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Hurry Up, Don’t Miss This Offer! Extend Your Memory Under $5 with Alfawise Cartoon Face Micro SD Card!

Hurry Up, Don’t Miss This Offer! Extend Your Memory Under $5 with Alfawise Cartoon Face Micro SD Card!

Are you looking for a good memory card to store all your data? 

Come let me introduce you with the all-new Alfawise High-Speed High Capacity Waterproof 32GB Micro SD Card. 

I bet you, this is the best SD card I have seen so far and is ideal for any transmission gadget (Whatever, the price is the killer, if I were you, I will just roll down to grab the deal right now instead of listening to my floods of ink). 

It has got a really fast read and write speed that will help you to transfer photos and videos to or from your computer. 

Now let me mention something that is very important about the all-new Alfawise micro SD card. This memory card is actually an SD card which has set the memory card standards to a completely new level. 

This upgraded feature of the SD card is now being considered as the last generation feature that has an improved rate of data transfer.

Unveiling the tiny thing out of the box:

The memory SD card comes in a triangular package, unlike any other SD card packaging. The standard dimension of this Memory card is a 1.50x1.1.x0.20 cm / 0.59x0.43x0.08 inch just like any other micro SD card that is easily available in the market. 

This is absolutely lightweight 0.0030kg and is used as one of the most common storage for diverse devices.

The Alfawise Micro SD Memory Card is undoubtedly such a product that you will love just like I fell in love with when it served my purposes in case of emergency. 

I was awestruck with the read speed of this micro SD which offers up to 80MB/s read speed and write speed up to 100MB/s. I would give a big thanks to the maker (Alfawise) for designing such High-Speed High Capacity Waterproof 32GB Micro SD Card for us. 

My experience with Alfawise 32GB Micro SD card:

I swear this is such an amazing product that has the shortest data transfer speed when compared to any other existing memory card. The amount of data that I handled smoothly all at a time was literally astonishing and this was probably because of the UHS-1 reading level. 

The Alfawise 32GB Micro SD card has been crafted while the users are kept in mind. Because people like you and I would love to have such a compact to the mid-range point memory card that has made it ideal for digital cameras or camcorders. 

In fact, I have used this Alfawise High Capacity Waterproof Micro SD Card for my camera and I am able to take pictures and transfer files to my computer like never before. 

I was so surprised with its performance and I would highly recommend this product to everyone who is right now reading this review and thinking about what to do!

There are also some other attractive features that have impressed me. I can’t believe that this tiny device is actually waterproof, x-ray proof and extremely resistant to temperature. It is just unbelievable technology that Alfawise has incorporated within a tiny memory card. 

This is truly one of the greatest innovations for every micro SD card genre. I know what are you thinking now? Trust me, this product comes at the lowest price (about $4.5) and is the best option for people who usually takes or stores lots of pictures or videos on the go. 

Now if you want to test the efficiency of the memory card by yourself, then use an advanced USB 3.0 card reader to verify all the mem cards on your computer. Any genuine Micro SD card should generally pass an H2 test without causing any error. 

Key specifications of the Alfawise 32GB Micro SD card:

√  Allows CE authentication and supports HD video recording.
√  The read speed is 80MB/s which will allow you to edit, store and share photos in the fastest possible way.
√  With 32GB capacity, you are free to store a large number of photos and videos without any trouble.

√  The petite SD card is very strong as it is waterproof, heat-proof, cold resistant and most importantly is capable of protecting all the important data that you have stored in the card.

√  It can be used in your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, gaming console, GoPro cam, drone, speaker or even a car DVR.


I would like to give you some advice on using your SD card safely because I know that Micro SD cards are highly affected by the quality of card readers, adapters, USB ports that you are using. This is because low-quality equipment can remarkably reduce the speed of the card. 

Also please make sure that you insert or remove the card reader while keeping the device switched off. If you don’t follow this practice it might cause permanent damage to the memory card.

What are you waiting for? If you are trying to find a low budget advanced micro SD card that can handle heavy-duty, then just go and get one Alfawise High-Speed High Capacity Waterproof Micro SD Card 32GB for yourself. 

Experience the next generation sturdy micro SD cards that can last under any environmental condition. Make 32GB Alfawise Micro SD card your buddy in your next trip. 

Hurry up, don’t miss this offer!


Alfawise High Speed High Capacity Waterproof Micro SD Card



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