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The JUSTFOG Q16 Starter Kit Will Bring Excitement in Your VAPING Experience, Cost Less Than $25

The JUSTFOG Q16 Starter Kit Will Bring Excitement in Your VAPING Experience, Cost Less Than $25

In this world, many new products spring up. They are playing an essential role in the well-being of people. VAPING devices are a typical representative, almost putting an end to the trend of tobacco cigarettes. 

Smoking is in fashion for the youth. If you are a VAPE user or you are interested in vaping devices, read this article that covers every single aspect about a stylish vaping device.

I was a regular tobacco cigarette user until I smoked the VAPES 1 year ago. As I was ill due to consuming tobacco, I decided to bring VAPE in my life because it is many times safer than tobacco cigarettes. 

For the first six months, I used very cheap vaping devices due to which I was not satisfied with VAPING. Later, one of my friends, a VAPE enthusiast recommended me JUSTFOG vaping devices which entirely changed my life. 

JUSTFOG has a vast number of consumers that only go for this brand. As there was a massive variety of JUSTFOG products online shopping, I purchased one of its best products, which was the Q16 starter kit. It cost me only $21, whereas the starter kit offers the best value for money. 

After ordering through the best online website, GEARBEST, and I chose cheap shipping services. 

Two days before arrival the package was handed over to SDA who had it delivered to me at home. I received my order without any major damage within five days. I was much happy and excited related to my order. Purchasing through GEARBEST was great. 

What does the box contain?

Now it is the time to open the package. The device looks even better, compared to its pictures that I saw on the website. After holding the device in my hand, I am sure that it is designed by the professional. Its shape is like a pen. 

The package also includes:

2) ATOMIZER COIL (1.6 OHM resistance)
3) Spare parts packet
4) User manual
5) USB charging cable

High-quality tank:

The tank that comes in a package is built up with good quality stainless steel. Its diameter is 16mm, and weight is only 28.5 G. It has an adjustable flow rings, and it is coated with high-grade chrome polish.

One defect of this tank is that it has a small capacity of around 2ML. However, I don’t mind it because I prefer using more flavors within a specific period. 

Amazing specifications:

This device comes with a 900 mAh battery, which is built-in. It is one of the factors that increase the rating of this device. 

I need to charge the battery once to vape for 4 to 5 days. Its voltage ranges from 3.4 to 4.4 V, and its resistance ranges from 1.0 to 3.0 OHM. 

Ideal size

It is perfect in size and weight. Its dimensions are 6 x 21.5 x 73mm, and weight is 36.1G. Because of such a small size and lightness, the starter kit is pocket-friendly and easy to carry. It is about the same size as a luxury cigarette lighter.

Perfect working system

It works impressively. There are three wattage settings which can be easily changed as you press the button. 

The light system tells you how much battery life is left.

Safe smoking

The VAPE device brands I used before were unsafe because sometimes they get overheated, and sometimes they get over-voltage. 

But smoking with this brand is safe because it is providing safety features like:

1) Short circuit protection
2) Over-heating protection
3) Over-voltage protection
4) Over-discharging protection
5) Over-charging protection

Every device is not perfect. Here are the pros and cons of this device that you should know:

Pros & Cons


1) Well-designed body
2) Perfect size and weight
3) Easy to carry
4) High-quality refillable tank
5) Easy to use, without complex structure
6) High-quality battery
7) Budget-friendly


1) The flavor is bit bland
2) The drip tip can be easily lost
3) Less durable coil


This device is highly recommended to both professionals and beginners. It works perfectly with every kind of flavors and either airflow volume. 

It will bring excitement in your VAPING, and you can enjoy it for 4 – 5 hours without interruption because of the 900mAh high-capacity battery. 

JUSTFOG Q16 Starter Kit



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