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[COUPON Included] What Does a GPS Bike Meter Mean for? Why Do You Need a GPS Bike Meter?

[COUPON Included] What Does a GPS Bike Meter Mean for? Why Do You Need a GPS Bike Meter?

A GPS Bike Meter helps you to track your position, guides you when lost on high-terrains, and provides accurate details on speed, distance, and duration while cycling

They record your details and provide you with data which can be uploaded and analyzed for further improvement. 

Yes, you can do all of these with a smartphone device. But smartphones can only do so much. Not all smartphones are water-resistant and have a longer battery life as compared to GPS Bike Meter. GPS bike meter offers you better visibility, longer battery life, water-resistance, and convenience at affordable prices. 

Irreplaceable Superiority

Cycling Computer GPS Bike Meter comes with a 1.6-inch monochrome display that allowing the rider to see details on the screen even in sunlight without any difficulties. The device comes with a high-precision GPS chip providing accurate data about the location. 

Using the bike meter, you can keep track of speed, distance, cycling time, distance, mileage, and much more. You can even record the data about your riding history and analyze it afterward by uploading onto your system. 

The device is made from ABS material, thus making it more durable. It comes with an IPX6 rating, which means that the bike meter is water-resistant. You can make use of the bike meter even during rainy days. Just wipe it off when your journey is finished. 

You can mount the device easily on the handle of your big, which will not create any hindrance during your ride. It is relatively easy to install and read data on the big screen. And all of these are for great affordable pricing of $27.41. 

Design Highlights

The bike meter has a screen display of 1.6-inch monochrome display, which ensures that the data can be easily read, even during bright sunlight. 

There is a built-in battery of 400 mAh that is rechargeable by using a USB cable. It only weighs 70 grams, which means it is exceptionally light and portable. You can mount the device on the bike handle, which will not create any hindrance with your riding experience. 

At the same time, the device can provide you with details about distance covered, time, and altitude. 


The GPS bike meter can be used for your cross-country cycling, mountain cycling, road bikes, touring bicycles, and fixed-gear bicycles

If you are traveling to an unknown place, and need assistance with locations, put the GPS bike meter on and start exploring new places. It is an excellent device for people who love exploring new cities and place on their own. 

This device is also suitable for biking professionals who want to analyze their cycling data, including speed, time, and distance covered. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable GPS bike meter, this device is an excellent option for you which is currently available on sale at Gearbest

It is waterproof and offers accurate data about your speed, distance, and time covered while riding a bicycle. Check it out before the sale ends.

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