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Pet Owners, Look! Here’s A Water Dispenser For Your Fur Baby From Mi Crowndfunding

Pet Owners, Look! Here’s A Water Dispenser For Your Fur Baby From Mi Crowndfunding

Most people keep cats, dogs or other pets, and treat them as family members. So do you. 

You want to provide the best foods and pet supplies for your fur babies as possible.

On Xiaomi youpin, multiple kinds of pet supplies are available for you, such as the positioning necklace, cat food, cat litter, and so on. 

As animals can’t live without water, you probably need a water dispenser for your sweeties.

The water dispenser uses flowing water and a four-layer filtration system. 

It also provides five protections for the ultimate safety of your pets.

The device measures 19 x 19 x 17.4cm, with an innovative waterway loop to keep the water dynamic and increase the oxygen content. 

Thus, the water remains fresh and tasty.

Like the stream, the water surface is wide enough. 

The water is running, as if in nature, so pets will be excited and more willing to drink.

Its capacity is up to 2 liters. The four-layer filtration system filters impurities in the water non-stop. 

Tiny particles, hair, residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, etc. can be removed to fully soften and purify the water.

Five protections ensure the safety, including the separation of water and electricity, hidden electrical circuit, smart shutdown, anti-burning function. 

It supports 5V 0.5A power input, which means it only consumes around 1kWh electricity within 10 days. 

The water dispenser is so power-saving! 

Water is closely associated with our health. 

Get such a water dispenser for taking good care of your fur babies!

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Creative Simple Pet Water Dispenser from Xiaomi Youpin



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