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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro Global Launch: Things You Didn’t Know About the World’s First 108MP Penta Camera!

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro Global Launch: Things You Didn’t Know About the World’s First 108MP Penta Camera!

On November 5, Xiaomi officially released three new flagships in China: 

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 108MP Camera phone, which scores No.1 in the DXOMARK mobile camera. 

Xiaomi Mi Watch, a true-meaning smartwatch. 

Xiaomi Mi TV 5, high-end ultra-thin full-screen TV. 

Again, on November 6, Xiaomi launched the global version of the Mi CC9 Pro series aka the Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro (Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition) in Madrid, Spain.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro), the world’s first 108MP Penta camera, is regarded as a milestone in Xiaomi’s image exploration. Why?

First of all, Mi Note 10 is equipped with the epic Penta camera: 108MP, 5 camera, dual flash plus dual soft lights, 10x hybrid zoom, dual OIS, top scorer of the DXOMARK mobile camera.

Meanwhile, Mi Note 10 is also a high-end Arc display featured flagship: FHD + AMOLED dual arc display, 5260mAh large battery, 30W fast charge, all-new thinner in-screen fingerprint sensor and so on. 

Okay, you might have read too much these kinds of information. But, does anyone really know what’s different with the world’s first 108MP Penta camera Mi Note 10?

Here comes the most comprehensive article about Xiaomi Mi Note 10. It takes 4 minutes to read this article. If you’re in a hurry, have some “tapas (appetizers)” first.

Now, are you ready to know the details you didn’t know about this new Xiaomi flagship? Let’s move on.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro) vs. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro (Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition)

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro: the World’s first 108MP Penta camera with 8P lens

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: the World’s first 108MP Penta camera with 7P lens

Unmatched SteadyVideo performance! 

Top scorer of DXOMARK mobile camera. 

Shoot like a Pro in all scenarios. 

As we know, DXOMARK is an independent image ranking platform that focuses on cameras, lenses and mobile phones. It is recognized as the most stringent image testing standard in the world, and all the world’s top camera phones strive for a seat in DXOMARK. 

With an overall score of 121, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro (Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition) reached the highest score on the list of mobiles. Impressively, Mi Note 10 Pro’s Video score of 102 is the highest in the DXOMARK history, and its texture score of 84 also shows the amazing mobile camera resolution. 

As Xiaomi’s first flagship with 10x hybrid zoom, Mi Note 10 Pro also wins a good score of 109, which is 18-score more than Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

108 million pixel.

1/1.33-inch super sensor of mobile phone. 

Stunning image quality with 100 million details. 

So, what’s different with Xiaomi Mi Note 10 series that feature 108MP camera?

Can you imagine an image with 108MP? I dare say, if you open a 100-megapixel photo for the first time, you'll find it fabulous, such as these Swiss landscapes. 

It’s just the 3% of the original picture. A snowy mountain appears clearly. 

Moving down, you can see the houses in the town. 

Please notice: on the left of the stream, the passers-by and sheepdogs are vaguely visible in the shadow of trees. 

Now, let's present 100% of the original picture, it turns out that all the clear details we see are just a small part of a 108MP picture. It’s amazing that a mobile picture unexpectedly contains so many details and stories! 

Next, let's take a look at the 108-megapixel portrait shot on Mi Note 10 (Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro). 

After magnifying the picture, you can see not only the silhouette of photographer in this man’s eyes, but also the blue sky outside the window. 

Why the 108MP can bring such an outstanding image? Equipped with 1.33inch super-large mobile photosensitive components, all-series standard 7P lens(Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has 8P lens) and dual OIS, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 provides the better picture quality for us and also takes the mobile image to the next level.

10x hybrid zoom "No Place That Far" 

Up to 50 times digital zoom. 

Take a picture of 1000 meters away. 

What does the 10x zoom mean? It’s like adding binoculars to a mobile phone. The long range telephoto of Mi Note 10 deserves a romantic name: THE ENDS OF THE EARTH or NO PLACE THAT FAR. 

Personally, I prefer the latter. From macro to long focus, Mi Note 10 provides a full focus coverage, you can take a full-length shot and know that NO PLACE THAT FAR. 

