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MacBook Clone Under $500: ALLDOCUBE Kbook Is A Perfect Alternative In 2019

MacBook Clone Under $500: ALLDOCUBE Kbook Is A Perfect Alternative In 2019

No notebook is comparable to MacBook, in terms of appearance and workmanship.

The appearance of the MacBook is always admirable.

The colors are low-profile, exquisite. It looks like an excellent artwork.

Additionally, MacBook excels in the performance, viewing experience, and portability. Thus, it remains the top choices for most people.

But it has several shortcomings:

For one thing, if you use an Android phone, it is not fully compatible with a MacBook; for another, the price range is rather high.


If you are on a tight budget and hope to buy a notebook computer with satisfying performance and classy appearance, I highly recommend you to buy 

ALLDOCUBE Kbook Notebook

The brand, ALLDOCUBE, was established in 2005.

In the past 14 years, through the devotion and research in laptops and notebooks, and the close cooperation with famous companies, including Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, MTK, ALLDOCUBE products have been well received among global users and recognized by hundreds of well-known media.

Global Sources Electronics▼

Now, I will introduce this notebook in all aspects.

Appearance: The Perfect Clone Of MacBook

Its case is made of the same material as MacBook, which is the lightweight, robust aluminum-magnesium alloy.

The excellent workmanship makes for the marvelous quality and physical characteristics of Kbook, so it is as outstanding as a $2,700 MacBook.

You will fall in love with it at first sight, and want to have it the instant you touch it.

Front: elegant and attractive▼

Side: meticulous connection▼

Screen, impeccable▼

Chiclet keyboard: high-end and comfortable▼

No matter you use it for office work▼


deal with your temporary affairs▼

enjoy movies at weekends▼

work on a project while drinking coffee in a cafe▼

or prepare for next week’s presentation by a desk▼

It can be part of your aura, being your best assistant.

Screen: Impeccable Screen Resolution & Color Saturation

The screen resolution of the mainstream notebooks is 1920 x 1080P. 

Although latest 2019 MacBook has a screen resolution of 2880 x 1800, ALLDOCUBE Kbook uses a 3000 x 2000 high-resolution full-view display, presenting vibrant colors and abundant details.

The screen feels comfortable. The image on it is so clear that it offers you perfect experience in watching videos and documents.

Additionally, although as big as MacBook, the 13.5-inch ALLDOCUBE Kbook has narrower bezels. Thus, the full-screen mode can bring you a better immersive experience. The brightness has been improved for better visibility during the daytime. 

In a word, its screen is unparalleled, compared with the MacBook and other computers.

15mm Ultra-thin, 1.5kg Ultralight For Holding Easily With A Single Hand

According to research, lightness and thinness are the two most important factors when people choose a notebook.

ALLDOCUBE Kbook is only 15mm thick, so you can easily put it in a bag. It takes up little space.

1.5kg in weight, it is easy for girls to hold it with a single hand. Extremely portable, it will never be a burden.

Screen Supports 180-degree Rotation

ALLDOCUBE Kbook supports 180-degree Rotation. Whenever you need, you can unfold Kbook to get everything in sight.

If you like, you can put Kbook on the lap, and lie down comfortably to work or amuse yourself.

8GB RAM and 512GB SSD

It not only looks great but also performs well.

ALLDOCUBE Kbook notebook has 8GB RAM for loading programs swiftly.

In regular use, you can switch among multiple programs smoothly uninterruptedly.

Thanks to 512GB SSD hard drive, you can store more videos, photos, and documents.

According to the average file sizes, Kbook can store over 450 HD movies, over 300,00 lossless songs, and over 200,000 HD photos. 

That is to say, in regular use, you won’t need to worry about RAM.

Moreover, the SSD of Kbook offers faster read speed than eMMC.

The write speed of eMMC is only 52MB/s; that of SSD can reach up to 500MB/s. The data transmission speed of ALLDOCUBE Kbook is fast. The files can be opened instantly.

If you are not an enthusiast for CPU intensive games, ALLDOCUBE can satisfy you in all aspects.

Apart from the above, ALLDOCUBE Kbook also has other impressive features.

Full-featured Type-C Interface

On the left of ALLDOCUBE Kbook is a USB 3.0 interface and a full-featured Type-C interface.

On the right is a USB 3.0 interface.

The bandwidth of the Type-C interface is up to 5Gbps. It can be used from both sides.

It supports OTG data transmission, video output, PD charging. With this interface, you can achieve various connections. 

No Fan For Experiencing Quietness

Generally speaking, the longer you use a laptop, or run massive games, the noisier the fan will be. 

However, Kbook uses the Intel Core low-power CPU, and fanless design. Thus, there is no annoying noise during use, so you can enjoy working and leisure quietly without disturbing others.

All in all, like MacBook, ALLDOCUBE Kbook boasts an aesthetic appearance, excellent workmanship, impeccable screen, and reliable performance for office work and entertainment.

All these features make the $455 ALLDOCUBE Kbook an exceptional choice. It’s impossible to find elsewhere. 

No wonder that many people think that it is as valuable as a $2,700 MacBook.

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ALLDOCUBE Kbook 13.5 inch 3K IPS Display Laptop with 512GB SSD



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