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Leave Your U-disk Files Public or Private? It's Up to You with Gocomma GH008 Fingerprint USB Disk

Leave Your U-disk Files Public or Private? It's Up to You with Gocomma GH008 Fingerprint USB Disk

Is there anyone who is bothered by these problems like me?

You have too many documents to store, and you keep several different U-disks for different usages. 

For example, one USB flash drive for storing your private files (such as confidential commercial information, personal resume or other confidential documents), and you still keep a USB flash drive for storing the public files (such as the presentation PowerPoint, sharing pictures, videos and other public materials). 

Sometimes, you may still have an individual U-disk for keeping some other materials. Indeed, it's troublesome.

I was once in such a case that my colleague borrowed my U-disk for transferring some files. I was a bit embarrassed because there are some private pictures on it. I didn't want anyone to see it. 

I can't make sure if my colleagues would open my files. Each time before I lent them my USB flash drive, I would transfer all the files inside to my computer and then gave the U-disk to them. 

When the person gave back the U-disk to me, I moved the files again back to the U-disk. I once tried to use some software to encrypt the personal files, but it's inconvenient to use.

Thus, I was excited when I heard that there was such a fingerprint encryption USB flash drive in the market. 

Imagine that you have one U-disk which consists of a visible "public zone" and an invisible "private zone." Others wouldn't know there is still a private zone in your USB flash drive. 

Only when you use the verified fingerprint can you unlock the private zone. It's incredible, like a secret garden. No one gets access to your private paradise.

If you want to buy a fingerprint USB driver, you better think of the following features before making a decision:

1. Fingerprint response sensitivity: it's the most critical factor for any fingerprint unlocking products. If a fingerprint unlocks product responds slowly or doesn't respond to your verified fingerprint, it will drive your banana. Keep in mind that a fingerprint U-disk, which doesn't respond in time, means nothing.

2. USB 3.0 or plus: as we know USB 2.0 is both out of date and out of speed. I had a Kingston USB 3.0 265GB U-disk, it provides a faster transmission speed than my previous USB 2.0 flash drive. If you have already felt the 3.0 speed, you couldn't stand the 2.0 speed. So, even when you are in search of a safe fingerprint USB driver, don't forget to consider the transmission speed.

3. Ease of use: this should be another vital feature. If it's as difficult as using an encrypted software or several U-disks, why should you get a fingerprint USB flash drive?

Finally, I found such a product - Gocomma GH008 fingerprint USB 3.1 flash drive, which has all the function as I expected:

- Hard disk partition: public zone and private zone
- High-speed fingerprint response: time <0.3S, FAR <0.001%, FRR <2%
- High-speed transmission: INITIO USB3.1, backward compatible with USB3.0 / USB2.1 / USB2.0
- Easy to set up, no software driver required
- Support 6 fingerprint entries
- Professional data encryption: AES encryption, with NIST and AES official certification

I am sure that you could know more from its page. So let's skip off these known things, I will share something you may not know.

There are no introductions in the package. USB drive itself contains both the manual and software driver so that you can get access to it at the first use.

When it comes to set up administrators and fingerprints, follow the instructions. It's easily done. After you add a new fingerprint, you have to remove the U-disk, then plug it in again and place your fingerprint on the sensing zone to activate the private zone.

One thing to note is that the public zone is named "PUBLIC" as default. You better rename the public zone to avoid unwanted embarrassment.

You can customize the capacity of the public zone and private zone, to distribute the storage capacity according to your requirements.

Additionally, Gocomma GH008 U-disk is made of premium aluminum alloy (rather than a cheap plastic material). The aluminum alloy material is commonly regarded as an improvement to help heat dissipation. It means that you don't have to worry about its lifespan and even a heat explosion.

In conclusion, the Gocomma GH008 U-disk is very good in appearance and functional design, and the operation settings on the computer are relatively easy to understand. 

Fingerprints on the computer and administrator passwords can log into the encryption area, and you don't have to worry about the damage to the fingerprint module. In other words, it means that if someone else doesn't have a password or fingerprint, they can't open the encryption area. 

Only public areas can be seen, which does protect private information. What's more, there is no need to worry about the risk of data leakage caused by the loss of USB drives. 

Gocomma GH008 flash drive is a very high-tech fingerprint USB disk, so the price is certainly higher than the ordinary USB disk. But for the importance of information and privacy, this is not expensive dozens of dollars can measure. 

There are optional choices with the storage capacity of 32G, 64G, and 128G. 

Gocomma GH008 Original Fingerprint Encryption USB 3.1 Flash Drive



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