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Oclean: Consumers Deserve Better Electric Toothbrushes at Lower Prices

Oclean: Consumers Deserve Better Electric Toothbrushes at Lower Prices

In the global economic downturn, whether a significant turnover can be achieved in a short period has become an essential criterion for evaluating entrepreneurship projects.

Liu Shurun's third entrepreneurship project is full of emotion. He not only wanted to expand his business but also wanted to build a world-class brand.

If it weren't for his ideals, Liu Shurun wouldn't have reached the front line of entrepreneurship.

In 1999, Liu Shurun created a brand that became popular in China, RAMOS MP3, starting from a manufacturer shop.

At that time, the market for MP3 was big, and the competition was fierce. And RAMOS, on the other hand, successfully occupied the top market with excellent product quality. Its annual sales of nearly 1 billion yuan at the highest level.

It feels good to own a brand! I still remember this. One of our fans said that it was our product that conquered the heart of his beloved girl. Receiving the praise of our users represented the sense of achievement for me.

But times are different now, and the market for MP3 has been completely eaten up by smartphones.

In 2011, Liu Shurun decided to start a second business.

Based on his own industry experience, Liu Shurun chose the tablet market. At the peak, annual sales had reached 40 million dollars, but he knew that the market was already in the hands of the world of giants, i.e., Apple and Samsung, and there was barely any chance for small brands.

Liu Shurun didn't give up his ambition and he kept looking for an opportunity to make his brand a world-renowned brand:

 I have been analyzing the changes in the hardware industry on the market, I do not want to restore the past, but to create a better, and even world-renowned hardware brand, because I think that in China, more specifically, in Shenzhen, there is technology to accomplish this. The smartphone industry is slowly witnessing and experiencing this change as well.

 At the end of 2015, Liu Shurun and Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technologies and Yi Lifu, founder of Huaying Fund, who were familiar with each other since young, talked about the future development of the smart toothbrush industry in a meeting, and soon reached a unanimous agreement.

After that, Liu Shurun decided to move to the electric toothbrush industry.

One of the trends of consumption upgrade is that electric toothbrushes are replacing manual toothbrushes. Furthermore, the introduction of more intelligent sensors and biotechnology make electric toothbrushes more powerful. 

He firmly believes that the electric toothbrush is not only as simple as the manual brush to clean our teeth, but also a product with enough market potential in the future. However, there was no top Chinese brand that can influence consumers' decision-making then.

Of course, a large market means fierce competition. And currently, in the electric toothbrush market, there are two giants, Philips and Oral-B, and there are countless manufacturers for mid-range and low-end products.

But Liu Shurun looked on the bright side, 

I have been an experienced user of electric toothbrushes for years, and I think good products are desperately needed on the market.Toothbrushes at about $50 from famous brands do not offer excellent user experience. They have problems with the loud noise, short battery life, mildew on the surface, and many other issues. Moreover, although the product quality is good, the brand markups are considerable.
Consumers should get better products at lower prices by removing the halo of the giant brands.

The giants' products are far from perfect.

Liu Shurun and his team had done in-depth research on many electric toothbrushes on the market in 2016.

We were surprised when we found that motherboard was manufactured in 2003. Such things seem incredible as we live in a society with the rapid development of technology.

The so-called classic models are an excuse of no innovation, especially in terms of hardware.

However, it is not feasible to imitate the giants. If we only make similar products and sell them at a lower price, our products will only be a substitute. What's more, our brand will never become an international brand. Therefore, we must think highly of tooth brushing from the very beginning.

His Business

The core concept of his business is to work on both hardware and software, more specifically, not only to produce the right toothbrush but also to help consumers develop healthy brushing habits.

Liu Shurun was clear about the fierce competition in the electric toothbrush industry. He believed that only with the right products can he made a breakthrough.

Liu Shurun and his team spent more than a year and a half, invested ten of millions of dollars in starting from scratch. They redesigned the power supply system, power output, and transmission system, systematic bristle flocking, and Oclean OS system for interaction.

Their achievements are as follows:

1. Battery: 60 days long battery life, only 3.5 hours required for a full charge. Compared with almost all toothbrushes in the industry, these two statistics stand out. They redesigned the structure of electric toothbrush and PCB layout in the way of developing smartphones.

2. Motor: 42000 RPM frequency, and a perfect balance with torque and swing. Not only the vibration is fast enough, but also the intensity is powerful for rapid and effective teeth cleaning. 

To reach the high-frequency vibration, Liu Shurun and the world's largest motor manufacturer jointly developed and re-created a brushless motor with excellent performance. All its counterparts and even the giants covet such a motor.

3. Brush head: introduction of bristles from two brands. Oclean uses prismatic bristles with thinner ends to bring higher efficiency in cleaning, a more flexible way to deal with stains in any corner.

4. Appearance: winner of RedDot and IF Award of Industrial Design. The anti-mildew coating can effectively prevent the mildew on the surface of the toothbrush.

5. Software: Oclean uses the software to know and analyze the actual tooth brushing habit of each user. It provides replacement of the brush head free for the lifetime, involving users to interact with the manufacturer to provide support for intelligent data-based tooth brushing.

Thanks to all these innovations, so far, Oclean has got 35 patents.

Moreover, the sales volume of Oclean has reached over 100,000, and its revenue has exceeded $5 million. The giants are attracted to it and seeking cooperation with it.

What users say

Oclean is well-received on popular shopping platforms. Many people use an electric toothbrush for the first time. Let's have a look at a user review that used electric toothbrushes before.

As a senior user of electric toothbrushes, I can say Oclean is innovative in many aspects. Firstly, the stroke of the bristles is slight, and the bristles are ultra-fine, which allows the toothbrush to deal with all parts of the teeth flexibly. The brush is very soft, which can avoid gums from bleeding.
The surface of the toothbrush has excellent texture and offers good tactile experience. The surface is said to be anti-mildew. The handle of the toothbrush has thin ends for a comfortable grip. Moreover, the gray toothbrush head looks beautiful and tasteful.
Generally speaking, I like the innovations of Oclean and its toothbrushes, because they provide a user experience as excellent as those from famous brands.

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