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  • Maggie
    Yes (0) Color: Cerulean
    I love these Glow Stones!
    I love these Glow Stones! I bought two packs and they work great! They were even glowing a bit when I took it out of the padded envelope mailer!
    These are really cool and I placed the stones around my greenhouse.
    The first day I put out the stones I could see them glowing when I cupped them in my hands but it was almost a full moon that night and the glow of the stones wasn't extremely bright. Tonight was much better being that there was way less moonlight .
    I gave a few stones to my niece and she just loves playing with them in the dark. I kept a few of stones in my kitchen and they glow for a few hours each night.
    I'm a sucker for anything glow-in-the-dark so I'll probably be ordering some more bags on my next payday...

    Aug 17,2018

  • Vanessa
    Yes (0) Color: Colorful
    Great fun.
    They worked great for my tree frog vivarium. I added a waterfall to my vivarium and needed pebbles to fill the pond so my tree frogs won't drown. The color adds fun in the daytime and the glow adds fun at night. The glow is strong enough to see from across the room. The pebbles are very smooth so I don't worry about cutting or hurting the tree frogs if they come near them.

    Jul 18,2018

  • Alex
    Yes (0) Color: Lake Blue
    A surprise gift
    They glow. Not right out of the bag...I had to shine my cell phone camera light on them for a minute, then they glow bright and for awhile.
    Better than expected.
    Nice color of blue too .
    I washed them and sprinkled them around on the bottom of his tank...they soaked up light from his UV lamp all day and seemed like they glowed all night.
    This barely lights up at all. Turn it on and it barely illuminates at all, even in the pitch black, and it flickers.

    May 31,2018

  • Irving
    Yes (0) Color: Lake Blue
    Shiny stones
    I like this shiny stones. The size and material are great. After absorbing natural or artificial light they become luminoscent. I bought 2 packages and I need more, great product for decoration, used in two flower vases, and for surrounding a bigger plant.
    Maybe the price, a little expensive. For the rest its all ok.

    Jun 24,2018

  • Lydia
    Yes (0) Color: Colorful
    They are perfect!
    I was very happy to purchase these rocks, they are more than I expected. Its cheap and light weight, its made with better quality material that actually glows anywhere which I love. Its bright, and creates a distinct look and appeal. I can use it in my yard, walkway or aquarium, even to style a centerpiece at night or in dark. They are perfect!

    Jul 17,2018

  • Igor
    Yes (1) Color: Lake Blue
    Cozzine Garden Pebbles
    "100 pieces" are in fact 104 !
    Pebbles seem random, but in fact come in 5-7 basic shapes, about 1-2 cm long, 3-5 mm thick.
    Nice looking light blue color.
    About their luminosity we still have to discover.
    none. Everything is as expected

    Jan 10,2018

  • Mariah
    Yes (0) Color: Cerulean
    These glow so well!
    These glow so well! Even through the night. 100 pcs actually went pretty far in a 2 gal aquarium so I bought 300 pcs. 4 stars because they are extremely light, so at least 20 to 30 end up floating to the top and aren't useable in the tank. We ended up using them for a planter decoration in our son's room by the aquarium, but it was frustrating.
    Too light.

    Aug 01,2018

  • Jillian
    Yes (0) Color: Colorful
    Great glowing rocks.
    Great glowing rocks. They look really great at night. The only problem is that you need to buy a whole lot to cover any outside area because there is not a lot in one bag. but they are quite beautiful. I have these bordering my back patio and my patio looks awesome at night.. I have acquired quite a few over the past year. I LOVE them!

    Jul 09,2018

  • Katherine
    Yes (0) Color: Cerulean
    DEFINITELY worth the money!
    These are the best glow rocks! I put them out when I first got them and it was a cloudy day so I wasn't expecting much. WOW was I surprised!!after only a couple hours, they glowed for hours! And brightly! I am ordering more to fill another spot. DEFINITELY worth the money!

    Aug 04,2018

  • Abigail
    Yes (0) Color: Cerulean
    Glow is great at night.
    Glow is great at night. I bought 900 pieces and probabaly buy more.
    I laid it out first on my hall table and just let the house light into it and when I turn off our lights it glows so bright beautifly. I am thinking of using it as part of my garden hard scape.

    Jul 31,2018