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Complete Guide To 【Xiaomi WalkingPad A1】 Treadmill, A Wonderful New Item Many People May Still Not Know!

Complete Guide To 【Xiaomi WalkingPad A1】 Treadmill, A Wonderful New Item Many People May Still Not Know!

WalkingPad A1 treadmill is a brand new compact fitness equipment launched by Kingsmith Technology, an enterprise in Xiaomi's ecosystem. Its functionality and design include folding mechanism, adaptive speed control, ultralight aluminum alloy body, simple appearance, and so on.

Through the remote control, you can realize all functions of WalkingPad treadmill, such as Walking Mode, Start, and connection with Mi Home APP, and so on.

On the top is the mode switch button; "-" is for deceleration and "+" is for acceleration; the button in between is for confirmation/cancellation.

In addition to the remote control, the WalkingPad also comes with a wrench, silicone oil (for lubrication), and a power cord. 

The highlight of WalkingPad A1 is an innovative folding design. The entire treadmill weighs 28kg, measures only 0.44 square meter when folded. It is easy to be put under the sofa, bed, or desk. 

The WalkingPad is connected based on the hinge. Thus, it is convenient to fold it, and one can easily "open and close" it. 

After unfolding WalkingPad A1, you can have 1200 x 415mm walking area whose main colors are silver and gray.

Here's a close-up of the juncture of the treadmill. As you can see, the workmanship is excellent, and the juncture is straight and smooth. The two parts are aligned well. 

At the end of the WalkingPad are two holes which serve to adjust the belt. If adjustment is needed, you should use the wrench mentioned above.

The treadmill belt of the WalkingPad is made of high-density fiberboard. There is a smooth and soft anti-shock layer on the surface. Thus, walking on the treadmill is like walking on the plastic running track, as it provides a strong grip, comfort, elasticity, great damping effect to protect the knee. 

The top of the WalkingPad functions like the "control center." You can use it to check data in realtime, choose a certain walking mode, etc.

To switch the walking modes, you can use the remote control and the buttons on the side of the top. 

There are also two trolleys on the top which are convenient to slide. They facilitate changing the position of the treadmill. The middle of the WalkingPad is the power interface and on/off button.

The display panel at the top of the WalkingPad is an LED screen under a translucent ABS engineering plastic board. When the WalkingPad is not working, the panel seems to be disappeared. The entire machine looks simple and neat. As soon as you turn on the WalkingPad, the data will appear.

From the display panel, you can know the duration, speed, distance, calories burnt, and so on. By going to the settings, you can find the step counts. 

The photo above shows the current speed of the belt and walking distance

Besides, at the bottom of the display is the current walking mode. From left to right, you can find the icon of Standby Mode, Constant Speed Mode, Auto Speed Mode. 

In Standby Mode, all motors and sensor stop working; in Constant Speed Mode, you can control the speed by using the remote control or Mi Home App; in Auto Speed Mode, the speed is controlled by algorithms and sensors.

The Constant Speed Mode is the "Basic Walking Mode," in which you can use the remote control to slow down, accelerate, stop, and start. The Auto Speed Mode means the "Advanced Walking Mode," in which the walking area controls the deceleration, acceleration and more. For example, in Auto Speed Mode, when you enter the (3/1) area of the treadmill, it will automatically accelerate; when you enter the (3/2) area of the treadmill, it will automatically decelerate.

Because of the built-in high-precision pressure sensors, the WalkingPad will automatically speed up or slow down according to its users' status and meet their needs. 

The speed of the WalkingPad can vary from 0.5km/h to 6km/h. The acceleration is so fast that it takes only several seconds to increase from 0 to 6km/h. 

Compared with the Constant Speed Mode, the Auto Speed Mode is more interesting, providing a better user experience. 

In Constant Speed Mode, each time you press the button, you can increase/decrease the speed by 0.5km/h; whereas, the acceleration of Auto Speed Mode depends on the user. If you walk on the front part of the treadmill, it will automatically accelerate; if you walk on the rear part, it will automatically decelerate. 

In Auto Speed Mode, the speed changes instantly. Additionally, because of the built-in pressure sensors, as long as you walk on the treadmill, it will enter the walking mode, and you won't need the remote control. 

It is not recommended that beginners, the elderly, and children use the Auto Speed Mode. This is because it changes the speed according to where you walk.

In Auto Speed Mode, when you enter the front part of the treadmill, it will accelerate by 0.1km/h each time, more precisely than 0.5km/h in Constant Speed Mode. Therefore, you will have a better experience and find the right walking speed in Auto Speed Mode. After all, the increase of 0.5km/h is limited. 

This is a photo of the acceleration zone and the deceleration zone. When you enter the former zone, it will accelerate by 0.1km/h; the latter zone, decelerate.

The photo demonstrates walking on the WalkingPad. 

For the safety and low noise when walking, the platform of WalkingPad is designed to be low, only 57mm, because the lower the platform, the lower the noise will be.

Additionally, the WalkingPad provides four safety modes, including Child Safety Lock, Overload protection, Auto Standby (in 10min), Speed Limit. So, you can achieve your fitness goals safely.

Since WalkingPad A1 is a custom product of Mijia, it can be connected to Xiaomi Home App. The connection can be made in a few steps. This is also an advantage of Mijia products.

After connection, you are on the main page of Xiaomi Home. After entering the control interface of WalkingPad, you need to follow the beginner tutorial, which is helpful for later use.

The App interface shows you the fitness data, the current working mode, and history.

Apart from getting fitness data and beginner tutorial, the App allows you to calibrate and set the maximum walking speed, Child Lock, etc. The App is used to set the treadmill, control it, provide you with instruction, check walking data.

To sum up, WalkingPad A1 is an excellent choice, because:

1. It is convenient to fold, ultra-compact, space-saving;

2. It provides intelligent speed control for an enjoyable experience;
3. It offers various walking modes;

4. It can be connected to Mi Home App for device management, setups, and updates;

5. The exquisite workmanship ensures that the machine is light, thin, and quiet.

WalkingPad A1 treadmill is intended for light exercise at home. It is the choice of hundreds of thousands of citizens. 

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