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Do You Want Such A Customized Bicycle For Both Dog & Owner?

Do You Want Such A Customized Bicycle For Both Dog & Owner?

In the streets of Amsterdam, people can see how happy Barely is every day.

Barely is a golden retriever, which often appears on the bike of its owner.

Because in the Netherlands, there are specified areas for dogs. Walking the dog is forbidden in many blocks.

To let Barely enjoy more beautiful sights, its owner carries it on the bike to hang around those blocks which don’t allow the entrance of dogs.

In the beginning, Barely sit on the small basket of the bike.

However, as it grew bigger and bigger, the basket became too small.

Therefore, its owner made an exclusive seat for it by himself.

The new seat is so big and impressive that Barely can enjoy the ride while lying.

It must be the “Rolls-Royce” among bikes! 

“Look! My daddy takes me for a ride again!”

“My daddy made the vehicle for me. Do you have one?”

“Come on! Let’s go over the river!”

It is like a mighty emperor.

The seat for a dog is so superior!

Barely is lucky, having a daddy who loves it so much!

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