidden. The buttons are quite stiff and exclude accidental clicks. You will use them only when you need to pause or answer an incoming call.

“Nozzle” is located at an angle that provides the most comfortable wearing headphones. It is worth noting the well-thought-out ergonomics of the headphones, so they are suitable for different forms of ears. To get maximum comfort, select the nozzle of the correct size (4 sets of nozzles of different sizes are included in the kit), insert the earphone into the ear canal and turn it until we practically stop feeling it. This will be the most comfortable position for your ears. At the same time, the main body of the headphones practically does not touch the auricle, excluding any discomfort while wearing.

The compact size of the headphones did not prevent the manufacturer from equipping them with batteries with a capacity of 45-50 mAh. One charge is enough for 3 hours of conversation or 2.5 hours of listening to music and watching movies at maximum volume.

Another plus of the Alfawise Mini is its support for Bluetooth 5.0, which has more bandwidth than Bluetooth 4.2.

Owners of TWS headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 know that one of the drawbacks is the periodic loss of communication between the headphones. This is not often manifested, but sometimes it is really annoying. Bluetooth 5.0 eliminates this drawback. In addition, higher bandwidth guarantees better quality audio playback with high bitrate.

A few words about the sound quality. Alfawise Mini ー ordinary dynamic headphones, no better and no worse than other headphones of this class. The manufacturer claims a frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, a sensitivity of 93 dB ± 3 dB and a resistance of 16 ohms. The headphones are well balanced, sound natural, with soft bass and excellent detail in high frequencies. There are no comments on the volume ー you can hear in the subway.

In headset mode, Alfawise Mini is also no different from other TWS headphones in this class. The speech is quite legible, but there is a “like a barrel” effect. But this is a disease of almost all inexpensive headsets.

Speaking of price. Despite all the benefits, Alfawise Mini headphones are not expensive at all. You definitely will not regret the purchase.


Having paid great attention to details, the manufacturer managed to create, perhaps, the most convenient TWS headphones. They are compact and light, naturally sit in the ears and sound very good. But, another important advantage of these headphones is their work as a PowerBank, when the user can charge not only the headphones themselves, but also other devices. It is very comfortable. It is the ability to charge external devices that has become a distinctive feature and an excellent bonus to other Alfawise Mini options.

Alfawise Mini True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones



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