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Alfawise T1S Review.

Alfawise T1S Review.

Universal Fitness Tracker for $16.99!

The popularity of smart watches and fitness trackers is very growing and many people buy devices to monitor their physical activity during training or in ordinary life.

Consider a new device called the Alfawise T1S. This is a universal device, external it looks like a smart watch with a large bright screen, but from the technical point of view it is a regular fitness tracker, which is no different from Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

For a relatively small price, you get a large 1.3-inch TFT screen, a 240 mAh battery that can last without recharging for about 30 days of waiting, heart and blood pressure scanners.

Alfawise T1S: Specification

Screen: 1.3-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels
Chipset: Hs6620D
IP standard: IP67 waterproof
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: 240 mAh
Standby time: up to 30 days
Size: 245 x 44.4 x 12.5 mm
Weight: 43g 

Alfawise T1S: In the box

Alfawise T1S is in a small box with an interesting design. On the front side we see a picture of the watch itself and a sticker with the name of the company.

Inside the box we find the following components - instructions in English, the watch itself with a protective film on the screen and a charging two-pin cable.

Alfawise T1S: Design

The Alfawise T1S universal watch is more like a smart watch than a fitness tracker. They have a large screen with a size of 1.3 inches with TFT technology and a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. Even in sunny weather, the screen is very clearly visible.

The watch case is made of plastic, the materials in the assembly are very high quality. On the hand, the Alfawise T1S watch looks very stylish and beautiful. They are small in size and weight, which are 24.50 x 4.45 x 1.25 cm and 43 grams.

In appearance, the Alfawise T1S is very similar to the Amazt Verge or Amazt Stratos. They have a similar design and build quality. Of course, Alfawise T1S has its drawbacks. It is worth noting that the screen is square not for its entire area.

As for the control, on the right side of the case you see a round adjustment as on an analog watch.

This circle is used to switch the dial in the watch. In total, Alfawise T1S has 4 different dial faces. It is not so much as in a smart watch, but it is better than nothing and it’s even good for a fitness tracker that there is a variety.

The strap is not as pleasant as in expensive Amazt models. But, as with any watch, you can replace it with a leather or other strap in a watch store.

On the back of the Alfawise T1S, you can see a heart and blood pressure sensor and a two-pin charging connector.

It is also worth noting that the watch received protection from water of the IP67 standard. This means that you can not be afraid to get caught in the rain or snow. You can’t swim in the pool or completely wet under water.

As for its price, Alfawise tried to make high-quality watches with an interesting and minimalist design that are suitable for both men and women.

Alfawise T1S: Performance and Features

The fitness tracker uses an Hs6620D processor, which can be found in many wearable devices. Regarding the performance of this processor, this is a normal user interface without any operating system, but this processor is enough.

During testing, we did not notice any delays when switching at the bottom of the touch button on the front panel.

Let's look at the features of the Alfawise T1S. By clicking on the touch panel, you can change and control the functions.

One of the first features is the number of steps taken and calories burned. Any fitness tracker, for example from Xiaomi, has this feature. It is very useful and easy to use. Regarding the quality of her work? During the test with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Alfawise T1S, the result is almost the same. Xiaomi showed steps taken 8040, and Alfawise - 8054 steps.

Further, an important function is the constant monitoring of heart and blood pressure. Below you can see the results of the whole day with an interval of 30 minutes.

This feature will be very useful for people who need to monitor their health indicators and analyze heart and blood pressure. However, it should also be noted that the watch cannot be used as a medical device.

In addition, you can monitor the state of your sleep. Alfawise T1S will show how much time you overslept and determine the quality of sleep with asterisks.

Like any smart device, Alfawise T1S has a stopwatch and training modes. As for the training modes, for the fitness tracker this is a useful feature, but as for smart watches, the user interface is not finalized.

The user interface of the Alfawise T1S is completely in English, but if you want to use another, then you will need to install the application and change it to the desired language in the settings.

Alfawise T1S: Application

A smartwatch or fitness tracker uses an app called “WearFit 2.0” which is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or higher. Applications can be downloaded in the Play store or through the instructions with a QR code.

The watch has a wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0, so it connects easily and without problems.

In the application settings, you can easily track your physical activity throughout the whole day, week and month.

Also in the settings, you can choose the application alerts messages or calls. This is a very convenient function if your phone is far from you, a notification will be displayed on the watch who is calling you or from whom you received a message.

Alfawise T1S: Battery

If you use a watch with Bluetooth connected and will monitor your heart and blood pressure every half hour, then they will work for about 4 days. In fact, this is a very good indicator, as for smart watches.

If you do not use the above functions, then the watch will work for about 20 days, like a fitness tracker from Xiaomi. In standby mode, the watch can work for 30 days.

The downside is the charging time, which is 3 hours. With its battery capacity of 240 mAh, this is a very slow charge.

Alfawise T1S: Conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to note that the universal smart watch or fitness tracker Alfawise T1S has great potential and useful features. The watch received a nice design that can compete with more expensive models, for example, the Amazfit line. Build quality and materials at a good level. As for performance, the watch performs all the functions without any problems and you can rely on them for everyday use.

For its price, this is an ideal device that can replace any fitness tracker and has a large bright screen for display.

Alfawise T1S Sports Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Blood Pressure Oxygen Monitor IP67 Waterproof 1.3 inch Color Screen



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