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DR.BEI Deep Cleaning Toothbrush: Award-winning & Cost-effective Toothbrush for Dental Health

DR.BEI Deep Cleaning Toothbrush: Award-winning & Cost-effective Toothbrush for Dental Health

Many people say that ever since they use DR.BEI Deep Cleaning Toothbrush, they don’t want to use other toothbrushes because of the high cost-performance ratio.

DR.BEI Deep Cleaning Toothbrush 4pcs/Set

The classic edition of the DR.BEI toothbrush adopts imported material, featuring high-quality design and workmanship. 

The most critical part of toothbrushes is the brush head. As for this brush head, it has three kinds of valuable bristles manufactured in Germany and Japan.

1. German PEDEX spiral bristle: high strength and flexibility for efficient cleaning;

2. Japanese TORAY Binchotan bristle: flexible and strong for excellent cleaning effect and hydrophobicity;

3. Japanese TORAY silver ion bristle: ultra-fine and soft for delicate treatment

These bristles are benchmarks, top in the industry. 

● The top of the brush is the flexible spiral bristle for going deep between teeth and better cleaning effect;

● The middle is the soft Binchotan bristle for reaching the gingival sulcus and removing the plaque; 

● Both sides are soft silver ion bristles that feel softer and harmless to the gum.

The DR.BEI toothbrush uses a nickel-silver plate to fix the bristles. The price of the nickel-silver plate is nearly ten times higher than the copper plate in the traditional process. However, DR.BEI insists on using the material. 

Note: The nickel-silver plate is high-quality, corrosion-resistant, more hygienic than the traditional copperplate or steel plate.

The wavy shape on the front enables the brush to get into the gingival sulcus and clean it. 

DR.BEI toothbrush has a round brush head, ensuring excellent comfort when it is put in the mouth. You won’t feel it abrupt, irritative to the gum or gingiva. 

The handle is made of food-grade PP material imported from Germany, so it is safe and reassuring to put it in the mouth. 

The handle is precisely molded and polished, not prone to impurities.

There are small dots on the soft gel to increase the friction, avoiding slip, and ensuring a comfortable grip. 

The round handle is slim, which is comfortable to hold for a girl with small hands. 

The DR.BEI toothbrush has won three international awards, including the 2017 German RedDot Award, 2017 Japanese G-MARK award, 2018 German IF Award.

Moreover, it is the only toothbrush approved by the Boao Forum for Asia. Through independent research and design, DR.BEI has got 23 patents. 

It has selected top suppliers around the world for the bristles of excellent quality. In combination with the scientific layout of bristles, the DR.BEI Deep Cleaning Toothbrush works perfectly with the Bass Method.

Product Package

Number of 23 patents: 

Utility model patents:













Design patents:












DR.BEI Deep Cleaning Toothbrush - 4PCS



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