Let's see how far it can capture: 

This shot is taken in a panorama of a rooftop in Chicago. Look, what's on the distant street? Let’s zoom 1 time, zoom 2 times, zoom 10 times, gradually zoom far away from the camera, you will see there was a train entering the station at the end of the street. 

If you look in detail, you can also see the "Self Park" sign next to the station. What fancy! With its super 10x hybrid zoom, Mi Note 10 enables us to find a self-help parking lot 1000 meters away!

I bet you’ve never seen such epic-level details before on a mobile phone.

This powerful zoom ability is achieved by four optical zoom lenses. Mi Note 10 has one more lens with 2 times(50mm) zoom than the other hybrid optical zoom phones, so it gives us a more natural zoom effect. 

Moreover, both the 108MP primary camera and ultra-long-range telephoto lenses support OIS, which is comparable to the effects of professional zoom lenses. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 makes the zoom clearer than before. 

50mm equivalent "Beauty Mirror" 

1.4μm large pixel. 

A pro camera-level portrait lens. 

This 12MP telephoto portrait lens should be considered as the Beauty Mirror.

Such a lens with the specifications of 50mm focal length, 1.4μm large pixel and dual PD, is best for natural-looking portraits. You can shoot epic portraits with this lens and that’s the reason why it’s named as “Beauty Mirror". 

How beautiful is the portraits taken by Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro)? Look down:

As you can see, supple hair, dense eyelash, sweater fuzz... all the clear details are taken as the greater film negatives. These portraits from Mi Note 10 create the super texture of the whole picture, its gradually blur background also appears more natural than the portraits on the other mobiles.

You don’t have to worry about shooting against the light, capture the sunlight through the hair, but also freeze a bright face. Imagine when you have such a powerful portrait lens, shooting like a pro is just a piece of cake. 

Penta(Five) camera! 

Pro-grade flexibility for all scenarios. 

One picture, five kinds of fun stories. 

Here we go to the Mi Note 10’s highlight - Penta camera.

Penta camera means that Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has five rear cameras, 10x hybrid zoom long-range telephoto lens, classic portrait telephoto lens, 108MP primary camera, ultra-wide-angle lens, and super macro lens. 

With these five cameras, you can use Mi Note 10 to create different style stories from only one scene.

Shoot super Night Scene in RAW.

Easier to light up the dark in low-light conditions.

Take a clear picture even in the over-bright light. 

RAW is a minimally processed format. “Minimal Processing” means less decisions made on the fly and less information thrown away when an image is taken. This gives photographers the level of control similar to working with film negatives, except with greater and more dynamic control, as RAW is digital. Depending on the camera, RAW files literally capture a larger range of color, and provide minimal in-camera processing, allowing for photographers to later condense image information as they see fit later, rather than the camera sees fit in the moment of shooting. 
RAW is more of a simple record of light traveling through the lens, the way a negative is a record of the light that hit it as the aperture opened. While it is rendered in pixels, those pixels have much more “behind the scenes” information than you might think looking at that RAW image in your digital SLR display.

In order to take a splendid night shot, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Mi CC9 Pro) spends quite enough on both its hardware and software. Its 1/1.33-inch super sensor and 1.6μm large pixels empower Mi Note 10 a more natural night shot. 

Thanks to its dual OIS, Mi Note 10 greatly reduce the ghosting when you use Night mode to shoot moving subjects.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 uses the all-new algorithm with the RAW (ISP original information) for night scene processing, so as to achieve higher accuracy. It’s obvious to see the great improvement of a shot in RAW: more details in the low-light conditions, but accurate(not too much) exposures in the over-bright light. 

Mi Note 10 takes a good tradeoff between detail preservation and noise reduction.

Now let’s look at these photos and see how Mi Note 10 takes its magic night shot.

Zoom, zoom, zoom...what an epically- textured picture with clear neon words far away. 

As you might know, it’s a dream ability of humankind to take a clear picture of neon lights! 

In addition to the penta camera on the back, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 also features a 32MP front camera, you can take a clear and texture selfie in the low-light conditions! 

Surprisingly, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has far more than the above features. Its AI portrait selfies, AI Beauty, Mimoji, Panorama selfie, AI scene detection, AI face unlock, palm shutter and other features, will definitely give you a super-advanced selfie experience.

