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  • Miha
    Yes (9) Color: Oak Brown Size: 4200k
    маленький далнобой
    Хороший фонарик далеко светит, 250-300 добивает.Есть скрытые режимы о которых почему-то нет в описании :У драйвера есть 2 режима работы: базовый режим и режим программирования. Рассмотрим каждый подробнее.

    Базовый режим
    Обычный режим, при котором осуществляется эксплуатация фонаря. Коротким (менее 0.5с) кликом осуществляется смена режима. Долгим (более 0.5с) кликом осуществляется возврат к первому режиму, если запоминание последнего режима не активировано.

    Режим программирования
    Позволяет менять группу режимов или включать-выключать память последнего режима. Вход в программирование осуществляется следующим образом:
    1) Включаем фонарь
    2) 10 с лишним раз кликаем кнопкой, пока фонарь не погаснет на несколько секунд
    Все, мы в режиме программирования. Здесь у нас есть 2 своеобразных «пункта меню», фонарь по очереди предложит их выбрать:
    2.1) 1 вспышка + строб — переход к выбору группы режимов
    2.2) 2 вспышки + строб — включение/отключение памяти последнего режима.

    Чтобы выбрать соответствующий «пункт меню» нужно быстро кликнуть во время соответствующего строба один раз. Включение/отключение памяти последнего режима происходит сразу, а вот переключение режимов — отдельный квест, требующий умения быстро считать в уме) Итак, после входа в режим выбора группы, фонарь начнет делать серии вспышек, количество вспышек в каждой серии — по номеру группы:
    1. 0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%, строб, байк, проверка батареи
    2. 0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%
    3. 100%, 35%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%
    4. 1%, 20%, 100%, строб, байк, проверка батареи, SOS
    5. 1%, 20%, 100%
    6. 100%, 20%, 1%
    7. 0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%, сроб, байк, проверка батареи, SOS
    8. 0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%
    9. 50%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%
    10. 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%
    11. 100%, 20%, строб
    12. 100%
    Чтобы выбрать соответствующую групп
    много зазубрин на корпусе но привыкаешь

    Aug 14,2018

  • Crazyeddie
    Yes (1) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    Excellent Budget Light
    I have been a “Convoy” fan for many years. I love my Surefire, PK Design Labs and other lights too, but application and price point are considerations. Anyone looking for an inexpensive but good quality light, Convoy is it. Sure, if my life depends on a light being dependable, such as Firearm lights or when I am in a dangerous environment, I will always chose a potted light by a Company known for dependability with decades of experience-but with those lights comes a price tag at a high premium. If I am walking the dog, looking in the attic, etc, the Convoys are great. This C8 is their latest model(I have all their lights). It has an easy to use interface, good throw, bright and a pleasing beam. Although I appreciate 1,100 Lumens, I typically use the lower settings 90% of the time. If you want a quality, low cost light, this is it. I compare it to my 1983 Toyota Corolla, that I bought brand new-Toyota’s were known for great gas mileage and dependability, but in the 1980’s they added a few amenities that took it from “basic” to moderately “nice”. Not Luxury, but not “bottom of the barrel” either. I put 300,000 miles on that car and it rarely needed anything but gas & oil changes. Convoy will give you a lot of mileage without “breaking the bank”.

    Nov 09,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    Solid multiple light torch
    A good solid choice when it comes to buying a good torch, it's multi choice light setting i find is a must if not only to choose a lower light setting to save on battery consumption.

    Solidly built with rubber O rings at every juncture to give more water proofing, if not to make it waterproof but of the latter which I'm unsure of. The strongest beam setting is more of a strong focused beam rather than the 'speard out' strong beam that I'm used to when purchasing cheaper brands.

    I personally have found that this strong focused beam a lot more beneficial for location of items obviously in the dark, than the other that i just mentioned so it is a non question for future purchases to upgrade, something which i really should have known already being honest.

