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MECOOL KM6 – The Classic Android TV Box to Improve Your Viewing Experience

MECOOL KM6 – The Classic Android TV Box to Improve Your Viewing Experience

Whether you agree or not, the internet is the best replacement for cable TV. On-demand video services platform such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu offers access to an unimaginable number of latest TV series and movies. As a result, live streaming is redefining the experience of home entertainment around the world. This has resulted in the growing popularity of the Android TV box which aims to improve your viewing experience and allow you access to your favorite movies and shows as and when needed.

In this article, we will discuss the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box which provides you with the best TV viewing experience.

MECOOL KM6 Features

1. High-Performance CPU

The MECOOL KM6 comes with the Arm Cortex A55 processor. The Amlogic S905X4 ensures that the Android TV box delivers the best combination of performance and power efficiency. Moreover, the smooth performance of the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box offers you a theatrical experience. Having said that, it is one of the best Android TV boxes that you can get for the price range that it is available for.

2. AV1

The MECOOL KM6 features AV1 functionality which is quite good for people who love to spend most of their time on Netflix and other streaming sites such as Amazon Prime. The thing with AV1 is that it helps you in saving bandwidth. Thus, ensuring that you can enjoy more of your favorite shows and movies at lesser data. Overall, AV1 is 30% better in comparison to VP9 and H.265.

3. Android 10 Operating System

The MECOOL KM6 supports the Android 10 operating system. Thus, allowing you to turn your normal TV into a smart TV. It means that you can use all of your mobile applications such as Spotify, YouTube, and other apps on your television set. Having said that, you can also browse the internet on your TV. Thus, making it suitable for people who are currently forced to work from home on their small laptop screen.

4. Supports HDR

The MECOOL KM6 also provides support for HDR. It features the latest 4K HDR technology and high-speed 4K processing for up to 60fps playback. Thus, ensuring that you can enjoy an ultra-high-definition and lifelike viewing experience. Whether you are watching your favorite shows or movies, you will feel like you are watching it inside a theatre. Such is the picture quality offered by the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box.

5. Built-In Chromecast

Another excellent feature of the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box is the built-in Chromecast. Therefore, without any hassle, you can stream your favorite movies and shows, directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop to the big screen. Such is the convenience offered by the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box. You are not going to get the same functionality on another Android TV box in the same price range.

6. Google Assistant

The MECOOL KM6 also comes with Google Assistant functionality. Thus, allowing you to control your Android TV box and entertainment using voice command. You no longer have to deal with the messy remote control device and punch down the instructions. Moreover, the device is quite small in size. Thus, making it quite simple to place anywhere.

7. Price

One of the great things about the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box is the price. You can buy the MECOOL KM6 for only $69.99 on With all of these functionalities and features, it is quite cheaply priced. Therefore, you should not miss out on this deal.

MECOOL KM6 Classic TV Box Android 10.0 ATV 2T2R WiFi Network Player Bluetooth 4.2 With Amlogic S905X4 High Performance CPU High Clarity 4K HDR



Final Thoughts

The MECOOL KM6 is a classic Android TV box that supports dual-band Wi-Fi. Thus offering you a high internet speed connection. Moreover, with the HDR support and improved CPU performance, it is one of the best devices that you can buy in the market right now to turn your TV into a smart one. It has several great features such as built-in Chromecast functionality that will improve your experience.

Having said that, the MECOOL KM6 Android TV box is currently available on sale at Therefore, make sure you get your hands on the device before it runs out of stock or sale. You can buy the device for $69.99 currently at

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