These are all about the camera of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (aka Mi CC9 Pro).

- 108MP 

- Penta(five) camera

- Dual flash + dual soft light

- 10x hybrid zoom

- Dual OIS

- Super portrait lens

- 20MP ultra wide angle lens

- Super macro lens

- Super night shot 2.0

It is no exaggeration to say, the imaging system of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro sets a new milestone of Xiaomi Mi mobiles. 

An immersive "Arc Display". 

Gorgeous look and excellent hand feel.

Frankly speaking, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with 108MP and 5260mAh battery is not designed to be extremely lightweight, but it doesn't sacrifice its excellent hand feel. Because the designer of Xiaomi Mi Note 10 uses two "unconventional means".

1. Immersive 6.47inch arc FHD + AMOLED display

Adopting such a display design, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 provides a beautiful bending curve, which is ergonomically designed for a more stunning screen and a comfortable grip. 

With a 6.47-inch size and a very narrow bottom edge of the 3.43mm, Mi Note 10 has the "minimum chin” in all the current Xiaomi smartphones. 

2. 3D curved glass back cover

With 3D curved glass front and back, Mi Note 10 is sleek with rounded corners and tapered edges. Such a design makes Mi Note 10 fit perfectly with your palm and give you an excellent hand feel. 

When it comes to the color design, Mi Note 10 highlights a gradient look in optional Aurora Green, Glacier White and Midnight Black.

Turn the mobile phone around, the color presents rich changes. 

5260mAh fast rechargeable battery. 

30W fast charge. 

The answer to the secret of "30 > 40".

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 uses a 5260mAh fast-charging battery, it has lower internal resistance and higher efficiency, which makes it enough to use for a whole day. 

Additionally, Mi Note 10 is fully equipped with a standard 30W fast charger, it is compatible with the PD protocol so that you can charge the notebook computers that support the PD protocol. 

Compare to the 40W fast charge, 30W fast charge seems a bit “out of date”. But surprisingly, the 30W fast charger of Mi Note 10 adopts a improved charging structure. 

Maybe the power seems small, but it can recharge the 5260mAh large-capacity battery to 100% in just 65 minutes. It’s faster than recharging the Huawei Mate 30 Pro of the 4500mAh battery in 40W fast charge! 

In terms of processors, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 carries a CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, which is the strongest chip in Qualcomm 7 series. 

Using the 8nm processing technology and the fourth generation of Kryo CPU that is in line with Snapdragon 855, along with Qualcomm fourth generation AI engine, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a more powerful AI algorithm, which is twice as powerful as the previous generation, so it is easy for you to play your favorite mobile games on Mi Note 10. 

Unlocks in snap.

All-new in-screen fingerprint sensor.

88% thinner sensor, larger fingerprint area.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 adopts the all-new in-screen optical fingerprint sensor. With the fingerprint sensor inserted directly between the battery and the screen, Mi Note 10 cuts the thickness of the fingerprint sensor down to 0.3mm, which is only about 1/10 of the fingerprint unlock module from Huawei flagships. 

What’s different with such a thinner sensor? It means you gain a larger fingerprint area, so you can unlock your mobile phone in snap.

In addition, the equipment of microlens and microcollimator also enables the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 to give you a reliable unlocking. 

For the sound performance, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is Hi-Res Audio certificated. It adopts the design of 1216 ultra-linear speakers and 1cc equivalent super cavity, which delivers a sound twice as larger as the previous generation. 

Moreover, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is also equipped with many practical features such as multifunctional NFC, infrared remote control, 3.5mm audio jack, MIUI 11 system and so on. 

World’s first 108MP Penta camera.

Top scorer of DXOMARK mobile.

Mi Note 10 Global Launch at Gearbest from November 6th.

If you don't know what to buy for double 11, you might start with Xiaomi Mi Note 10 as a gift to yourself. 

Mi Note 10 starts from $609.99, but you can also beat the price down with a surprising coupon.

Go to Xiaomi venue now to win an unbeatable coupon hidden in the treasure box.

That’s all.

If you still want to know more about Xiaomi’s new flagship - Mi Note 10 series, take a look at the picture as below.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro) 108MP Penta Camera Phone Global Version



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