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Go out to a restaurant? Order take-out food? Here's How a Single Live on a Pot

Go out to a restaurant? Order take-out food? Here's How a Single Live on a Pot

538CX- Super Portable Folding Electric Cooker: For All Bachelors’ Cuisine & Instant Satisfaction

I am always alone when I go shopping, dine in a restaurant, sing solo, cook foods at home.

If there are 10 levels of loneliness, which level are you in?

I believe that if a person eats well, he/she won’t feel too lonely; on the contrary, he/she will feel happy.

Of course, you can't eat instant noodles, or order takeout every day. Sometimes, stew some meat, cook soup, prepare some cakes, desserts, seafood, etc. At least a bachelor should live a good life.

If you want to cook something delicious and nutritious, a cooker is a must. I highly recommend the multi-functional folding cooker to bachelors. It is ideal for both home use and travel.

Multifunctional Folding Electric Cooker

With it, you can steam, stew, boil, and cook any food you want. Yes, with only a cooker.

Thanks to the unique foldable design, the electric cooker can be folded/unfolded instantly, wherever you are, at home, in the dormitory, on a journey, etc.

The electric cooker is very useful, small and portable, only 66mm when folded. 

The container of the electric cooker is larger than that of a kettle, enough to accommodate a whole packet of instant noodle.

The cooker provides 3 different modes, including “Keep Warm,” “Slow Cook,” “Fast Cook.”

In “Fast Cook” Mode, it takes 3 - 5 minutes to boil a pot of water, which is quick.

When the water is boiling, put in the instant noodles, after cooking, you don’t need to prepare an extra dish to enjoy the meal, just hold the cooker.

To make use of its full potential, you can use it to stew meats or make a hot pot. 

In “Slow Cook” Mode, it allows you to enjoy a small hot pot alone in your room.

The electric cooker comes with a steamer basket so that you can prepare steamed bread or desserts every morning.

Watch out for the heat! Use the handle on the electric cooker instead of touch it directly.

The capacity of the electric cooker is 1L, which means the right size for a guy. The size will be too small for two boys, but fairly enough for two girls.

After all, a cooker is related to what we eat. Let's focus on the materials of this electric cooker. 

The bottom is made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, anti-rust, so it won’t be difficult to clean it at all. 

The folding part is made of food-grade silicone, like a baby pacifier. It is safe, FDA compliant, meeting the standards of US Food and Drug Administration.

The electric cooker can withstand the changes in temperature, from -40 to 230 degrees Celsius. It can be folded over 5,000 times without deformation or rupture. Enjoy the peace of mind when using it.

For the first time, boil a pot of water to clean the interior. 

The power cord can be separated from the cooker for easy carrying. However, I think the power cord is a bit too short.

In case it starts burning/overheating, the cooker will automatically turn off to guarantee electrical safety.

The multi-purpose electric cooker supports two input voltages. It includes a giveaway adapter for worldwide use.

It has no built-in battery so that you can take it on a plane without worry.

Look! With the electric cooker, isn't it nice to be single?

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