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A Cloud Weather Alarm Clock Lamp Teaches You How To "Forecast the Weather By Observing Clouds"

A Cloud Weather Alarm Clock Lamp Teaches You How To "Forecast the Weather By Observing Clouds"

Do you know that you can forecast the weather through the changes in clouds? 

Forecasting the weather by observing clouds is a trick that our ancestors have developed in the past thousands of years. 

Although sometimes, it doesn't work accurately, it is interesting to study it.

Nowadays, people mainly rely on the weather forecast. 

Can you foresee the weather condition by having a look at clouds in the sky? Probably not. 

What I recommend to you today is something witch which you can know the weather by looking at the clouds. 

It is a cloud weather time lamp.

You can know several of its functions from the name.

It is a smart cloud weather lamp with various functions, including weather forecast, alarm clock, intelligent night light, and so on. 

The structure is relatively simple, a small speaker base, a display screen, and three little clouds. 

Most of the time, I use it as a clock. 

Because the cloud lamp is connected to the "Ali-Smart" App, it is more intelligent than the ordinary clock. 

When you use it for the first time, you need to download Ali-Smart, add this cloud light to your device, and connect it to the WiFi network. 

What's the use of connecting it to WiFi? 

The most basic function is to adjust the time. An ordinary clock may require us to calibrate the time manually when the clock runs out of power or becomes inaccurate after a period. You won't need to change the time by using the cloud lamp.

After a successful connection, the cloud light automatically corrects the time according to the network. The correct time will be displayed on the screen in several seconds. 

The WiFi connection also serves to locate and broadcast the weather forecast accurately. 

When we press the button on the edge of the cloud light, it will broadcast the current weather. 

It is not just a voice broadcast. Let's look at the roles of the three clouds.

Now, let's focus on essential functions of the cloud light which endow you the ability to forecast the weather.

The three clouds are in different colors. Each represents a different weather condition. The white cloud on the left represents the weather conditions of "cloudy" and "rainy"; the blue cloud on the right represents "snowy" and "hazy"; and the pink on the top represents "sunny" and "cloudy" weather. 

During the day, one of the three cloud lights will turn on to indicate a different weather condition. 

Thus, every day, you only need to look at the cloud light to know the current weather. 

During the voice broadcast, the cloud light will also be lit. For example, a few days ago, there was a typhoon and thundering, I could hear the sound of thunder. 

What's more, clouds will simulate the lightning. 

You can know a lot from the voice broadcast, including the weather, temperature, probability of precipitation, humidity, air quality, dressing tips, and comparison. 

Set an alarm clock with the cloud weather lamp. When the alarm turns off every morning, there will be a weather broadcast. 

Therefore, you no longer need to refer to the weather forecast on your phone. (You can be notified of the weather that day and the next day). 

In addition to the functions of an alarm clock and the weather forecast, some more intelligent features of this cloud weather lamp are also excellent.

Let's know more about the smart induction feature. There is a sensor at the front of the cloud lamp. When there is someone in front of the light, the screen will turn on; when the person is away, the screen will automatically turn off to save power. 

For example, if you set the alarm clock in the morning and want to snooze, wave to it, and the alarm will stop.

Here's another example. When you get up at night and go to the bathroom, tap on the clouds, the cloud light will turn on. 

It can be used as a night light (the night light is turned off by default and can be turned on by using the App). 

As for the alarm clock settings, the App allows you to adjust volume and brightness. The operation is quite simple.

And the power of the cloud lamp can also be displayed on the App. By using an ordinary USB cable, you can charge the cloud lamp.

You have the options of white, blue, and pink. They mainly differ in the color of the base.

However, other colors have been sold out; currently, only the pink ones are available on Gearbest.

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