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Is the Utorch Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight Worth Buying? The BEST Portable Flashlight You Shouldn’t Miss Under $45!

Is the Utorch Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight Worth Buying? The BEST Portable Flashlight You Shouldn’t Miss Under $45!

What is Utorch?

Utorch, a new lighting brand–ranging from powerful LED lighting solutions to home lighting. The revolutionary new collection is one of the very finest and most elegant features ever delivered by Gearbest and sites like Amazon.

The Utorch LED flashlight is the outcome of extensive work on the market, unconquerable characteristics, quality products, and exclusive pricing is the main benefit of buying this LED flashlight!

Utorch Sofirn SP36 is the factory that made the BLF Q8 for ThorFire and BLFers. Now Sofirn makes SP36 from Q8. Sofirn SP36 uses the same driver but the latest version NarsilM V1.2. Moreover, the 5V USB-C rechargeable SP36 utilizes 4x CREE XPL2 Neutral White led giving out max 6000 Lumens. It is a very powerful flashlight that requires some knowledge before and during use.

Read our guide for a world of bright ideas on premium quality lights at affordable prices. Sites like Gearbest cover the main features for four of their best Utorch products available on the market today.

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• Utorch UD01 Detachable LED Desk Lamp

Is The Utorch Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight Worth Buying? 

Since last year, Sofirn has actively released more and more new models, making up a certain competition to the Convoy due to its small price tag. A distinctive feature of the Utorch Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight is a frankly non-mass interface – namely, it is extremely flexible in the settings. 

Below are some reasons and features which will prove that the Utorch Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight is Worth Buying and is the BEST Portable Flashlight You Shouldn’t Miss Under $45!

☀   The flashlight is a classical illustration of the so-called can-sized. That means it is more compact, lightweight and easy to handle!

☀   At least, approximately more comfortable than 4×18650 LED flashlights. 

☀   The LED flashlight has good stability.

☀   Energy effective batteries with the lithium-ion battery up to 45 days (but the battery is not included with the set).

☀   Come up with IPx7 waterproof capability, which can provide safety underwater up to 1 meter.

☀   A premium component made out of aluminum alloy with tempered glass, which provides protection if your torch drops from the 1-meter high level.

☀   Knurling is pretty smooth. The rectangular shapes filaments are rather wide, broad and well greased.

☀   Utorch LED flashlight has up to 6000lm with 4 CREE XPL2 5350-5700 K LEDs manufactured (mainly 5000 lumens are the same form of torches on the market).

☀   This torch has rechargeable USB along with the 3 distinct modes + NarsilM V1.2: step-less dimming from 0.5lm to 6000lm; illumination 5-stroke mode from 0.5lm, 10lm, 150lm, 2000lm to6000lm; moonlight mode (0.5lm).

☀   It has lights that indicate how much the available energy of the battery is used for LED torches.

☀   Advanced Memory feature: people can arrange their preferred mode of illumination which can be utilized automatically the next time they use it, rather than having to change every time their favorite mode.

☀   The button is mid-size, clicky, with backlight.

☀   The rest – 4x segment SMO reflectors with XPL-HD on the button.

☀   Type-C charge post is covered with a nice thick rubber plug.


This LED flashlight that time seemed to be something unimaginable bright for its size. As time goes on, the price per lumen falls and Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight seems to be the most affordable of something relatively compact and bright (not blitz bright, but with reasonably long runtime in this mode). 

But everything was done quite carefully and at this stage, Customers have no complaints about the quality because the Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight hasn’t compromised on the quality even at this price range of $43 !!

The grip is quite comfortable and reliable. The knurling, albeit small, but the part of the LED flashlight between the head and tail has a slightly smaller diameter, and it turns out something like a “saddle”. Well, 2 concentric grooves in the knurling also have a positive effect on the grip. 

What you will get at this low price of $43?

You will get:

ி   Utorch SP36, which has Luminous flux: 0.5 - 6000lm

ி   Standby current which is less than 25uA

ி   The integrated power indicator in the side switch indicates the remaining battery power

ி   Use advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology

ி   Direct access to ultralow and turbo outputs

ி   The feature of flashlight blink out, voltage with 0.1V accuracy

ி   Intelligent memory function for brightness levels

ி   High transmittance glass

ி   And the package contains 1 x SP36 Flashlight, 2 x Sealing Ring, 1 x USB Cable!!

Utorch Sofirn SP36 6000LM LED Flashlight Rechargeable IPX7



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