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Alfawise I7E Is the Most Affordable ECG Monitor Smart Fitness Tracker for Only $28.99!

Alfawise I7E Is the Most Affordable ECG Monitor Smart Fitness Tracker for Only $28.99!

ECG monitors or Heart rate monitors are now an integral part of every smartwatch and fitness tracker that is currently available in the market. 

Electrocardiogram or ECG is an optimal heart rate sensor that is good for obtaining reading or tracking the heart rate data, which is very useful to keep track of the current health condition.

Generally, all of these heart rate monitors are pivoted on the same technology, and that is light-based optical tech (PPG). It uses an LED that penetrates the skin to detect the blood flow. 

The sensors capture the light reflected from the blood flow. It is how the heart rate data is being calculated. It is a non-invasive technique of measuring the heart rate, and this is what most of the companies are incorporating in their wearables.

However, these sensors do not always provide exact results because there are a lot of things that can create an impact on the readings like skin tone, skin temperature, etc. 

ECG heart rate monitors have already been embraced by most of the wearable brands not just to add a feature, but specifically for fitness. The Alfawise I7E Fitness Tracker bracelet is one such that I bought from Gearbest. 

Attractive features of I7E Fitness Tracker

My favorite bracelet I7E fitness tracker comes within a basic packaging and looks quite beautiful in the first look. There is a free app Zeroner Health Pro App that is available in both Android Playstore and iPhone equivalent stores. 

As the next part, I started setting up my I7E, which hardly took any time. It gives an option to choose among four watch faces or themes that display temperature, weather, date, and time.

The Alfawise I7E is a full-colored 0.96 inches touch screen that is a build-up of TFT material and exhibits vivid color and high-resolution display. This bracelet is slightly curved, black, and looks reasonably stylish.

This fitness band comes with the following features–

1. ECG Monitor- it involves an Artificial intelligence to analyze the ECG monitoring results in the built-in App. It is capable of analyzing arrhythmia, tachycardia, and even premature beat symptoms. The best part is, it also provides additional notes in cases of abnormal ECG report.

2. Atrial Fibrillation- This is known to be the most common symptom of tachyarrhythmia that is combined with PPG or photoelectric signal and medical algorithm to monitor the atrial fibrillation. 

The readings can also be obtained from non-exercise mode, and the results will be shown in the App.

3. Meditation Mode- Meditation helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease that relieves chronic pain, mental stress, and improve sleep quality. It is a timer.

4. Heart Rate Monitor-  The I7E can continuously monitor your heart rate, which is very important in our daily life.
Other features include monitoring Blood Pressure, Fatigue Index, and Health Index. 

Additionally, this smartwatch can also automatically detect a dozen sport modes like walking, cycling, running, climbing, swimming, and a lot more. 

I7E is IP68 waterproof, so this can be worn during swimming, bathing, handwashing, sweating. Not to mention that the number of swimming strokes can be automatically recorded in the built-in App.

My experience of using Alfawise I7E fitness tracker

I was impressed with the performance of the highest precision heart rate sensor and blood pressure detector. With all these functions enabled, my fitness tracker still had 80% of the charge for more than two days, which was crazy. 

I hardly faced any difficulty in charging my device because the manufacturer has made I7E with a built-in USB Plug. It is therefore clear that his particular model involves lower power consumption that makes the battery last as long as 15 days. 

The Alfawise I7E has the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology and has a built-in Nordic 52840 chip. It also has 64MB of RAM and ROM.  

Additionally, I was also being able to check messages, reminders, set the alarm, adjust the brightness level, monitor fatigue detection, and can perform many other functions.

So if you are still confused about purchasing Alfawise I7E fitness tracker, then go for it before it runs out of stock. If I am asked to rate the all-new I7E, then I will rate 4.5 out of 5 based on its high performance that is currently available at just $28.99!

Alfawise I7E ECG Monitor AI Intelligent Analysis Smart Bracelet



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