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12 Best Things from Xiaomi Youpin to Buy for Complete Cat Care

12 Best Things from Xiaomi Youpin to Buy for Complete Cat Care

Did you recently add a kitten to your family? Congratulations. 

We do understand that having a new feline friend in your home can be a thrilling experience. 

However, now it is time to ensure that you are prepared to take basic care of your new friend and have all the necessities that will help your kitten's transition into your home. 

In this article, we will discuss the different types of basic care that your cat requires and some of the best things that you can buy from Xiaomi Youpin for complete cat care. 

Basic Care

Among the basic care for cats, the most important aspects are related to feeding, grooming, protecting, scratching, dressing, and housing. You need to ensure that all of these aspects related to your new feline friends are taken care of regularly. 

For feeding your cat, you must purchase branded, high-quality cat food and provide them with fresh water all the times. 

Cats are mostly clean and don't require a bath every day, but you must comb and brush them regularly. 

Provide them their own clean and dry place inside your home to let them sleep peacefully. 

As cats like to scratch frequently, providing them with a scratching pad will make them feel more comfortable. 

Following are some of the best things that will assist you better in providing proper care for your new cat. 

12 things from Xiaomi Youpin to Care Your Cat

For Feeding

1. Semi-open Cat Litter Box Pet Supplies from Xiaomi Youpin

One of the essentials required for better care of your cat is a Cat Litter Box. The Semi-open Cat Litter Box from Xiaomi Youpin is an excellent product that is made from environmentally friendly PP material. Additionally, the box is easy to clean and doesn't require much effort from cat owners. 

You can easily carry the litter box along with you, and it is extremely durable to use. It ensures that all of your cat litter is kept away from getting scattered on the floor. The litter box is harmless to your cat and offers a comfortable place for your cat. If you want to keep your home clean from your new cats' litter, this product will help. 

2. UV Sterilization Pen from Xiaomi Youpin

The UV Sterilization Pen from Xiaomi Youpin is another excellent pet supply product that you will need to take care of your cat. This sterilization pen can be used for multiple purposes. It can sterilize drinking water for your cat so that you can provide them fresh and clean drinking water. Apart from this, you can also use the pen to disinfect other objects for your cat. 

The company claims that it has 99.9% sterilization efficiency. It comes with USB charging capabilities with a battery of 2200 mAh. The service life of the product, as mentioned by the company, is up to 150 hours. The product is waterproof. 

3. Silicone Pet Placemat from Xiaomi Youpin

Another accessory that you might need for complete cat care is a pet placemat from Xiaomi. This pet placemat is made from silicone material and is dirt-proof and water-resistant. It is large and thus will cover a lot of areas, as your cat spills food while eating. 

4. Pet Tilting Bowl Double Liner from Xiaomi Youpin

The Pet Tilting Bowl from Xiaomi Youpin is another excellent product for your cat care requirement. It is made from high-quality ABS material that has a tilt of 15 degrees. 

The multi-purpose tilt can be used for both cats and dogs. It is portable and easy to clean. Thus, you can carry it alongside you when going out with your cat. 

5. Heat-able Antisepsis Cat Bowl from Xiaomi Youpin

Allow your cat to eat well with the Heat-able Antisepsis Cat Bowl from Xiaomi Youpin. As it has a large diameter, even flat-faced cats can eat easily from it. 

The anti-overflow bowl edge prevents the grain from scattering all over the place and makes the cat eat well. It is easy to be clean, as the bowl can be separated. With non-slip silicone bottom, your cat can have a stable feeding experience. 

For Drinking

6. Smart Cats Water Dispenser from Xiaomi Youpin

The smart cat water dispenser from Xiaomi comes with five filters and triple mute design. The in-depth purification process of the water dispenser ensures that the water you are using to feed your cat is fresh and clean. The water tank can store water up to 1.88 L, which is enough for a week of water supply. 

It has an open water tray design that allows many cats to drink water simultaneously. It does not create much noise, allowing your cat to sleep well even if it is working 24 hours. 

7. Pet Accompanying Water Cup from Xiaomi Youpin

The Pet water cup is made from food-grade material. The water cup is portable and easy to be used. You can carry it alongside while taking your pet out for a walk. You can store up to 270 ml of water, which is good enough for 2.5 hours of drinking water for your pet. It has a one-button locking system that makes it easy to handle. 

The water outlet has been designed in such a way that it prevents spilling of water and control the amount of water flow for your cat. 

For Grooming

8. Jellyfish Pet Massage Comb from Xiaomi Youpin

The Jellyfish Pet Massage Comb is made from food-grade silicone material and helps to reduce the static electricity. 

There are 23 silicone comb teeth can help relieve the skin of your cat. You can also make use of the massage comb at the time of bath to deeply clean and massage the skin of your cat and ease out the tension. An excellent cat accessory that is extremely useful to make your cat feel more relaxed. 

9. Pet Shaving Machine from Xiaomi Youpin

This pet shaving machine offers a comfortable and safe trimming experience for your cat. You can make use of it to trim different types of hair that include hard and soft hair. 

The cutter head is washable, making it easier to clean once you are done with the trimming of your pet. It comes with a long-lasting battery life that has a size of 2000 mAH. 

For Cleaning

10. Inductive Cat Toilet from Xiaomi Youpin

The Inductive Cat Toilet from Xiaomi Youpin comes with an intelligent induction mode. The semi-closed form of the cat toilet allows the cat to use more space. It provider larger area and better air circulation. 

The front of the cat toilet is low, whereas the back is kept high. It allows the cat to guide themselves well inside the entrance and ensure prevention of cat litter. 

For Protecting

11. Orange and Algae Green Adjustable Pet Pest Control Collar from Xiaomi Youpin

The scented pet collar lasts up to 60 days. It is best suited for cats with 31 cm neck. With the adjustable pet control collar, you can take out your cat to play and be not afraid of mosquito bites. However, when you are using it for the first time, try it on your cat for 3 hours and check whether the cat is allergic to it. 

If you do not observe anything, you can use it again. However, if you do find allergic reactions on your cat, do not make use of it anymore. 

12. MS0030001 Pet Traction Rope from Xiaomi Youpin

The innovative traction rope from Xiaomi is durable and has a load-bearing capacity. You can easily hold in your hands without any discomfort. The ring handle can also be worn on your wrist, providing you more freedom and comfort to do other activities. It comes with LED lighting so that you can walk your cat easily during the night time. 

You can charge the cat traction rope using the USB cable. The battery size is 200 mAh. An excellent must-have accessory for your cat care requirements, this traction rope from Xiaomi makes your catwalk more comfortable and fun. 

Final Thoughts

Having your kitten means a lot of fun and happy memories. However, taking care of them might be a tedious and challenging job, if you do not have the right accessory and tools for it. 

Using the things described above can make your job much easier. At the same time, it helps you to feed your cat with fresh water, provide them with better boxes to litter and make them drink water more conveniently. 

Make use of these 12 best things that are offered from Xiaomi Youpin and make life more comfortable and fun – for yourself and your cat. These products will help you in better feeding, grooming, protecting, and housing your cat. 

Enjoy more fun with your cat and spend less time picking up their litter and cleaning up their mess.

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