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Thanks To 360 Video Doorbell, I Feel That American Express Delivery Service Becomes Not So Bad

Thanks To 360 Video Doorbell, I Feel That American Express Delivery Service Becomes Not So Bad

I am a shopaholic.

In the beginning, I just bought some clothes and shoes online. Later, I started to buy home appliances and daily necessities. From online websites, one can buy a lot of inexpensive products.

Especially after giving birth to a baby, I don't have too much time to go shopping. I have purchased baby clothes, nursing bottles, toys, the baby stroller, etc. from the Internet.

However, express delivery is a headache.

I have barely seen a deliveryman.

All of them throw the parcel directly at the door until I discover it and take it back before an outing.

Sometimes when some express mails require me to sign, I feel the delivery service is a disaster — for example, a more expensive item or a merchant who wants confirmation.

The best solution might be:

I know that the deliveryman will come today so that I can wait patiently at home.

After waiting for a few hours, I hear the doorbell ringing. I go downstairs to open the door, meet the delivery man, and sign.

However, most of the time, the cases were:

For some reason, I was not at home. When I returned, I could see a little note, on which it said: delivered the goods on Day, Month, when nobody was at home. You can choose either to schedule for the next delivery, or pick it up yourself.

If I choose the first solution, I will have to arrange for a period during which I will stay at home. However, I find that the deliveryman never comes on time, either not early or late.

In most cases, I am not at home when the delivery man comes again.

If one may choose the second solution, make a reservation on the website to pick up the parcel and go to the delivery company.

For several times, when I was there, the staff apologized to me and said, "Sorry, your parcel isn't here. It is being delivered."

Of course, I can choose to do nothing, and the delivery man will come by the next business day at the same time again. 

As usual, I go to work and miss the delivery. 

The most annoying case is:

I know that the deliveryman will come today, so I wait at home.

However, I wait till it is dark, and I am sleepy, but no soul rings the doorbell.

Thus, I go downstairs and find that there is a note on the door! That's to say, the delivery man doesn't ring the doorbell but attaches the note instead!

Fine, spend another day waiting in vain.

When I complained about the delivery service to my friend, my friend recommended a 360 D819 video doorbell to me.

According to him:

As long as the video doorbell is installed on the door, once someone passes by, lingers or stays for a while, it will automatically detect tand monitor the circumstance. Then, it will record a video, and send a notification to my mobile phone immediately.
Not only does it recognize the identity of visitors through AI technology, but also enables video call to talk with the visitors.

I will not miss any parcel even if I am not at home!

OMG, what a brilliant invention! Without thinking twice, I placed an order on Gearbest.

Believe it or not, I felt as if it had taken a century to delivery 360 video doorbell, whereas, in fact, the delivery only took 5 days. Waiting is always torturing.


360 D819 video doorbell consists of a doorbell and an indoor unit.

The smart video doorbell is in the classic black and white. On the top is a camera; on the bottom is a push-button.

The camera integrates an indicator light, a lens, a light sensor, a microphone, and a PIR sensor.

The indoor machine of 360 D819 video doorbell also features an oval design.

On the side, there are volume buttons (+/-), a button for pairing, and a button for changing the ringtone. The logo is eye-catching. The layout of the buttons is so reasonable that you can use them without having a look. 

No wiring, no punching, Easy-to-install by pasting 

The 360 video doorbell can be installed by using the adhesive sticker and expansion screws.

Just by use the 3M-VHB sticker on the bottom, and paste it on the smooth wall. It's done! So easy! It is said that the industrial sticker secures the doorbell as firmly as rivets.

If you don't mind to have holes, you can also fix it with the expansion screws. 

For the first use, just follow the steps in the instruction.

You can adjust the volume the doorbell, select the ringtone, the resolution for the video call, the infrared night vision mode, Do Not Disturb mode, etc. in the app. The operation is simple.

Auto monitoring & smart push notifications, 24/7 Private Guard 

The 360 video doorbell utilizes a custom PIR sensor to detect what is in the front accurately.

When someone appears within 3m from my door, the doorbell will automatically start recording and send the video to my phone. 

Thus, I can know what's wrong at the door in time.

If there is no one at the door, the doorbell automatically enters the power-saving mode, which is smart.

Remote video call

If I have a guest when I am away, and the mobile phone receives the real-time notification, I can directly make a video call with the person outside through the mobile app. In this way, I won't miss any visit.

AI face recognition, Quick voice response 

These are my favorite features!

If a first-time visitor to my home is marked, the 360 video doorbell can quickly and accurately identify him as a parent, friend, deliveryman, or else.

Since I have installed the 360 video doorbell, I am no longer troubled by the delivery service.

What's more, the deliveryman works more efficiently now. There was a day when he said to me that every time he delivers a parcel, he would recommend installing a video doorbell.

Ultra-clear infrared night vision, See clearly in the pitch dark

Although nobody will appear outside at night, if you are a girl living alone in an apartment, or if the neighborhood is a bit chaotic, you need this function.

360 video doorbell has 6 built-in infrared lights and equipped with an IR-CUT optical filter. Even if the outside is entirely dark, the doorbell will present clear footage in the night mode, ensuring your safety all the time!

Wide-angle lens for a large field of view, Nowhere to hide outside the door

I didn't care about the parameters before until I learned that the field of view of many ordinary cameras on the market were narrow, all within 120°. The footage of these cameras is limited, with blind spots.

It means a loophole of which lawbreakers can take advantage. 

360 video doorbell features a 23MP HD image sensor and a 162° wide-angle lens to record any detail in front of the door clearly. There won't be blind spots.

Everyone should think highly of the field of view when purchasing.

Real-time alarm in case of abnormalities

After the alarm is turned on, if someone stays outside for a long time and lingers, the doorbell will automatically give out an alarm to prevent malicious activities, such as theft and robbery.

And if the criminal wants to dismantle the doorbell, the doorbell will also give out an alarm.

The doorbell is especially suitable for girls, the elderly, and children who stay alone at home.

In short, in the beginning, I bought it for receiving the parcel more conveniently. I didn't expect it to guard my home like a knight.

I highly recommend it to you! 

360 D819 AI Face Recognition WiFi Smart Video Doorbell



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