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After Learning These Simple Tricks, You Can Easily Use A Mobile Phone To Take Creative Photos

After Learning These Simple Tricks, You Can Easily Use A Mobile Phone To Take Creative Photos

Photography is great science.

How to turn the ordinary scenery into the classic, praiseworthy even when you are a grandparent? 

The equipment is secondary; what matters is the skill.

I was inspired when I was browsing on Instagram. Today, I am going to share with you some tricks on how to take great photos with a mobile phone.

For Beginners

Why are the following shooting angles the basics?

Because in these photos, there is a third party.

So, when you think about how to compose a picture, try to add the following items to your photo.


As a vehicle, a car can be used to form a contrast of the dynamic and the static quickly.

In the rearview mirror ▼

Driving ▼

Outside the window ▼

In the window ▼

In the wheel ▼


It is considered the most basic.

On a rainy day, capture a piece of glass with random raindrops, and you'll get a photo which seems to have background music.


In the original photo, add another frame.

In this way, you not only highlight the subject, but also satisfies the curiosity, or rather the desire for peeping. 

Door hole ▼

Gap ▼

Iron wire▼

Curtain ▼

Camera ▼

Phone ▼

Camera ▼

Photo frame ▼

Mirror ▼

Small hole ▼

Hand ▼

For Intermediates

After talking about the basics, let's focus on the following angles that require you to move the body.

Looking up

When you walk in the streets, you may look up.

Looking down

Sometimes, the scenery below is also magnificent.


Squatting is for an eye-level shot.

An animal's perspective ▼

A plant's perspective ▼

A tramp's perspective ▼


As long as you've got a good idea and have quite a few trials, you'll get a satisfactory photo in the end.

For professionals

The following perspectives may be more challenging to achieve. They require a photographer's aesthetics and intuition to capture the picture.






Reiteration: Do not snap for the sake of a reflection. Think about what's in it, and the association with the rest of a picture.



For experts

Unlike the photos above which attract you, at first sight, the photos below arouse your empathy because you can feel the photographer's emotion and know their identity.

The end of the world

An autistic patient's perspective

An inclined world

An upside-down world

An urban stalker's perspective

God's perspective

I hope that you can find sparks from different angles.

At last, I would like to gift you what my favorite photographer said,

"There is an infinite number of perspectives in this world. Go and find yours."

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