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Viomi V3 With Sterilization System is The Most Worth Buying Vacuum Cleaner For The Villa in 2020.

Viomi V3 With Sterilization System is The Most Worth Buying Vacuum Cleaner For The Villa in 2020.

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000 Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020

I probably have the most sweepers in the world. Let me count them. In the past ten years, I have started about 26 sweepers, including my own and my parents home.

I have every generation of Xiaomi sweeping machines.Of course, I also started the new flagship sweeper v3 series released by Xiaomi eco-chain brand Viomi this time. This time relative to previous products, both in appearance and performance and internal design Let me see the surprise, almost overthrow the redo.

Then let's sort out some of the more obvious features after the upgrade:

1. The strongest suction power of 2600PA: more powerful suction power to clean a larger area, up to 250 square meters

2. Virus Killer sterilization system: capable of killing 99% of viruses and bacteria, easily respond to the current health crisis

3. Brand new S / Y mopping mode: deep cleaning without leaving dead corners

4. The micro-precision electronically controlled water tank accurately controls the amount of water: even water will not leak

5. Newly designed laser head: more accurate map

6. Multi-storey map storage and automatic recognition: it is enough to buy one for your multi-storey villa.


There is not much to say about unpacking, but in order to help new friends understand this flagship machine, we simply unpack it.

Simple natural packaging, dustproof cover when unpacking.

I have a soft spot for black sweepers. Although there are many white ones in the house, black is obviously more expensive.

The size of Viomi V3 is not very big, but it is even stuffed into a 550ml electronically controlled water tank, which shows that the internal space utilization rate is very high.

There is only one commonly used functional button on the top of the sweeper. The rest of the settings such as timed cleaning are done on the APP side.

The design of the protective cover of the laser head allows it to automatically get out of the trapped state when it is hit or squeezed, to prevent itself from being stuck.

Viomi V3's wall sensor is still as stable as ever, and the distance along the wall is also very well controlled. It will not be stuck on the wall or leave too much distance, affecting the cleaning of the side seam.

Open the lid to see my favorite large-capacity dust box. The dust box volume of 550ml can be swept continuously for several days without dumping garbage.

As for the side brush, removable dust brush, dust brush cover, these consumables are universal, cheap, and there are many alternatives. Do not worry that the consumables are too expensive to use, and you do n’t have to worry about not buying accessories in the future. 

It is the convenience brought to us by purchasing a professional brand sweeper.

The brand new Japanese Nidec fan can also be seen from the drive circuit to be different from the previous fan.

The main dust brush drive mechanism is followed by a reduction gear. Since V2, Viomi has been working on the optimization of gears, which has greatly reduced the noise of dust brushes.

With the addition of an electronically controlled water tank, the humidity of the mop becomes controllable. After sweeping the entire house the first time, Viomi V3 will automatically create a map and give it an automatic partition.

In addition, you can also choose the cleaning force used in each room on the map, and even the amount of floor water! The amount of mopping water from closing to the maximum, there are a total of 3 levels of adjustment, to meet the needs of mopping different floors.

I have some books and photographic equipment at home like me, and the small room where I store these items does not want to bring high air humidity due to wet drag, which will affect the equipment.

Using the Viomi V3 sweeper, I will choose to sweep the floor separately, or choose the mode with the lowest water output to mop the floor.

2600Pa super strong suction

You know, for a sweeper, even if other functions are dazzling, if the basic cleaning ability is not good, it is basically a death sentence.

The suction power of the previous generation of Viomi sweeping robot V2 Pro is 2150Pa, which is already better than the 2000Pa of Roborock S5 MAX and Roborock S6. The upgraded V3 has a super suction power of 2600Pa, making it one of the most powerful sweepers on the market.

Officials claim that V3 can easily remove soy beans. I can hardly imagine the scene of soy beans falling on the floor at home, but it ’s interesting that once my cat pulled a peanut-sized shit in the corner of the living room, Viomi V3 actually took it Clean it up!

In addition, Viomi V3 is equipped with a Samsung lithium battery of 4900mAh, which can last 150min under normal circumstances, which means that it can clean a space of about 250 square meters with a single charge.

