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HIMO C26 Price: $1199! Is the Electric Bike Worth Buying?

HIMO C26 Price: $1199! Is the Electric Bike Worth Buying?

There are many small folding electric bikes on the market now, among which HIMO C20 in the Xiaomi Ecosystem is particularly popular because of its excellent quality, range, comfortable, and safe riding experience. 

However, the HIMO C20 electric bike is not satisfying enough for the cyclists, due to the rather small size, particularly for those who have a big build and feel constrained by the little folding electric bike.

I. HIMO C26: An Upgraded Version Based on HIMO C20 

Now, HIMO is going to launch another model which is as big as mountain bikes intended for professionals and enthusiasts. 

It is the HIMO C26 electric bike, which measures 174 x 66 x 105cm, longer and wider than its predecessor, and of course, heavier as well. Additionally, the latest electric bike will have 26-inch tires, 6 inches bigger than those of HIMO 20. 

Without any doubt, this design is to increase comfort. 

The price of the HIMO C26 will be $1199, which is $150 more expensive than HIMO C20.

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II. HIMO C26: Excellent Quality Speaks for Itself 

In this article, we’ll focus on the components of the HIMO C26. Let’s move on! 

II. I HIMO C26: CNC Aluminum Alloy Frame

First of all, the CNC aluminum alloy frame. It is lightweight and robust, featuring an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio. Amazingly, it has been tested that the structure can withstand considerable impact 300,000 times. 

II. II HIMO C26: Power System

Secondly, HIMO C26 will be equipped with a 250W electric motor. Coupled with the CE certified electrical control system, you will be allowed to switch between different riding modes, and enjoy up to 25km/h high speed. 

Its Shimano 7-speed shifter will offer you maximum freedom and seamless switch of the speed. Additionally, the electric bike will adopt internal wires, so you won’t be afraid to use it on rainy days -- the HIMO C26 electric bike will be IPX7 waterproof.

II. III HIMO C26: Battery

The 10Ah 18650 lithium-ion battery pack of HIMO C26 electric bike will be perfectly integrated with the lower tube of the frame. 

The upgraded battery will provide a stable and lasting output of electricity, enabling the HIMO C26 to cover 60km in pure electric mode, 10km farther than HIMO C20. 

II. IV HIMO C26: Braking System 

HIMO C26 will feature a double TWKTRO braking system from Taiwan for enhanced security. When moving at an average speed, HIMO C26 can effectively brake to a halt when the road is dry within 4m, and wet within 6m.

What’s more, the brake handle will be combined with a high-decibel bell for signaling to the passers-by and vehicles at proximity. 

II.V HIMO C26: Bright Light

HIMO C26 will have both a headlight and a taillight whose brightness reaches 45LUX, meeting the German K-mark standard. Therefore, cycling at night will be safer. 

II.VI HIMO C26: Cushion & Tire

The upcoming HIMO electric bike will have a professional Italian SR cushion, featuring an ergonomic design. Additionally, the HIMO C26 electric bike will have two 26-inch KENDA tires for excellent abrasion resistance and a firm grip on the ground. 

Both components can effectively reduce the influence of bumps and hiccups on the road, even when you’re riding at high speed. 

HIMO C26 Electric Bike Is Worth Buying for Professionals & Enthusiasts

Now that you are assured about every essential component of HIMO 26 and the quality, will you buy it?

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