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Oral Irrigator vs. Dental Floss: Which is Better? Alfawise RIG - JR00002 Oral Irrigator, A More Dental-friendly Way to Clean Your Teeth!

Oral Irrigator vs. Dental Floss: Which is Better? Alfawise RIG - JR00002 Oral Irrigator, A More Dental-friendly Way to Clean Your Teeth!

Over the years, people have gotten accustomed to the use of dental flosses, toothpicks, and other types of instruments for removing food particles in between the teeth. 

These ways have proven to be successful nonetheless, but they haven’t been exactly perfect. Ranging from gum ache, or being a factor of gingivitis, to not being able to remove food particles in between the teeth thoroughly, dental flosses have started to become outdated and obsolete in dental hygiene practices. 

With a new form of dental hygiene, called oral irrigation, flossing will soon become an extinct practice. An oral irrigator is that step in the right direction for achieving true dental hygiene.


It concerns the use of a synthetic thread to clean in between the teeth, by the forward and backward hand motion. This synthetic thread can clean subgingival or supragingival tooth surfaces. 

It aims at removing small food particles and microbes between the teeth to prevent teeth halitosis and plaque formation. It has been a regular and quite imperfect practice for a long time, known to expedite more dental issues than it solves them. For a hygienic practice, it is quite unhygienic. 



· Dental Flosses are relatively cheaper.
· They are easier to carry, be it while traveling or otherwise.
· It prevents bad breath, by removal of food particles in between your teeth before they decay.
· To some extent, it prevents plaque and tartar build-up.
· It reaches areas in your teeth where toothbrushes can’t.
· It helps in combating gum diseases.


· Some synthetic dental flosses can cause wounds on the gums, leading to severe gum ache.
· If misused, it can cause swollen gums or gum inflammation, which can serve as the perfect host for gum diseases.
· It can also lead to gum bleeds when misused.
· It doesn’t fully combat all sorts of gum diseases. In some cases, it aids their build-up. For example, it can help plaque build-up when used in the wrong way, hence pushing food particles between the teeth, down beneath the gums.


This can be defined as the periodic flushing or cleansing of the mouth/teeth/gums with the aid of fluids. This fluid may either be water or a recommended solution by a dentist. This process is done by the use of pressurized water/solution, being targeted at specific parts of the teeth and gums. 

As mentioned above, this process is done by using an instrument known as an oral irrigator.

This practice is hugely advantageous, as it also helps in preventing and eliminating certain gum diseases, such as plaque and other periodontal diseases.

It also helps eliminate diseases that might arise from gum inflammation, most likely caused by improper use of toothpicks and flosses, which can cause puncture wounds to the gums.



· It removes plaque, tartar, and other harmful toxins in the teeth quickly.
· It keeps your breath fresh all day long.
· There isn’t any danger of hurting your gums, even when misused.
· The jet-pressurized water, in some cases, acts as some massage to the gums, which is very helpful.
· Due to the use of pure water or a medically approved solution, there is no possibility of gum inflammation or pain.
· It is generally accepted for family use.


· It is relatively more expensive than dental floss.
· It is slightly bulky to use when in constant motion, like traveling and otherwise.
· It works with a battery, meaning electricity is always needed.


An oral irrigator has the edge over a dental floss in every aspect concerning dental hygiene. It combats teeth diseases, such as plaque, tartar, halitosis, and other periodontal disorders better than dental flosses. 

It also poses no danger to the gums at all, unlike the dental floss, which can be more of a liability than an asset when used by an inexperienced person or used with the wrong technique. 

If you aren’t that much of a tourist, or your job or business doesn’t require you to be displaced far away from your home at all times for an extended period, then the oral irrigator is meant for you and your family. 

Regardless of the expensive nature, if it can be afforded, it is the best investment that can be made for your dental health.


The Alfawise RIG-JR00002 is very sophisticated equipment that is making the waves in dental hygiene. For all water flossing lovers out there, this is specially designed for you. Here are the benefits of using the Alfawise RIG-JR00002;


· It has a brand new water jet technology that amplifies further the pressure of water used for flossing for better results.
· With varieties of attachments, the Alfawise RIG-JR00002 is user-friendly for every type of teeth. Even people with braces aren’t left out.
· It is cheaper than most oral irrigators and more effective. At $30, you can get one of these beauties.
· It reaches deeper corners of the teeth than ever before witnessed, leaving you with a particle-free mouth.
· It is very gentle to use.
· It is also waterproof.


The Alfawise oral cleaning rig comes in three modes; Normal, Soft, and Pulse modes. The normal mode is the default mode. The soft mode is for users with delicate gums and teeth or users that want superficial flossing. The pulse mode is for users to vary water pressures on their teeth. It’s also for massaging the gums.

Sprinkler Attachments

The Alfawise RIGcomes with five attachments;
· The Standard Nozzle: This removes the underlying bacteria between teeth and beneath the gums. It comes with a spare if a replacement is needed.
· The Orthodontic Tip: This is for users with any form of teeth accessory, such as braces. It cleans particles stuck between the teeth and these accessories.
· The Pocket Tip: These releases low-pressure water/solution beneath the gums for that therapeutic cleaning needed by the user.
· The Tongue Scraper: This is used on tongue surfaces to brush off underlying bacteria, microbes, and food particles. This attachment acts as a high pressurized sprinkler, instead of a pinpoint jet stream.


Choosing an oral irrigator over a dental floss could be the best decision that will be made by you if you consider your dental hygiene a major priority. Make the switch, begin with us, and let your dental hygiene be an inspiration to others.

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