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OnePlus Announced New Features for 2020: 2K 120Hz display with 240Hz Sampling Rate Support, Color Calibration Tied with Apple

OnePlus Announced New Features for 2020: 2K 120Hz display with 240Hz Sampling Rate Support, Color Calibration Tied with Apple

In 2019, OnePlus was well-received in the market thanks to the display with a 90Hz high refresh rate. The excellent display has also become a typical feature of OnePlus smartphones. According to the new marketing strategy of OnePlus, OnePlus might make the display as a unique selling point. 

On January 13, the OnePlus 2020 Screen Technology Communication Meeting was held in Shenzhen, during which OnePlus announced various new features of display for the 2020 smartphones. These features can be summarized in three aspects below:  

1. Smoothness

As Mr. Liu, OnePlus CEO said before, the display is the only way of HCI. Therefore, the display is essential for the user experience. That’s the reason why OnePlus focuses on the smoothness of the screen. 
For example, the OnePlus 7 Series smartphones released last year are all equipped with a 90Hz display. In 2020, the highest refresh rate of OnePlus smartphones will be further updated. Not only will the new OnePlus smartphone support 120Hz refresh rate, but also the 240Hz sampling rate. 

2. Accuracy

As screen color rendering will not only affect the user’s viewing experience but also the photo and video capture to a certain extent, the color of each OnePlus screen will go through precise factory calibration. Prior to OnePlus, only Apple provides such a service, which reflects that OnePlus is concerned about the display. 

3. Comfort

The comfort is mainly about viewing experience, which is associated with screen resolution and dimming. The 2020 OnePlus flagship will still feature a 2K high-resolution display to ensure the ultra-sharpness of image details while watching videos or reading novels. 

As for dimming, the upcoming OnePlus smartphones will support DC dimming for different scenarios, and the smartphone will provide the most comfortable brightness automatically according to different environments. Moreover, 4,096 brightness levels will be available for you to choose from.

Although OnePlus uses the customized Samsung AMOLED screen, it doesn’t mean that the displays of Samsung flagship smartphones are superior to those of OnePlus smartphones. As for high-end smartphones, the differences in most hardware can be ignored, except the screen and sensors whose actual performance is greatly associated with the calibration of smartphone manufacturers. 

As we can see from the meeting, OnePlus only uses the Samsung AMOLED screens but works on the refresh rate and color calibration by itself. Therefore, the new OnePlus smartphones might eventually boast the best display.

What do you expect from the display of 2020 OnePlus smartphones

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