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QCY T5 vs QCY T3 vs QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C: Top 5 QCY T Series Wireless Earbuds Under $30

QCY T5 vs QCY T3 vs QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C: Top 5 QCY T Series Wireless Earbuds Under $30

Whether you call them headphones, earpiece or any other name, their major function is basically the same. 

As mobile phones progressed from the use of corded earpiece to wireless and true wireless earbuds, mobile phone users now have to choose from a wide range of options to meet their high-quality sound needs and comfort.

In this review, we compare some hot-selling wireless Airbus models. We hope to help you decide which to buy with an in-depth analysis of the specifications of each model.


Wireless earphones are the more advanced version of the corded earphones. Corded earphones have wires that extend from the jack to the earpiece. The fact that these wires can make users uncomfortable led to a search for an improved alternative to the corded earpiece. This led to the birth of wireless earbuds. 

Wireless earbuds don't use cords. They connect to the devices via Bluetooth connectivity. Wireless earbuds come in pairs (the left and the right ear) which are connected by a short cable. In a sense, we can say what we call wireless earbud is basically a reduction in wires required for earphones to function.

True wireless Bluetooth earbuds do not connect the left and right buds through wires. This is made possible through advanced Bluetooth pairing technologies. In some cases, one of the earbuds bears the control function. In some other models, both pairs function equally (AirPods Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Airdots). TWS earbuds are the latest technology for mobile headphones.


To determine whether or not QCY could be a choice pick from the three options above, we need to consider their specs head to head. Below is a table of comparison of Apple AirPods, QCY T3 and Xiaomi Redmi Airdots.

ModelApple AirPodsXiaomi Redmi AirdotsQCY T3
ChipsetH1Realtek 8763RTL8763BFR
Connection distance6-45m10m10m
Earbuds capacity93mAh40mAh93mAh
Standby time24 hrs150 hrs140 hrs
Case capacity398mAh300mAh600mAh
Recharge Amount4 times3 times4 times
Charging time25 mins1.5 hrs1.5 hrs
Time of use5-6 hrs4 hrs5 hrs



All three are truly wireless headphones. Both Redmi Airdot and QCY T3 come in black color. Apple Airpod retains the characteristic white color of apple products. 

All of them are made of ABS silicone material to ensure safety for users and the durability of the devices. All three are designed to fit perfectly to the ear so they don't fall off easily. In terms of size, QCY T3 is the biggest while Apple Airpod is the smallest.


All three can be connected via Bluetooth 5.0. They also have A.I software that can help users switch between calls, music player or radio with simple voice commands.


Apple Airpods and QCY T3 charging case can give their respective headphones up to 4 times full charge. Xiaomi Redmi charging case can only give 3 times full charge. This further explains why Redmi Airdot has the least battery life. For headphone enthusiasts, battery life could be a major consideration.

Sound Quality

All three offer a high-quality sound experience to users. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots also comes with DSP noise-canceling technology which helps to improve audio quality when making calls. A similar feature is also found in QCY T3.


Xiaomi Redmi Airdot is the cheapest at $21.99 and closely followed by QCY T3.

From the analysis above, it is evident that the major advantage QCY T3 has over Xiaomi Redmi Airdot is increased battery life. Whether or not this justifies the price difference depends on the user's need. Paying a little more for extra battery life may be worth it in the long run.


If you are currently using QCY T3, you may want to be clear on whether you need to upgrade to QCY T5 or not. The table below summarizes the specifications of both models.

Weight for each earbud4.6g4.3g
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Connection distance10m10m
Dimensions of the battery box36x72x27.95mm95x55x20mm
Earbuds capacity60mAh43mAh
Case capacity600mAh380mAh
Charging time1.5-2 hrs1.5-2 hrs
Calling time4 hrs4 hrs

● QCY T5 vs QCY T3 design

QCY T5 and QCY T3 are both blacks in color. QCY T5 earbuds are lighter, giving more comfort to the ears. Both models have rubber clips that help hold the device firm on the ears. However, T5 earbuds have wider rubber clips. This means a firmer grip when compared to T3.

