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FIIDO D1 500km Test Report

FIIDO D1 500km Test Report

I. Range

It is what people are most concerned about.

I only use the FIIDO D1 for commuting. The actual distance between my home and work is 6.2km one-way, and I've confirmed this with numerous tests.

Under normal working conditions (due to the nature of my work, I often need to meet investors at kindergartens more than 8 km away from my home), I need to charge the bike every three days. That is to say - the actual range is 6.2 * 6 = 37.2km!

When I go to charge, the battery usually still has a bar of power left. I weigh 91kg, and it is no problem to achieve this distance!

State at full power.

Throughout my use of the bike, I've carried out a long-distance test of its maximum range, which I measured as 39km. The ride consumed almost all the power!

II. Wear

First, let's look at the rear wheel.

Under normal circumstances, two reasons will cause the rear wheel to wear more than the front wheel:

1. The bike is rear-wheel driven;

2. The rider sits towards the back.

The actual wear of the rear wheel is excellent. I've ridden 500km, and a lot of the little "spurs" of the tire are still intact.

As for the front wheel, it can be seen that even the wearing surface of the wheel has suffered relatively little wear.

In addition to wheel wear, the most severe wear usually occurs to the brake pads. This bike has disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.

I'm a very economical cyclist, and I try not to brake if I can. The wear seems pretty good (front and rear brake pads). The most important thing is that the brake pads were slightly deformed when I got them, and they were worn before they were straightened.

III. Transmission

Of the 500+ km covered, I've pedaled more than 50km with pure manpower. It is not because I ran out of power, but rather that I choose to use it as a bicycle when I think when I need to improve the strength in my legs.

Relying purely on manpower is undoubtedly not as efficient as a conventional mountain bike (let alone a road bike), but it is much more useful than an ordinary e-bike without power. The only downside is that you can't change gears. The wheel diameter is also small, which means it's challenging to get your speed up.

But then again, at the end of the day, you choose to pedal for the exercise.

The most critical part of the drive system is the chain. Its gears directly determine the conversion efficiency of the bike.

Here are the chain and chain wheel. Please ignore the spots of mud on the body.

I've never used chain oil on the bike as it's still in good condition.

IV. Rust

It has rained a lot since I started using the bike. The most likely place for rust to occur on this bike is to the nuts outside the two bearings.
Here is the state of the bearing in the middle of the body.

Look at the condition of the bearing at the front of the bike. The paintwork and anti-oxidation are perfect.

The only rust on the whole body is to the fixing screws under the saddle.

There is also a quick insert screw gasket for adjusting the height of the saddle, which may be pure iron, showing a little rust.

V. Scratches

At present, there are no noticeable scratches on the body. The only problem is at the front of the bike.

The scratches here are caused by the friction between the hook for the basket and the handlebars.

The overall body, although it has fallen over twice, has no apparent scratches.

Maybe it's related to my habits. Every time I drop the bike, I fall to the ground on the right side. Still, there are no scratches, so it's not too bad.

The main result of dropping it twice is that the keyguard has been distorted.

At that time, the key was smashed into an L-shape, which I straightened with pliers. I was worried about what I'd do if the key broke, but it turned out OK. Although it's a little crooked, it's still OK to use.

VI. Other information

I am quite satisfied as far as this bike is concerned. I'm happy with the appearance, price, weight, and range.

The only thing I'm not particularly satisfied with is the poor cushioning. This bike has little cushioning, and it's no different from an ordinary bicycle, so pay attention when you go over a pothole or speed bump.

If this is something you're concerned about, you can choose the FIIDO D2.

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