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Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM VS Xiaomi Mijia 720P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera

Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM VS Xiaomi Mijia 720P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera

The first Xiaomi Camera I bought two years ago is this IP camera - Xiaomi Mijia 720P Wi-Fi IP Camera Pan-tilt Version. Its name is too long. I named it after Mr. White in the Mijia App.

It is used to look after my pets at home. Because it can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, we can see everything around during observation.

This camera not only has high definition but also night vision and two-way communication function.

In addition to these, the motion detection function is useful. I like this function very much. Because if there is a motion in the monitoring scene, the camera will push a notification to the mobile phone.

There is no need to keep watching the video all the time. Compared with other IP cameras that require an Ethernet cable, Xiaomi Mijia 720P Wi-Fi IP camera Pan-tilt Version only needs to connect to the power source and Wi-Fi. I think it is much safer to use fewer wires and it prevents a messy look, too.

To make Mr. White not lonely anymore and to protect my house from my two troublemakers, I bought another camera, Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM IP camera. It became a new family member, Miss White, and I placed it in another room because Mr. White cannot monitor through walls.

The main reason why I bought Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM is that it has a 130-degree wide-angle lens, which is suitable for small space, such as the bedroom, entrance, and so on. Other functions are similar to those of Xiaomi Mijia 720P Wi-Fi IP Camera.

Before I bought Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM, I thought there were no big differences between a 360-degree panoramic camera and a wide-angle camera. The other aspects were exactly the same.

So was I right? Let's find out by comparing them side by side.

1. Appearance

Xiaomi's camera is always designed in a simple style, with black and white color, so these two cameras are no exception. The contrast between black and white is suitable for most home decoration styles. In addition, the cameras are very small.

Miss White is 11.43cm tall and Mr. White is 11.8cm tall. In terms of the body, Mr. White looks chubbier. Miss White has a130-degree wide angle lens, but Mr. White can look around 360 degrees and 96 degrees up and down.

They all have speakers at the reverse side, and Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM's speaker holes are relatively small, but they don't affect the sound quality.

Look at the positions of the microphone.

One is on the top and, the other is on the bottom. In my opinion, if the microphone of Xiaomi Mijia 720P Wi-Fi IP camera is on the top, the sound will be influenced when the camera is adjusted upwards.

This is because, with such a design, the microphone will roll inwards, affecting the sound. Therefore, the microphone should be on the bottom.

2. Interfaces

I remember that when I bought the first IP camera, Mr. White, there was no need to insert a memory card, so I didn't know where the slot was.

It took me a long time to find the card slot when I needed it later because the position was pretty covert. It's hard to find the position because the camera angle is always horizontal and because you tend to overlook it.

However, it is much easier to find the card slot of Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM  because it is on the left. Both cameras support Micro SD memory cards, but Xiaomi Mijia panoramic camera supports up to 32GB; the other camera supports up to 64GB.

The Miss White's reset port is on the left. You need a pin or other pointed tools to press and hold this hole to restart. Honestly, I don't like this method of resetting. It is not convenient.

Fortunately, you will not use the port under normal circumstances. In comparison, Mr. White's reset key is a button, which is convenient for operation, without using other tools. Moreover, it is unnecessary to worry that you might touch it because this button is close to the base.

The power ports are the same, a micro USB interface. The difference is that power cable and power plug of Mijia SXJ02ZM are integral, whereas, those of Xiaomi Mijia 720P Wi-Fi IP camera are separate.

There is a non-slip design on both of their bottoms. Mijia 360-degree IP camera not only can be used on the desk but can be installed on the wall.

The package includes wall bracket and screws. On the contrary, if you want to make Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P camera mounted on the wall, I suggest you should use glue or some adhesive tapes to tighten it and prevent it from dropping.

3. APP Interface and Operation

The styles of two operating interfaces are completely different, but the function buttons are basically the same.

Because the Xiaomi Mijia panoramic IP camera can rotate 360 degrees, there are buttons to control the direction, and the other functions are similar to those of Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM IP camera.

Please note that when you call with the panoramic wireless IP camera, you must keep holding the speaker button, which is a bit similar to using a walkie-talkie.

I don't think it is troublesome, but Mijia SXJ02ZM optimizes this function by simply click the icon to make a call. 

4. Resolution

There is no need to say much about the resolution of Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P camera versus that of Mijia 720P WiFi IP camera.

In night vision mode, the images are clear. Although the wide-angle camera has 8 infrared LED lights, surprisingly, its resolution is much better than the 360-degree camera which has 10 infrared LEDs.

Based on some simple comparisons above, I make the following summary:

To conclude, from my point of view, the shortcoming of Xiaomi Mijia 720P home panoramic Wi-Fi IP camera is that the resolution is lower. If you need high resolution, choose the 1080P one.

Nevertheless, the disadvantage of Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P IP camera is the limited field of view, only 130 degrees. The wider the field of view is, the better it will be.

Thus, I am looking forward to a wider-angle camera from Xiaomi, and it would be better if it can be wall-mounted.

I suggest that you use a Xiaomi Mijia 720P Wi-Fi IP camera in a large-scale and wide-vision place, such as a living room, factory, canteen, etc.

If it is for small space, such as a bedroom, shop, or entrance, Xiaomi Mijia SXJ02ZM 1080P IP camera would be a better choice.

Of course, if you have enough budgets and need to observe what happens in a big room, use both of them.

Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera



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