The case of T5 looks like that of a capsule while the T3 case looks like the pouch for keeping eyeglasses. Both cases have a Micro-USB port at the rear. QCY T3 has two LED lights in front of its case to indicate charge; QCY T5 has only one LED charge indicator.

● QCY T5 vs QCY T3 sound quality (with noise-canceling)

QCY T3 has excellent sound quality but users experience lag when playing video on their android devices and using QCY T3 at the same time. Speech seems to be audible a few seconds after they were uttered on video. The problem of lagging is absent in QCY T5. Also, using QCY T3 in a noisy environment may produce nasty audio quality especially when the volume is very high.

QCY T5 ensures users can enjoy better quality audio when watching the video and playing games even in a noisy environment. With noise-canceling technology embedded in QCY T5, users can get high-quality audio when making calls and recording voice notes without noise interfering.

● QCY T5 vs QCY T3 battery life

The capacities of the earbuds of both models will give roughly the same call and music playtime. However, when we consider the capacity of the case, QCY T3 has a slightly higher battery life than QCY T5. 

With a 600mAh case capacity and 60mAh capacity per earbud, users can charge QCY T3 up to 4 times to give total playtime of over 20 hours.

● QCY T5 vs QCY T3 ease of use

Both models are sensitive to fingerprint touch and gestures. In QCY T3 the left earbud is the master while the right earbud works as directed by the master. In QCY T5 both earbuds function equally eliminating the need for locating the master bud to control device.

● QCY T5 vs QCY T3 price

From the table, QCY T5 costs about $4 more than QCY T3. If battery life is your topmost priority, sticking with QCY T3 would be great. However, movie and game lovers will benefit more by upgrading to QCY T5. Music-loving users can also stick with T3 as it offers superior music audio experience.


Size2.50 x 2.90 x 1.94cm2.50 x 2.90 x 1.94cm8.00 x 4.50 x 3.00cm
Sensitivity:93dB ± 3dB
Sensitivity:93dB ± 3dB
Sensitivity:108 dB±3dB
Case capacity380mAh380mAh800mAh
Earbud charge4 times4 times8 times
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0

● QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C design

T1 is the basic design for these models. All the three models are waterproof and have varying sizes of earbuds for easy clipping to the ear.
QCY T1C has the simplest design of all. Users can hold the device to their ears by simply taking advantage of its oval body.

QCY T1 Pro has a square design and comes with a hook that hangs on the upper part of the ear to keep the earbuds firm in place. QCY T2C has a very basic design despite its superior qualities.

● QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C sound quality (with noise-canceling)

T1C has a quite balanced field for sounds. The only is with its bass which is not good enough to enjoy certain kinds of music. Users can simply 3D stereo sounds.

QCY T1 Pro offers a high-quality listening experience by eliminating background noise. It offers a slightly better sound quality when compared to QCY T1C.

T2C wins in this comparison. It features digital noise cancellation technology. Specifications on impedance and sounds show that it gives clearer and louder audio quality.

● QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C battery life.

Both QCY T1 Pro and T1C have a similar battery life. They require 2 hours of charging to give 2.5 hours of music and call time. They have equal case capacities which can charge the earbuds 4 times.

T2C is quite remarkable. Its case can recharge earbuds for up to 8 times. This gives a better chance of keeping earbuds functional throughout the day. When it comes to battery life, T2C dominates.

● QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C ease of use

All the three are touch and gesture sensitive. They all pair quickly with devices. However, controls on QCY T2C seems easier than others as voice commands are easily and quickly processes when compared with others.

● QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T2C vs QCY T1C price

QCY T2C is the costliest of the trio. If we consider its superior audio quality, lightweight and battery life, paying a little more to upgrade to QCY T2C is a good decision. T1C is quite cheap and still offers a good audio experience.


Weighing Apple Airpods' cost and features against those of Xiaomi Airdots and QCY T series, interesting trends are noticed. All brands offer excellent products. However, Xiaomi Airdots and QCY earphones stand out for their cheap price. 

QCY T series apart from being cheap, offer users more flexibility to choose between their numerous models. Also, when it comes to battery life, the QCY T series offers so much for less cost. 

From our review, it is evident that picking one good pair of QCY T series earbuds will give you longer call and playtime with higher quality audio even at a cheap price.

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