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Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition Unboxing and Review: Is It Worth to Use?

Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition Unboxing and Review: Is It Worth to Use?

Well, this post is all about uncovering those secrets. In this review article, we will be sharing our experience of after unboxing the Youth edition of Mijia projector. And, its detailed review that might be of interest to you and help you to know about the qualities of the product!


The Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition that belongs to Xiaomi Mijia Projector family is based on a light and compact body structure. It is easy to handle hardware. It can help even a child to carry the device easily from one place to another, as a plus point on the level of convenience that it is offering.

Youth mostly live an active life and generally likes to travel regularly. So, Xiaomi has understood this very well and taken good care to design the product of a portable nature that is easier for anyone to carry it on the go!

It is good to see all the corners are designed with rounded edges, pretty safe to use and doesn’t feel harsh on hands. By the way, Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition is designed with dual-tone colors, i.e. white and black, that looks simple and sober. Hence, it can be used at office tables or in homes to add to the beauty and one's personality.

There is a user manual to understand everything about the product. But nobody wants to waste minutes in reading it to wait for doing some hands-on with the projector! Technically there are many benefits of having a look at the guide helpful for the well-being and long life of the product!

In addition to the Xiaomi Youth Edition projector, the company is supplying a Bluetooth remote controller, batteries, and a power adapter. So, everything is available in the package, and you just need to open the box and start thrill with the product!

We always look and expect neat and clean design from the lineup of Mijia projectors. No big logo, not any other text or tagline related to the brand! After all, white color is the mark of peace and looks soothing to our eyes as always!


As per the construction is concerned the overall dimensions of Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition are 115 mm x 150 mm x 150mm. The outer body has been formed using some hard plastic material with a white finish on top of it.

At the front black cloth-like material has been used along with a big lens located at the top right corner. Also, there lies a small camera hidden inside to work for automatic trapezoidal correction or autofocus features.

At the backside, the manufacturers have provided with a great set of ventilation holes at the top portion. Also, right at the bottom, there are some useful interface ports. So, a user can take advantage of connecting other gadgets with Xiaomi Mijia Youth edition projection device using such ports.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition includes a standard HDMI out port, a USB-A mother port, a 3.5 mm jack for audio out, and a jack for power input. Thus, we can say the physical connections with wireless connectivity is enough for most users in the current scenario!

The top surface of the Xiaomi Youth Edition projector has a power button. It is offering much ease for switching the machine On/Off. Nothing is there on sides, but on the bottom surface other than solid pads at four corners there is a brand labelling. Also, to enhance the usability of youth Mijia projection machine, four screw holes have been provided at its bottom surface. Hence, a user can easily connect scaffold to the device.

Towards the downside, in this department, we can say the power adapter is a bit bulky at the head part. It would be good if the charging cable would be more than only 1.5 meters. So, it might not meet the expectations of many of its users, especially youths for whom convenience is the priority!


In this department, we cannot expect much from the Youth edition of Xiaomi Mijia. After all, it is just an entry-level projector that is available at an economical price range. But after comparing it with other counterparts, available in the market at the same budget, we need to check what all it has to offer for its users!

You might have the desire to know the actual model number of projector that we are reviewing. Now, it is the right time to uncover the secret, and it is MJGTYDS02FM. Xiaomi has provided a wholly enclosed lens having automatic focus functionality on it. It can effectively enhance the overall life of the optical machine.

If we discuss the sound, then Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition has offered an integrated loudspeaker. The best part is the acoustics of the system has been fined tuned by Dolby. It is good news for music loves or better to say music fanatics. It can manage well to produce decent bass effects.

A user can easily connect smartphones with the Xiaomi Mijia Youth Edition projector. Also, the device is compatible with dynamic image HDR10. One can also enjoy the 3D imaging with active shutter effect possible using supportable 3D glasses.


It supports vertical trapezoidal correction function. The power consumption of the Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition is the same as what we can expect from any LED projector. It needs a 19V DC input. The hardware is including a 0.33 inches DMD image chip designed by Texas Instruments. Mijia youth edition supports to display multimedia with 1920x1080p resolution or say Full HD.

