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Xiaomi & Roborock Knockout! This Top AI Team Dedicated for 10 Years And Built The Well-received Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

Xiaomi & Roborock Knockout! This Top AI Team Dedicated for 10 Years And Built The Well-received Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

You can often find the topic online, "Is it necessary to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?"

Sure, it is.

You're devoted to your career and busy working every day. If after work, you have to play with kids, fix the plumbing, clean the house, etc., you won't have free time. 

If you don't want to be a slave to housework, go for a robot vacuum cleaner, your savior.

What if you can telecontrol a robot vacuum in the office, and find your home clean after work?

If you are a housewife who works 365 days a year, 24 hours on standby, have no salary or annual bonus, suffer from prejudice and risk at any time. 

For homemakers, the most difficult is not being alone or undertaking the burden of housework. They have to deal with the husband's ignorance of their sacrifices, social disrespect, and even give up hobbies and pursuits.

Therefore, intelligent homemakers automate household chores by using smart appliances, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, robot vacuum cleaner, etc., saving a lot of time to raise children, improve themselves, and gain competitive advantages.

If you keep one or two angel pets, it's great that you enjoy yourselves. However, it is a headache that they shed hair.

If only you had a robot vacuum cleaner which can clear away the fur regularly every day and keep your home clean, free of dust and hair! Then, you'd love your pets more deeply! 

For the senior, a robot vacuum cleaner is essential.

Household cleaning is a torture, especially for those whose body is already tormented by obesity, high blood pressure, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation. 

I believe that if they have an easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner that can clean the entire house thoroughly after power-up, they will show it off after using it for a while.

Is the robot vacuum cleaner easy-to-use? 

Yes, if you've got the right one.

An easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner meets the following requirements: 

  1. Intelligence: a qualified robot vacuum cleaner must know how to sweep the floor, plan the route, tell the directions, avoid running/bumping into anything randomly, etc.
  2. Powerful suction: only with powerful suction, can a robot vacuum clean thoroughly, and truly undertake cleaning.
  3. Sweeping & mopping: a good robot vacuum must be able to sweep and mop.
  4. Obstacle avoidance & climbing ability: after all, you don't want to carry it for cleaning the balcony.

In 2019, 360 is the first to improve S7, its new flagship robot vacuum cleaner in these aspects.

Let's see how well it works. 

Smart as if it's got eyes

If there is a word to describe the most prominent feature, it must be "intelligent."

The high IQ of S7 mainly demonstrates in these aspects: 


S7 is equipped with LDS (laser distance sensor). Coupled with SLAM and the edge sensor, it can map the house and avoid missing any part of it (a map will appear on the App) before cleaning.

(Tip: SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, put, it calculates its position while mapping.)

To help you understand it, here's a 2D animation on how SLAM works:

If you have a 360 S7, you'll find that the mapping quite standardized:

Only with accurate mapping can it reach everywhere in the next step.

2. Powerful spatial perception

Because each house differs in design and position of furniture, a lot of people are unwilling to buy smart robot vacuum cleaners. They don't believe that they are competent to recognize the complex surroundings. 

360 S7 dismisses such a concern.

S7 depends on a variety of sensors and an advanced algorithm to bypass obstacles with ease. No matter how complicated surroundings are, it can go through as if it has eyes that can see.

When 360 S7 meets a complex environment, in particular, an obstacle, it will decelerate cleverly. The accelerometer is responsive to the command. 

Thick carpet ▼



Partition ▼

The powerful spatial perception can ensure the cleanliness in narrow space and the intactness of the furniture and machine.

Moreover, S7 will select the best suction mode according to the flooring materials.

For example, when the robot moves on the carpet, it will automatically choose the strong mode which boosts the suction, working as a powerful vacuum cleaner. 

3. Anti-drop

On the bottom of S7 are four cliff sensors. The sensors can figure out whether the machine can advance with infrared signals to avoid drops and damages.

Live demo ▼

As you can see, after you put it upstairs or on the desk, the vacuum cleaner won't fall off. 

