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  • Convoy T2 Mini
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 4000K-4500K
    Convoy T2 Mini, kleine Lampe für kleines Geld
    Die Convoy hat eine gute Optik und Haptik und keine Fehler. Sie bringt mit einer AA Batterie eine gute Leuchtweite.Sie hat 4 Modi 0,025A 0,32 A 2,65-2,7A Stroboskop 1 bis 3 schaltet man dich Halbklick durch und Stroboskop durch schnellen Doppelhalbklick. Die Lampe ist als Geschenk zu empfehlen, man brauch keine extra Ladegerät und Akku eine Aa Batterie reicht. Mit einer Eneloop kann man dann auch der Umwelt genüge tun. Tolles licht für kleines Geld. Ich mag sie sehr gerne. Mir gefällt die Lampe mit der gelblucheren Lampe etwas besser.

    Jan 27,2019

  • MPC
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 4000K-4500K
    Single AA Convoy
    Couldn't resist testing this new flashlight from Convoy so i ordered one.The build and finish is as good as any other Convoy (pretty high quality/price ratio imho) but it works with a single AA battery instead of li-ion so it might be easier to gift to non flashlightholic relatives and friends.The maximum light output (about 220lm with a fresh AA eneloop) is very good for the size but the drawback is a high battery drain (about 3A at max output) while the mid is somewhat too low (about 30lm) for serious workTint at 4000-4500K is ok for meTL/DR : well built but the lo-mid-high stagering could be improved

    Oct 12,2018

  • sky mac
    Yes (9) Color: Black Size: 6500K-7000K
    Have spent a fair bit of coin over the years on some genuine `` tactical'' flashlights from various well-established brands, every year it seems they make a better Cree chip for an even brighter light, a genuinely bright flashlight is great for the car, the drawback is specialty batteries more expensive, most lights that take readily available batteries, are a bit useless as a truly decent light, very compact light that's terrific to keep in the glove box of my car for any lighting needs

    Oct 04,2018

  • Sergey69
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 4000K-4500K
    Конвой всегда на высоте.
    Хороший EDC фонарь для повседневного ношения. Небольшой и не тяжелый с питанием около 77 грамм. Работает как от батарейки так и от NiMH аккумулятора. Не надо приобретать отдельную зарядку под литий. 3 режима свечения плюс строб. Переход в строб -двойное полунажатие. В максимальном режиме потребляет около 2,6 А.

    Nov 16,2018

  • a1tactical
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 6500K-7000K
    Budget and Strong EDC flashlight
    PROSSimple UI with 3 main modesGood pocket clipPrice is reasonable lowSafe to use because of the battery typeHigh output even on Alkaline (althouth I don't recommend using Alkalines)CONSStrobe is too easily accessible with a double click (but once you know it, you can probably live with it)PWM in low and mediumLittle unpredictable that it will boost all the sudden in High mode.

    Oct 22,2018

  • Hungary
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 5000K-5700K
    Good quality flashlight
    It's a good quality flashlight, just like S2 +.Not too small, apparently wider and longer than the AA alkaline battery.The light is good. It only works with an alkaline battery, not 14500 batteries!

    Dec 08,2018

  • PRS
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 5000K-5700K
    Brightest AA flashlight I own
    A high quality flashlight like all convoys. The highest mode is very bright, brighter than the mid mode of Convoy S2. Also has strobe mode, double click in any mode to activate it.

    Mar 06,2019

  • lightman
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 4000K-4500K
    Good light for the money
    This is a good light at about 12€Quite bright for AA, very solidly built. Mode memory and three good modes. High is very bright and has a quite bit of throw for an AA light. Strobe should be left out, but it is not in the normal mode circle, so ok.Nice warm tint. Happy with this.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Антон Городецкий
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 4000K-4500K
    Convoy T2
    Хороший фонарь проверенного производителя. Сделан качественно. Рефлектор ОР. Можно выбрать диод из трех цветовых температур. Работает от обычных батареек и от аккумуляторов NIMH, NIZN. Разряжает NIMH до 1.0-0.9. Хорошая тугая клипса, можно её перецепить ближе к голове фонаря и использовать на козырьке кепки или бейсболки как налобник . Из плюсов это пожалуй всё.
    Минусы:-не работает от лития ;-упакован в пупырку, вложен в обычную тонкую картонную упаковку белого цвета;-резьбы сухие;-сэкономили на диоде (XPG2) и драйвере, конкуренты вовсю юзают XP-L HD.

    Sep 24,2018

  • Mihai B.
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 6500K-7000K
    Powerfull little flashlight
    Cheap, good quality, powerfull AA flashlight.Not ok middle mode, very weak light. Only 40 min at full power and middle mode with weak light. Double click for strobo.

    Jan 18,2019