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Enjoy a Better-than-CD Listening Experience - Qualcomm aptX HD Audio Powers Lenovo HT10 TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Enjoy a Better-than-CD Listening Experience - Qualcomm aptX HD Audio Powers Lenovo HT10 TWS Bluetooth Earphones

As we know, iPhone eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack and led a new trend with its wireless headphones Airpods, which resulted in a high demand for wireless headphones in the market. 

However, you may not know that wireless headphones sacrifice audio quality for convenience. Most of them are undoubtedly handy but seldom a match for a good pair of wired headphones.

So here comes the question - is there any wireless headphones allowing us to enjoy the ease of use without sacrificing the sound-quality performance?

Lenovo HT10 TWS Bluetooth Earphones is the answer.

Let’s read on to see what makes the Lenovo HT10 stand out.

Highlighted Features:

- Qualcomm ®AptX HD for better sound quality

- HIFI pure bass sound for a better listening experience

- 8 hours playing time for longer music journey

- 20m Bluetooth 5.0 connection for music within reach

What’s the core tech for the TWS Bluetooth headphones? Or rather, what determines the quality of wireless earphones? 

It’s up to the enabled Bluetooth chipset. There are some top brands, such as Qualcomm, REALTEK, BROADCOM, and AIROHA currently prevalent in the market. 

I prefer the wireless headphones supporting Bluetooth 5.0. It is because it has longer transmission distance, faster transmission speed, lower power consumption than the Bluetooth 4.2, meaning that I can enjoy steadier music.

The Lenovo HT10 TWS headphones adopt the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which supports the aptX HD audio quality. 

What does it mean? 

In a nutshell, you could understand it as the best sound quality along with a higher price.

According to the Qualcomm official, the aptX HD audio is defined as a ‘better-than-CD’ listening experience. 

Different from the other wireless headphones giving up the sound quality, the Lenovo HT10 TWS headphones with aptX HD allow you to enjoy listening to the highest audible quality. 

So, another question comes - ☟

What’s the AptX HD?

AptX HD, also called aptX Lossless, is an updated, beefed-up audio-coding algorithm improved from AptX. (AptX, which is designed to sound better than standard Bluetooth, uses compression to reduce audio-coding delays and minimize latency issues.) 

AptX HD has a bit-rate of 576 kbit/s and supports high-definition audios up to 48 kHz sampling rate, and sample resolutions up to 24 bits. It can transfer wireless music in a way that allows better-than-CD sound quality. 

For the Lenovo HT10 TWS, I don’t think it is necessary to talk about its other features. It has all the features as great as the Apple Airpods and Xiaomi Airdots while Airpods and Airdots don’t support AptX HD. 

If you’re interested in Lenovo HT10 TWS, you can know more from its shopping page.

Anyway, here’s a conclusion for you:

Lenovo HT10 is a very handy yet audiophile TWS Bluetooth headphones. If you’re a music buff like me, I dare say you will love its excellent AptX HD audio. 

Lenovo HT10 has a simple yet thoughtful design that makes them well fitted in your ear. They are comparatively discreet and fit securely for everyday use, so you can use the Lenovo HT10 during workouts, such as jogging, cycling, and running. 

Most expensive headphones don’t often offer this high-resolution quality in processing and sound. 

However, Lenovo HT10 does an excellent job, and you won’t regret buying.

Lenovo HT10 TWS bluetooth earphone wireless earphone



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