4. Anti-collision

There is a protective cover with bump sensors to protect the intricate LDS, around the sensor.

Once the protective cover encounters collision/compression, S7 will retreat to protect itself: 

With such a smart design, you don't need to worry S7 might be "broken." 

5. Witness the accurate edge cleaning

The two photos below show us the TOP edge sensor and bumper:

With the coordination of TOP edge sensor, bumper, and LDS, S7 can identify obstacles, figure out a reasonable route, and clean thoroughly without missing anywhere. Thus, the reasonably accurate "edge cleaning" comes true.

Whether the edge is straight,

or it is curved.

Both the accuracy and intelligence of S7 will satisfy you.

6. Powerful App

S7 comes with a dedicated App to realize more fantastic functions.

By using the App, you can remote control S7 over the Internet and realize advanced functions, including intelligent zone division, voice package replacement, control mode, cleaning schedule, maintenance checking, etc.

For wherever you don't want S7 to enter, use the App to set an off-limit zone. Drag and swipe with your finger to limit the range.

After you set the off-limit zone, the route of S7 will change accordingly:

Ultra-quiet with powerful vacuuming 

1. 2,000Pa strong suction

The suction power determines the cleaning performance of a vacuum cleaner.

360 S7 uses NIDEC brushless motor to generate up to 2,000Pa suction. It is the ideal solution for 90% impurities at home. 

Additionally, the three elastic wheels on the bottom ensure the high trafficability, as well as the contact between the robot and the floor, enhancing the cleaning ability.

To visualize the cleaning effect, we carry a test: 

Paper scraps (light waste) and corns (bulky waste) serve as references. 

After scattering them evenly on the tested floor, we control the S7 to go straight forward on the floor once. In the end, we examine the cleanliness of the floor.

Here is the result. All waste is taken away by S7 after it moves on the floor once.

Then, we conduct another test. After scattering references on the tiled floor, wooden floor, carpet, we control S7 to sweep the floor once. 

The tiled and wooden floor are both 100% clean.

Therefore, you can trust the cleaning performance of 360 S7.

2. Noise-canceling second to none

Generally, the stronger the suction, the louder the noise will be. 

To solve the problem, after thousands of tests, 360 developed the streamlined air duct to avoid making any compromises between noise and suction.

Such a design avoids the wailing as the air comes out, which reduces noise.

The actual data speak louder than words! 

This is a Dyson vacuum cleaner:

This is a 360 S7 2-in-1 smart robot vacuum cleaner:

You can easily find that when 360 S7 works, the noise level in the strong mode is equivalent to that in a daily conversation. It is even quieter than the normal mode of Dyson. 

It's needless to say that the normal mode and quiet mode generate much lower noise than most popular vacuum cleaners, including those from Xiaomi and Roborock. 

Undoubtedly, the superior noise-canceling technology is unrivaled among all smart robot vacuum cleaners on the market.

Sweeping & mopping to save time and effort

Nowadays, you'd be insensible if you choose a smart robot vacuum that can only sweep the floor. 

360 S7 is a robot vacuum cleaner that can also mop. A 150ml smart water tank has been integrated so that it can sweep and mop simultaneously. 

The magic tape fixes the water tank and the cleaning cloth. Both are easy to install/take off. It only takes 2 seconds to attach the cleaning cloth. Just stretch and flatten it gently, and you've done.

The design of the water tank is inspired by bionics to make it perceive the water like a plant. 

The robot can detect whether the water tank is installed or not and give a voice prompt in real-time. No intervention is needed.

During mopping, the two holes on the water tank will supply water cleverly and evenly. Thus, the floor can dry as soon as it mops, which is nice.

After the water is used up, the cleaning ability of the cloth reaches its limit. As a result, you don't need to worry that the floor might get dirty.

Below is a live demo:

You can easily find that the floor mopped by S7 dries quickly. It indicates that S7 controls the amount of water in the cloth perfectly.

It's easy to clean the cleaning cloth in the end.

All impurities can be washed away by the running water alone.

If you're afraid that it might be a breeding ground for bacteria, you'd better use detergent for sterilization.

