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1pcs=4L, Save 300 Dollars Per Year for Car Owners !

1pcs=4L, Save 300 Dollars Per Year for Car Owners !

If you don't click and read this article, you will lose a fortune.

Inevitably, dust, water stains, and grime build up on the car glass, what's worse, birds' droppings! Clean the glass in time, or the filthy glass will impair your vision during driving.

As the accumulation of dust and grime, your vision becomes obscure so you can't see clearly, which increases the risks of driving, especially on rainy days. 

According to statistics, dirty glass causes up to 40% of traffic accidents.

However, many car owners often overlook it. When the windshield is dirty, they use dry windscreen wipers to scrape it a few times, only to find the window unclean and the wipers aged and broken.

Some car owners think tap water can be used as windscreen washer fluid. They are completely wrong. It is not advisable. 

This is because tap water is not a detergent. Let alone the fact that stains, bird droppings and so on can't be scraped away easily. Moreover, tap water contains impurities. Thus, such a substitution will not only lead to the clogged nozzle of windshield wipers, but also the acceleration of their aging.

So how to clean the car glass and maintain the wipers?

The most common detergent on the market is glass water, also known as auto glass cleaner. It can clean the car glass quickly and thoroughly, but it is cumbersome and takes up a lot of space.

More importantly, the glass cleaner has become more and more expensive in recent years. Indeed, car owners clean the glass at great expense.

Today, I am going to introduce to you another well-received detergent, i.e., Effervescent Cleaning Tablets.

Why choose effervescent cleaning tablets?

1 tablet can be mixed with 4L water, because the cleaning tablets are concentrated and efficient, which is economical

Tablets in the same size of a matchbox can be used for half a year

Strong detergent to help you remove water stains for a clear vision

Soften the strip of wipers to maintain them and extend their service life

Instantly dissolved without leaving a residue, they won't clog pipes or damage your car

Does it sound great? If you are interested, then move on to know more about the product.

The tablets are highly concentrated and effective. Each of them can be mixed with 4L water so that you can save $300 per day.

To clean the car glass, you need to spend $8 on a 1L glass cleaner. 

In comparison, this concentrated tablet is equivalent to 4L glass cleaner since one tablet can turn 4L pure water into 4L glass cleaner.

A box contains five tablets, which means 20 bottles of 1L glass cleaner.

If you use a box of effervescent tablets for six months, it only costs you $1.99!

However, the same amount of glass cleaner costs you $8 x 20 = $160! 

Oh, Gosh! You can save $158 in half a year, and $316 a year! Guys, nothing can be a more economical solution!

It dawned on me that as a driver for the past 20 years, I've lost the money for a car. I'm so upset.

One tablet each time, which is so convenient

In the past, I had prepared a few bottles of glass cleaner in the trunk. They were so bulky that I was exhausted after holding a bottle to pour some glass cleaner into the washer fluid reservoir.

Sometimes, because of their huge size, I was unwilling to prepare some in advance, only to find myself buying them in a hurry.

In comparison, I don't need to worry at all if I use the effervescent tablets. A box is enough for being used half a year.

I put these effervescent tablets in the armrest box next to the driver's seat. They come in handy.

It is simple for everyone to use them, even a toddler. Only a few steps are needed:

Step 1. Open the hood

Step 2. Open the washer fluid reservoir

Step 3. Put in an effervescent tablet

Step 4. Pour in 3 - 4L clean water

Step 5. Wait for 10 minutes before you use it

You neither need to care about the amount of water anymore nor take the heavy auto glass cleaner. Isn't it super labor-saving?

Powerful detergent for no water spots and a clear view

In addition to low price and simple operation, what else are you concerned? The effectiveness?

According to my experience, clearing away the dust is a piece of a cake. 

Water stains and grime can also be cleaned effectively.

The effervescent tablets work so well with the wipers, so the stubborn stains, such as bird droppings will never be left after scraping three times or so.

Soften the strip to extend the service life

As I've mentioned before, ordinary tap water is incapable of thoroughly cleaning the glass, but it accelerates the aging of the strips. 

This effervescent tablet is more than a detergent because it also contains strip protectants, anti-oxidants, and other ingredients to significantly improve the flexibility of the strip, postpone aging, and reduce the frequency of replacement.

My feel that not only the strip is well maintained, but also the noise becomes much smaller when the wipers are working.

When I went to a car center several days ago, the clerk was surprised that my wipers were so well protected, which made me feel very proud.

Instant dissolution for neutral liquid detergent and no harm to the car

There are quite a few kinds of effervescent cleaning tablets on the market, but most of them will deposit and leave residues after dissolved. Such is not the case with these effervescent tablets.

The tablet is only 1.8cm in diameter and is suitable for water inlets of all cars.

After you put it into the water, it will be dissolved automatically, and you will get clear detergent without impurities. Therefore, you won't be troubled by the clogged water inlet, the corrosion of pipes. All in all, it won't have any adverse effect on your dear car so that everyone can use it without worry.

Widely applied

The effervescent tablets are not just for cleaning the windshield. Its functions are beyond your expectation.

I also use it to clean the rearview mirror.

Apart from that, I also use the tablet to do housework. I hated to wipe the glass before because no matter how I cleaned it, water spots always remain there.

Thanks to this effervescent tablet, I only need to wipe gently, and the glass will look as if it is brand new.

Every time I finish cleaning the glass, I feel that the room becomes a lot brighter.

The dressing mirrors and mirrors in the bathroom are always dirty because they are prone to water spots. Sometimes, I give up taking a selfie in front of the mirror because they are too dirty.

I use the effervescent cleaning tablet to produce detergent and wipe the mirror because I always examine my reflection in the mirror every day before I go out. Wow, I look too handsome!

Evaluation from purchased users

If you are still hesitant, let us see how the users have evaluated:

Very nice cleaning agent

Great windscreen cleaner

Great Idea, Great product, No more buying washer fluid

Well, the above is the excellent cleaner that I recommend to you guys. Now, you can get a discount when you buy it. If you need the effervescent cleaning tablets, go for it! I believe that you will be grateful to me later on.

I will continue sharing affordable and easy-to-use products for cars here. If you enjoyed reading my article, please hit the applause button and add it to favorites.


1. For frequent use, you can dilute the liquid with tap water. It is recommended to use up all liquid within two months.

2. If not used frequently, it can be mixed with pure water so the liquid will remain valid for half a year.

3. The product will be frozen. Thus, it is not suitable for low temperatures or in winter.

Car Windshield Glass Cleaning Effervescent Tablet 5PCS



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