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The Best Robot Vacuum and Mop: Why is VIOMI V2 Pro the Mopping Master?

The Best Robot Vacuum and Mop: Why is VIOMI V2 Pro the Mopping Master?

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000 Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020

Mopping is one of the toughest tasks in the home, and it takes a lot of effort and time to do. The introduction of robot vacuums and mops has, to no small extent, eased the stress of going through the manual back and forth scrubbing on different floor surfaces. 

These robot vacuums and mops automatically work on your floors all on their own, thus, creating time for you to get other work done in your home or spend valuable time with your loved ones.

Are Robot Mops Worth It?

With a robot mop whirring around your floors all day, you don't need to worry about a dirty or stained floor for the day. Some stories respond better to washing than vacuuming; this brings about the need for a multipurpose robot when choosing a robot vacuum for your home.
Robot mops are safe, smart, and ergonomic. 

An intelligent choice of robot mop will make sure you run a fully automated cleaning system in your home. Smart robot mops, such as the Viomi V2 Pro, will intelligently interact with other intelligent home control systems to ensure your comfort and satisfaction at all times.

VIOMI V2 Pro mopping features and performances

With the Viomi V2 Pro's sweeping and mopping function, you cannot only keep your floor free of debris, but you will also keep your floors polished at all times with its mopping pad. Here are the features that make the Viomi V2 Pro the mopping master.

● Intelligent Mopping: The VIOMI V2 Pro employs a professional mopping pattern by emulating the traditional back and forth scrubbing. This will make sure your floor is totally rid of debris and granules, and you don't have to worry about going through the labor of manual scrubbing.

● Automatic Recharge and Resume Mopping: The Viomi V2 Pro has an intelligent battery sensor that detects when the battery is less than 20%. When this happens, the robot mop automatically finds its way to the charging dock, where it will recharge itself. When the battery chargers up to 80%, it unplugs itself and automatically resumes mopping at the breakpoint to avoid repeated mopping except otherwise stated.

● LASER Navigation: The Viomi V2 Pro is integrated with 360 degrees LASER scanning system which offers easy and intelligent navigation with a 2cm obstacle climbing capability.

● Mops on all floors: The Viomi V2 Pro is capable of mopping on virtually all floor types, including carpets, marble floors, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, etc. With this, you don't need to worry about the robot’s compatibility with your floor type.

●3-Level Water Control: The Viomi V2 Pro is equipped with a three-level water control system that intelligently controls water release during mopping. It does this with the aid of the integrated two-in-one lock-water rag that can be used for the wet mop, semi-wet mop, and semi-dry mop based on your cleaning needs.

What Makes Viomi V2 Pro Standout Compare to Roborock S5?

The Viomi V2 Pro does exceptionally well when compared with other top robot mops, and the Viomi V2 Pro has innovative mopping features that even beats the Roborock S5 at a more affordable price. 

Both robots vacuums have similar specifications, but the Viomi V2 Pro has a higher suction power, bigger dustbin, a more efficient 3-way water control system, a better  2-in-1 lock-water rag for different mopping modes, and a much more user-friendly control app.


It's difficult to find both exceptional vacuuming and impressive mopping capabilities in the same machine. Still, the Viomi V2 Pro manages this trick efficiently. The Viomi V2 Pro is available for grab at a limited time 22% discount offer at $389.99. You can buy the VIOMI V2 Pro here!!!

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000

Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020 

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