You may ask, "Is S7 the best choice among numerous robot vacuum cleaners on the market?"

We've made a detailed comparison table about the specs and functions for your reference: 

The comparison between different generations of 360 robots, S5, S6, S7:

The comparison between 360 S7, Roborock, Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner:

Since you’ve read so far, I believe that you’re already impressed with the remarkable functions of 360 S7. 

However, we know that you still concern about other things. 

Even though 360 S7 is more powerful, you’d probably choose brands with which you’re familiar, such as Xiaomi, Roborock, Ecovacs. You might have never heard of 360 company.

In the past decade, 360 company has deeply rooted in the Internet security industry. 

Now, it has 3,800 top professionals and nearly 10,000 original technology and core technology patents.

At present, its product and services benefit 500 million PC users, 460 mobile users.

As the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, 360 company has established an intelligent connected automobile safety laboratory and an artificial intelligence safety research institute to swim with the tide.

With a large user base and top technology, 360 company entered the field of intelligent hardware. It provides a variety of products, including smartphones, children’s watch, IP cameras, DVRs, and home firewalls.

In May 2018, 360 company launched 360 Brain of Security, which is the biggest distributed intelligent cybersecurity protection system that integrates perception, learning, reasoning, decision-making, prediction.

Exactly, 360 S7 has been developed by more than 3.8 thousand exceptional talents, based on their professional top-level AI algorithm technology. 

That is why the Qihoo360 company decides to get into the robot vacuum market, even when there is no dividend in the robot vacuum cleaner market. 

Because we have professional artificial intelligence professionals, year-round technology accumulation, abundant research funds. The most important thing is that we have a vision for the benefit of all humankind. 

Of course, our advantage is not only in artificial intelligence but also more considerate and ergonomic in the details. 

For example: 

At the back of 360 S7's charging dock, 'there's a hidden storage cabin for users to store the overlong charging cable. Thanks to the outlet holes at both left and right, the S7 will not look untidy or weird in your house, it fits perfectly in any house style. 

One more example: 

As we know, everyone is naturally lazy and doesn't even want to deal with the dust box of a robot vacuum. 

As a result, most dust boxes are of about 400ml capacity, and rarely reach up to 500ml. We 360 company is the first to use a 570ml dust box, which significantly reduces your manually-cleanup time. 

Additionally, you can observe the water outlet of this robot. The S7 water tank is closed when it is charging, so you don't have to worry about that it will get your floor wet. 

With a great advantage of LDS+SLAM and thoughtful details, 360 S7 has been widely accepted by many users and professional institutions once it is launched. 

On March 4, 2019, 360 S7 was honored as No. 1 in Korean Consumer Satisfaction Award. 

Additionally, the 360 S7 intelligent robot vacuum also won the Bull Ear Award - the AI (artificial intelligence) Best Application Award. 

This is enough to show that 360 S7 is a trustworthy robot vacuum, but also enough to show that the 360 AI team is dedicated to creating a healthy consumer culture. 

Although 360 S7 has the functions of sweeping and mopping, powerful climbing, obstacle avoidance, anti-drop ability, super suction, super mute, and so on, the robot vacuum cleaner not as expensive as the robots with similar functions. 

As we said before, 360 company is aimed to bring smart products into thousands of households, rich or poor, free or busy. 

All of you can feel the joy of freeing your hands from household hassles. 

Therefore, 360 S7 has an absolutely heart-warming and breathtaking price. 

The 360 S7 official price is $509.9, and the pre-sale price at Gearbest is $459.99, down $50! 

Moreover, to thank you for spending time on reading this article, supporting 360 S7 and Qihoo 360 company, we hand with Gearbest Community to give surprisingly super-deal benefits to our customers! 

Limited 200 coupons, get $60 off for 360 S7! 

Coupon code: GB168-360S7
Coupon code: GB168-360S7
Coupon code: GB168-360S7

How to use: enter the above coupon code when placing an order, $60 off!

Valid time: August 5 - 11, 2019

It means that friends in the community can place orders with a discount of $110! 

You can take 360 S7 home for only $399.99! 

360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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