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Unbelievable! Are Bilikay W1 TWS Earphones Supporting AptX Under $30 Worth Buying?

Unbelievable! Are Bilikay W1 TWS Earphones Supporting AptX Under $30 Worth Buying?

Just with the launch of Bilikay W1 Support AptX ACC TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbud, I was determined to get one for myself. The Chinese brand Bilikay is already popular for manufacturing the best products at a very reasonable price. 

I ordered one Black model from Gearbest at a discounted rate and was waiting for the order delivery.

Now, in spite of so many existing brands, I ordered Bilikay Wireless Bluetooth Earbud for me not just because of its pocket-friendly, but also for its long-lasting battery life, and low power consumption. 

The product package consists of one pair of earbuds, two pairs of ear caps, one charging box, a cable, and one manual. 

Why did I choose Bilikay W1 Support AptX ACC TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbud?

The Bilikay Wireless Bluetooth Earbud is very light, and the product size was around 3 x 2 x 1 inch. There are multiple reasons that I choose this earbud. First of all, it consumes exceptionally low power which likes even less than 6 mAh. 

The headset has a 40 mAh battery that can work for continuous 5 hours. However, the 350 mAh charging box can charge the headset at least five times so that I can enjoy music at a very high volume for a whole day. 

It is only possible because the product is backed up with a Qualcomm chip QC3020.

Bilikay Wireless Bluetooth Earbud provides unbelievable sound quality, and I experienced no pain or discomfort even after wearing the earbud for a very long time. I was awestruck with its super-duper long standby. It has the fastest Type-C charging that provides a very long uninterrupted service. 

Now, you must be wondering what Aptx decoding means each time when I say about Bilikay W1 Support AptX ACC TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbud. 

This very special feature that ensures a high-quality experience providing minimum latency; excellent fault tolerance and up to 48 kHz of sampling frequency. 

This model establishes a simple and fast stable Bluetooth connection. At present, most of the Bluetooth earbuds have a switch system, where the volume needs to be adjusted manually. 

But in Bilikay Wireless Bluetooth Earbud I can increase or decrease the volume by touching which seems to be much more convenient for me. 

Finally, the manufacturers have designed excellent rounded radian to disperse the ear pressure. So even if I wear it for a long time, my ears do not get hurt or do not swell up. Additionally, it is waterproof so I can wear it even at the gym. 

My honest comments about Bilikay Wireless Bluetooth Earbud:

I was indeed skeptical after ordering this earbud, mainly because I couldn't anticipate the product quality that comes within $30! But I was so very overwhelmed after using it for a full day. Its marvelous sound quality, uninterrupted service, and low power consumption have overwhelmed me.

I faced no issues within these 24 hours. The first time I received the product, it wasn't challenging for me to figure out its functions. This Bilikay Wireless Bluetooth Earbud is exceptionally user-friendly and has the best sound quality

It undoubtedly has a longer standby time, and the battery backup was superb. At 60% of the volume, I was listening to music for 18 to 20 hours at a stretch. 

Honestly, I am very impressed with its quality with its low power consumption. In comparison, my last headphones, which had the same parameters consumed double of its power. 

So what are you waiting for now? Go and grab the all-new favorite Bilikay W1 Support AptX ACC TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbud and experience some magical music experience at a budget-friendly rate. 

Bilikay W1 Support AptX ACC TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud



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