    Jan 07,2019

  • Tzetz
    Yes (0) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    Flashes from above
    Gearbest items though not tracked usually arrive earlier that registered ones from others China sellers. Congrats on that!
    This flashlight is not an exception. It also arrived for less than two weeks.
    Sofar this is the best one I've ever had. Much better than my other Convoy 8 in terms of better cooling, stromger beam of light and better controller. It worht the upgrades haiving in mind that I bought it promotionally at the price of the old one. The best price on the net for this model. With Gearbest my best shopping esxperience is always on gear!

    Mar 15,2019

  • DooMMasteR
    Yes (1) Color: Oak Brown Size: 5000K
    Easily one of the
    -takes common 18650 cells
    -powers the XM-L HI at ~2A at 100%
    -very capable throw considering the size
    -surprisingly good cooling (better than the old C8)
    -good UI with many modes (10 in total) ranging from 0.1% to 100% and SOS, strobe, battery check etc.
    -optional memory (for those who like to be surprised)
    -low battery warning and cut off so unprotected cells should be fine
    -the brown color is not the same for body, bezel and tail, this is just cosmetic but some might be concerned about it (black and silver should be fine)
    -very slip proof anodization almost like 600 grid sandpaper which is kinda nice, but also a bit uncomfortable

    Jun 17,2018

  • Scourg3
    Yes (1) Color: Oak Brown Size: 5000K
    c8 long range flashlight
    latarka o dużym zasięgu ,ale wąskim strumieniu. Bardzo fajny brązowy kolor, brak niedoróbek i rozbudowany sterownik. nie przegrzewa się z racji dużej powierzchni odprowadzania ciepła .zbijając punktami można zejść w okolice 60 zł co jest super ceną za taką latarkę. Od siebie polecić muszę jeszcze M1, która jest kompromisem pomiędzy odległością, a szerokością świecenia .

    Oct 02,2018

  • Сук
    Yes (1) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    Лучший фонарь
    The flashlight in the apartment seems simple. But when it was dark and you Shine in the distance then Yes!!!! Shine forward 70-100 meters and get a spot with a diameter of 10 m. Diode U3 7A, orange peel reflector. 5 minutes Max and light hot 50 degrees, and in 20 minutes you can only touch it to hold without gloves not as well. Battery 3400 mA Panasonic. In short, as the lamps at the Maha scary, sorry. But as a candlestick the seeker well .

    Aug 19,2018

  • Tan
    Yes (0) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    Convoy C8+ XPL HI LED 1100LM Portable Flashlight - OAK BROWN 6500K
    For quality build the Convoy C8+ is definitely considered among the top manufacturers. The pricing is below the expectations. Been using the flashlight for the last 3 weeks. With 1100 lumens is sufficient for my everyday use at work. Plenty of options of mode for my requirements. Easy to operate with tail switch. Light and take either the 18650 or CR123 battery. Overall a pleasure to handle.
    Convoy should consider designing with charging port at body. Include manual & pouch to make purchase a complete package.

    Jul 10,2018

  • Luka
    Yes (1) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    No comment
    No words needed, best budget searchlight out there.
    Amazingly clever heat dissipation design and a quality body. It can run on full power as much as the battery can!

    Excellent throw for a budget light, clever firmware with group switching!

    The ony con: battery check should have a separate click-combination, rather than being a part of a group, since I don't use disco-modes and there is no battery-check in non-disco groups. Such a pitty.

    Oct 15,2018

  • Mark
    Yes (1) Color: Oak Brown Size: 6500K
    Love this flashlight
    I own multiple c8 flashlights and when this plus version was listed I snatched it up quick. This is my favorite size flashlight to date. Looks better than og c8 and fits stainless steel bezel. Only thing I wish it has was a slightly bigger battery tube to fit 21700 bats. I think the design with a thick tube would look better and allow me to run my sst40 a little bit longer. Hoping for a c8++ version!

    Oct 24,2018