In other words, if you live in a single apartment of about 50 square meters, you only need to charge it once a week. Even a multi-storey villa that lives like me can clean the entire room with a single charge.

Virus Killer sterilization system gives me a sense of security

My God, since the new crown pneumonia broke out in the city I live in, I have become a suspicious person.

Even if I use a UV disinfection lamp to disinfect every room every day, I still worry that the virus in the sole of the shoe will be brought to the floor after I go out, or even get on the paw of the cat.

Fortunately, Viomi V3 saved me.

According to the official introduction, the use of disposable mop with added fungicide, combined with the use of the sweeper, can absorb and kill 99% of the tiny germs in the room. At the same time, the sweeper also contains a HEPA filter with added silver and copper ions, so that the exhaust gas is fresh and sterile, and the official claims that it can achieve the effect of an air purifier.

At first, I only used it as a kind of advertising, but I didn't expect them to obtain the FDA's international certification.

Of course, I can't actually test whether its sterilization rate has reached 99%, can it kill the coronavirus, but at least, I use it to clean the floor once after returning home, which will make me feel at ease.

Tips: Buying Viomi V3 will come with 5 disposable sterilization mop, if you continue to use it, you need to purchase separately.

Y-shaped mopping function, truly liberating hands

Before that, I thought that the mopping function of the sweeping machine was just a marketing gimmick, and it was indeed the case in actual use. When the sweeping machine mopped the floor, it was like a child scribbling on the ground with a rag.

But Viomi V3 has made a big difference. It has two mopping modes:

Type S: Like other sweepers, the cleaning speed is fast, but not thorough enough.

Type Y: When simulating manual mopping the floor, the mop is sent out and then retracted, and the floor is wiped back and forth in two directions for more thorough cleaning.

I usually choose the Y type when cleaning the living room, and the S type when cleaning the study room.

Of course, each type can be used with the water output of different gears, which is very smart.

Easy to use regular cleaning function:

Viomi V3 can be customized to clean a certain room regularly, and now it is possible to adjust the amount of water used for cleaning.

Even family members living together have different daily rest and rest times.

I usually get up at 7:30 in the morning, and before getting up, at 6 o'clock, I first let Viomi V3 clean the storage room with medium force and zero water volume, and clean the living room with quiet mode and medium water volume. Clean my room at 8 o'clock with low water and medium suction. Until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the remaining area was cleaned with moderate water.

One day's work schedule, the cleaning function that can only be realized manually is complicated. After one setting, the cleaning of the sweeper can not disturb anyone, and it can also complete the task excellently.

Smart map brings more details:

For other sweepers, continuous sweeping requires the battery to be fully charged to 80% before it starts.

Although most households rarely use the continuous sweep function when using a sweeper with a large-capacity battery, you may feel that this function is not easy to use. Because the cleaning + charging + continuous scanning, the entire process actually takes more than 4 hours to complete the cleaning.

Viomi V3 has been optimized in this regard, it will predict the amount of power required for the remaining cleaning area, and the charge will be started immediately when it is sufficient to clean. Very smart.

Real villa sweeper:

Thanks to the new laser head and new algorithm, Viomi V3 will automatically distinguish and compare the previously recorded room information after being moved, understand its own location, call up the corresponding map, and then start cleaning.

I used to comment on what floor sweeper I would buy for a multi-storey house, either buy two, one on each floor, or buy this tailored, smarter Viomi V3, which is built for your large and layered units of.

Write at the end:

After so many years, the Viomi sweeper finally ushered in a major update. Although it came later, all functions are more mature and easier to use. A new cleaning algorithm, a new cleaning map with separate water volume adjustment, a precision constant pressure water tank, and a huge suction power of 2600Pa. Of course, there is also a sterilization function that makes everyone's heart beat.

If you want a better sweeping and towing machine, if your family has a very different schedule, if you live in a villa, if you want a reliable high-quality sweeper, if you are everywhere in the room Concerned about the bacteria and viruses.

In 2020, Viomi V3 is a suitable choice.

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000

Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020

Pre-sale VIOMI V3 LDS Laser Navigation Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Virus Killer System



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