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Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV Box Is What You Can Depend On

Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV Box Is What You Can Depend On

Life took a new phase for me just after I graduated from college. I got a new job in an abroad country. I was pretty nervous as this country is the place where many people move to fulfill their dreams. 

There are many challenges that one has to face while moving to a new country. And one of the biggest challenges is to make friends. 

Now it is very difficult to have friends where you don't know anyone. Things become a bit awkward and hence we mostly stay indoors. The same thing happened to me. I moved to this new country and I had no idea how to get things started. 

But then again, there was this one thing that has saved me from since I moved to a new country and it also helped me make some new friends.

But before that, once I got graduated, one of the friends gifted me the Xiaomi Mi Box S which has inbuilt Google assistant. 

I was very much glad that I received this gift as I always wanted one. 

But then, I did not have time to actually unbox it. Now after I moved to this new country, I unboxed it and started using it. And to summarise in one sentence, I just love this thing. This has been my prime source of entertainment and also, this helps me to actually deal with loneliness.

Now coming to the features of this thing, just when I opened it, I got a premium feel and design. This thing can support and make any TV into a smart TV. 

It has all the entertainment for an individual or a group to enjoy. And the best part was that this thing has a remote available with it with which I can actually activate Google Assistant and also Netflix. 

After I searched about this on the Internet, I came to know that this is a great value for money device. It can stream full HD videos perfectly without any problem. 

I have been using this for one month now and I have to say, I am pretty much impressed. To start off, the amount of entertainment that you get from this is outstanding. This has all the major entertainment websites such as Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime and a lot more. It has a user interface which is easy to use and understand. 

The next thing that I would like to talk about will be remote. The remote is brand new and it has a great build quality to it. This is a great thing when it comes to practicality as I can just sit on my couch and use this remote to browse through all the entertainment that I need. Life seriously became good for me as I struggled to make friends here.

But then, I even got to make friends. I invited a few of my office's employees to my house. Immediately they noticed this and asked me what the brand of this TV box was. They were impressed to see that I had such an interesting device with me and also, we started to talk about various stuffs and we also saw various TV shows together at my apartment. 

And all thanks to this TV box, I am no more lonely here. This thing has a great Wi-Fi connection and so there is no problem to stream any kind of movie or video. It can play everything in high quality and so, watching anything on this is a pleasure.

There is 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage which is more than enough for anyone and everyone. So to say the least, this thing has everything in a small and budget-friendly package which will give anyone the freedom to watch and enjoy whatever they like. You will get frequent updates which will only improve the quality of this thing. 

And also, there are so many applications on the Play Store right now which you can easily download through this TV box and enjoy. It will select the best and the optimized applications for your TV, so that it will work the best with it.

In conclusion, anyone who wants to have premium entertainment without spending a lot of money should surely go for this as this the best option available out there.  

Xiaomi Mi Box S with Google Assistant Remote Official International Version



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