Not limited to this, it is also capable of projecting multimedia with 4K resolution at 10 bit H.265 @ 60 fps. The projector supports almost all standard multimedia formats.

It is capable of projecting a display screen of size ranging from 40 inches to 200 inches in diagonal length. Also, it supports a projection ratio of 1.2 with fixed focus functionality in its lens. The device supports 2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi signal.

The projector runs on Mali-T830 GPU, and Amlogic's T968-H 4-core A53 CPU, with a 28-nanometer process. As per the primary memory capacity of the hardware, it has 2GB DDR3. For secondary storage, there is a high-speed eMMC flash memory of 8GB. As expected, it has got Mijia’s MIUI TV as the user interface.


After first boot up, Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition shows standard guide steps that can help a newbie to start using the system without any hassle. No need for tedious debugging operation and the different functions works well. Initially, you need to set up the Wi-Fi network and remote controller. Also, you can create a Mijia account that might take some of your minutes, but it is good to have one.

One can use the convenience of having an automatic focusing function on the Xiaomi Mijia Youth Edition projector. Just give it a vigorous shake to automatically start and re-invoke focusing function. To aid while projecting on an inclined angle, it can instantly correct the image to rectangular from trapezoidal.

Again to remember, the correction works only for up and down directions. There is no function to adjust the projection angle of the device. If anyone wants to change or adapt the projection elevation need to use some tricks to provide necessary cushioning. It might be a bit disappointing for some of its users.

The user interface that is known as millet TV is actually MIUI TV operating system in a new form! A user can give voice commands to the device, to ask the projector to perform various tasks. It includes adjusting the parameters, to check the current weather condition further information about the same, and much more.

Performance of the Product

No doubt, Mijia youth edition has much power to impress its consumers in the performance department. How? Well, there are many reasons for the same! Being from the Xiaomi family, it does not disappoints its users in overall performance.

The UI responds well with other inbuilt operations. It works in a way that does not disturb the experience of the user, especially youths. As specified earlier, the device supports 4K resolution, but it looks well only in dark environment condition.

However, if we consider the visuals of Full HD content, then they look pleasant to our eyes even in moderate surrounding lights. The scenario is the same to experience in the daytime with window curtains closed.

The Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition is made to work well for both personal and professional needs. The reason is the truth that it can reproduce natural images with 1080p resolution. Not any distortion on symmetrical and straight grid display lines.

A wider, higher, and brighter range of colors are available to be displayed on the projector due to the HDR10 video decoding feature. The machine works well to project dark colors well, especially to feel viewing pure black without any loss in the details.

One can experience real brightness and adjust the gamut and contrast of the picture to produce some fantastic visuals. It is easy to tune the color to enhance the display effect of the output projection. It works well with high contract multimedia content like animations.

The maximum supportable brightness of the Xiaomi Mijia Youth Edition projector is 500 ANSI lumens. One can definitely enjoy watching the display output projected from it at both indoor and outdoor conditions at night. The ambience should be with moderate lights.


- Mijia youth edition is a portable and simple in use projection machine.
- The device includes the relative eye protection feature helpful to the eyes of myopic people, children, and pregnant women.
- Due to LED technology and compact nature, the device consumes less power.
- It is durable in use and includes not an easy to damage light source.
- A great mix of comprehensive functions with craftsmanship from Xiaomi.
- Supports vertical trapezoidal correction and quick automatic focusing.
- One can use 3D glasses to enjoy realizing 3D content on a large display output.
- Bluetooth enabled remote controller.
- Easy to use, pretty simple user interface with an instant “Xiao Ai” voice assistant.

A well-managed internal cooling system of the projector. It is due to fans that work on scene frequency conversion technology. So, it can be used for long hours without unbearable heating effects.

DTS and Dolby decoding with dual-channel virtual stereo to produce significant sound effects.

Xiaomi Mijia Mini 1080P Portable Projector (Youth Edition)



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