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No Better Compressor Fridge At This Price Point! Alfawise B15 Car Refrigerator Cools The Summer Down!

No Better Compressor Fridge At This Price Point! Alfawise B15 Car Refrigerator Cools The Summer Down!

Hello bro, have you ever tried to drive thousands of miles away to visit somebody or just for a road trip? Summer season is perfect for a road trip, but there's always a problem -

It's so hot, and you want something to keep some snacks and drinks cold along the way, as we know, it's hard to get ice on your deserted way, and it would take a long time to get the drinks chill with ices.

So, a car fridge is an excellent choice for a summer road trip.

As someone hard to make decisions, I spent too much of time on selecting the best yet cost-effective one, and finally, I chose the Alfawise B15 Car Refrigerator

I was suspicious about it being new on the market and its low price. As I said before, I have researched most of the car coolers. There is no better compressor fridge at this price point.

Why I recommend it to you:

Only $185.99, less than 1/2 the price of the competition (the same kinds of car fridges require more than $300)

♥ Powered under 45W, extremely energy-saving

♥ Built-in DC inverter compressor for both home and car use

♥ Quick freezing within half an hour

♥ -20°C to 20°C temperature control for refrigeration and freezing

♥ 15L capacity, enough storage space for drinks or snacks


What can it be used to cool:

☛ Drinks

I use it mainly for cooling the cola, water, and beer, so than I could refresh my mind after long driving.

☛ Snacks and fruits

I tested it with 8 large apples. At first, they were at 18°C, and in less than 20 minutes, the temperature dropped to my setting temperature 2°C.

☛ Raw food

It's great for a picnic or camping. I once stored some beef, chicken, and fish in, and they remained fresh after a few hours in the car.

☛ Breast milk

If you take your wife and your baby on a trip, you might need to store the human milk at -18°C, which is the better temperature to keep the milk fresh.

Other features that I was impressed at:

1. APP control, it's very convenient for me.

2. Low noise, you can't feel it's working when it's working.

3. It comes with a cigarette lighter plug and AC plug, meaning that I can use the fridge not just in the car, also in my house, office or any other places.

4. An anti-leakage inner tank that keeps it tightly sealed, maintaining the internal temperature while protecting food from accidental spills.

Important note:

If you don't pay attention to the manual, you may miss this rule and have some problems in using this fridge.

It takes more than 6 hours to plug in the fridge, the same as a household refrigerator. It needs a period to have a rest, because it may lead to problems such as the inverted flow of liquid, such as oil after the long and bumpy transportation. 

You better let it sit still for more than 6 hours to extend the life of the refrigerator. And I kept it still for 9 hours before I plugged it in. 

FAQs (some research results online):

1. Is this a true compressor refrigerator, and what is the current draw (amps) at 12 volts?

For anyone interested in the current draw, I ran a test over 24 hours with a wattmeter. The ambient temp was about 21°C (68 F), and the refrigerator was set to 0 C (32 F). In the 24 hours, I opened the unit about 6 times to measure the temperate of items inside with a non-contact thermometer. The temperature of items maintained at about 3-4°C. The current draw was just over 12 amps over the 24 hours. This gives an average draw of about 5 amps/hr. It will be higher if the ambient temps are higher of the temp of the unit is lowered.

2. Can it freeze?

Sure, I've got the cooler to -6°C, and it can be down to - 20°C.

3. Does the unit smell?

Yes, there is a plastic or tobacco kind of smell during first use. But this goes away eventually.


Alfawise B15 Car Refrigerator is your perfect companion for weekend getaways to the beach, camping or for those long summer road trips with the family.

You can save money and avoid a mess by not having to buy ice when traveling. Stop on your trip for a cold drink? Nope, you don't have to do that. 

The refrigerator goes to a temperature of 20°C so your food will stay fresh. The fridge can fit 20 tins of cola or 10 bottles of water with its 15L capacity. It's also great during food shopping, to keep perishables properly cooled for the ride home.

Whether you're enjoying a mild spring or suffering through a blistering summer, the Alfawise B15 Car Refrigerator chills and preserves your food and beverages when you're on the road. 

Are you ready to enjoy drinks at any time? 

Alfawise B15 car refrigerator cools the summer down.

Alfawise B15 15L Smart Portable Car Freezer / Fridge Refrigerator



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