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Unboxing Of Nokia X6: Is It Worth Paying For The Emotional Response?

Unboxing Of Nokia X6: Is It Worth Paying For The Emotional Response?

I remember when I bought the first mobile phone Nokia 3210 at the beginning of 2000, it cost me 400 dollars, which was exorbitant. Nowadays, mobile phones at 400 dollars are mid-range smartphones. 

In any way, as a representative of the state-of-the-art mobile phones then, Nokia 3210 was: 

Fashionable: its cover could be changed into different colors;

Compact: it seemed to be the first to do away with the antenna;

Interesting: With it, one could play Gluttonous Snake and customize ringtones (which was an exclusive function);

High-quality: excellent materials, meticulous craftsmanship.

Nokia gained its reputation at that time. It is said that Nokia 3210 remains among the top 5 best-selling smartphones of all time.

I still keep this phone, up till now, I can turn it on. After I open the back cover, the shiny golden contacts come into view. According to a friend working at its foundry, the contacts of the motherboard is gold-plated.

As time flies, we're in 2019 now. In the past, I've used many mobile phones from major brands. Amazingly, Nokia, the most dynamic brand, has revived. Since I want a mobile phone for work, I won't use this mobile phone to play games but make phone calls. Small size is a must because I am constantly on the go carrying a phone in my pocket.

So, when here arrived the new Nokia X6, I realized that it met all my demands. 

Come on, let's unbox it! It's been long since I used the Nokia mobile phone for the first time.

The front of the package is simple. There is only an image of the phone and an image of handshaking, which reflects Nokia's faith. The small hand and big hand have been replaced by two hands in the same size, which means to go hand in hand to create a better future. The design, marked with models and Android robots, is simple and straightforward. On the reverse side, some of the main parameters are the highlight.

I unbox it, and the drawer-style design impresses me because of its unique appearance. Covered by a piece of plastic film, the phone is well protected.

There is a charger, USB cable, user manual, SIM card ejector needle, and the smartphone itself. Below is the group photo.

After peeling off the film, I love how Nokia X6 feels in hand. Its front and back are 2.5D glass. Thanks to its small size, you can hold the smartphone with a single hand. In pure black, with notch display and a logo on the bottom, Nokia X6 looks attractive.

Nokia X6 features a dual rear camera on the back, a flashlight, and a fingerprint sensor. The camera module is about 1mm higher than the back cover. 

After simple setups upon power-up, "Congratulations, your phone is ready to be used" appears on the screen.

Because Nokia X6 runs the native Android system, the user interface is clean and refreshing with only three bundled Apps, which is far better than a series of bloatware that can't be uninstalled.

The above is all about unboxing. Let's focus on my opinions about Nokia X6 after using it for several days.

1. After using a fundamentally optimized Android system, I am not quite used to the native Android system.

2. The shapes of the icons are not uniform: some are circular, others are square. I wonder if there is any way to adjust the icons. After all, they are a little hard on the eyes;

3. The proclaimed AI dual camera doesn't live up to artificial intelligent;

4. With attractive appearance, excellent quality, the Nokia X6 seems more expensive than $200.

5. Average battery life to last for nearly a whole day, i.e., you can make eight calls, use messengers and your favorite social media.

Go back to the topic in the beginning. It is worth paying for emotional marketing? Based on several days' experience, I think it is worth it. Why?

Apart from the gaming performance, all aspects of the smartphone at around $200 are well balanced, at the mainstream level, with all necessary configurations. Apart from that, the Nokia smartphone is sensational. It is worthwhile, indeed! A company can't live on emotional marketing by triggering consumers' emotional responses. Instead, it should offer excellent products. In terms of Nokia smartphones for sale, they live up to consumers' expectations.

For more in-depth reviews and side-by-side comparison, please follow me. I will put more article on Gearbest Community in the future.

Nokia X6 5.8 inch ( Nokia 6.1 Plus ) 4G Phablet International Version



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