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  • Chris Durkin
    Yes (5) Color: Blue Size: US Plug
    -Very good quality prints
    -Prints in most filaments
    -Everything is very high quality, heavy, metal, very skookam.
    -Chooches like the best of them!
    -Super quick and easy to assemble.
    -Some extra parts even
    -I've only just started but this seems to be one of the easier printers to upgrade quite a bit
    -Included micro-SD card has a couple prints on it already that are nice mods for the CR-10. Such as a couple strain reliefs and a guide, etc.

    Some incorrect things that GearBest answered when people have asked in the questions section, that I would like to clear up, I just hope those same people see this review.

    -It DOES come with a glass bed top ontop of the aluminum heated bed base.
    -It DOES come with a little PLA filament. It's not a ton but it's quite a bit to get you started, I've printed 4 or 5 things so far and I haven't even put a dent in it.
    -I believe the extruder in this is an MK8

    Finally on to shipping. I'm somewhat happy to say that this is the fastest I've ever received something from China. Usually things take 2-3 weeks or more but this arrived in 10 days from China to Central US (Northern IL). The one weird thing and I'm guessing something went wrong was that when I ordered it I chose expedited shipping, and DHL EXT. It was NOT clear what DHL EXT is or what half of the shipping options mean, but I can say that my package started in China using China Post and was delivered to my door using USPS, the entire time I had a USPS tracking number to track it.

    Now when I ordered and chose DHL EXT there was NO added shipping cost even though it said expedited, which I found interesting because I'm fairly certain expedited shipping from China would cost a few bucks. So I figure maybe this "DHL EXT" isn't for shipping to the US and so they just sent it through USPS. But I can't say for sure.
    -Not really a con but either it is tested before they ship it or I got one that someone returned and they fixed it or something.
    -Sticker on fan peeling off
    -A coupler's set-screws on the Y-axis stepper motor weren't affixed correctly, easy fix though so again not really a con. Plus I've read that some people have has those couplers snap in shipping so I figured this may have been done on purpose.

    The issue I had was when I went to tighten the set-screws they went all the way through and fell into the middle of the coupler. No big deal I had to loosen all the set screws and move things around to get them out and realized I had to move the coupler up a little bit for it to connect the Y-axis threaded pole and the stepper motor. Just an FYI

    Oct 04,2017

  • Daniele
    Yes (2) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug
    La stampante CR-10 è una buona stampante che ha un ottimo rapporto prezzo-prestazione. E' facile da montare anche dai meno esperti; di fatto c'è da unire i due pezzi principali, stringere le viti e collegare i fili x, y, z nella giusta posizione e poi non resta che partire per la prima stampa di prova. Come “tradizione” NON STAMPATE il file g-code del Gatto... è corrotto e dopo due ore di stampa va fuori centro ed è tutto da buttare! Scaricate da internet uno dei tanti files di prova e provate con quelli; a me ha funzionato molto bene il Robot di Ultimaker.
    Per stampare in PLA non è necessario scaldare il piatto, occorre solo il nastro per dare aderenza. Occorre fare una buona calibrazione, che con un piatto di così grandi dimensioni non è semplicissima anche se, una volta fatta, viene mantenuta a lungo.
    Il problema maggiore nella calibrazione del piatto è che se vanno bene gli angoli al centro la testina di stampa o è troppo vicina e raschia la superficie o è troppo lontana e il layer non aderisce bene... Ciò è probabilmente dovuto al fatto che il piano in vetro non è perfettamente piano ma tende ad alzarsi o abbassarsi al centro. Consiglio quindi, dato che le stampe non saranno sempre alla massima dimensione, di calibrare il piatto sulla parte centrale più utilizzata per stampe con la base fino a 18x18 cm, ed utilizzare tutti i 40 cm di altezza.

    Consiglio questa stampante, soprattutto se è la vostra prima stampante 3D dove poter sperimentare ed imparare i trucchi per una buona stampa.
    E' poco curata la documentazione fornita. La scheda fornita dovrebbe avere un maggior numero di files STL di esempio ed alcuni GCODE perfetti con le indicazioni dei parametri di slicing in modo da fare subito delle prove e verifiche. Sarebbe necessario anche avere da subito CURA nella versione più aggiornata, senza dover andare a scaricarla da internet.

    Dec 05,2017

  • Fredrik Stahre
    Yes (5) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug
    Software Engineer
    The printer works well and gives good prints. I'm new to 3D printing so I can't really compare to anything else except youtube clips from other printers. One thing I have notices is that the cat print (even though it didn't print the head) included gets printed in super awesome quality and prints I've gotten of Thingiverse and sliced with Cura does not reach that quality, I guess it has to do with settings in Cura and maybe the details of the 3D files. The quality is very nice anyway though, so no real complaint, just an observation. It takes some skills to do the right settings when slicing.

    My machine was not actually working ok when I first started it up. The temperature measurements were resetting randomly and resulted in Low Temp errors. I found that the problem is because the cable that goes to the to the nozzle, fans etc is glitchy, when I move the cable it looses connection. I've temporarily solved it by disassembling the connector on to the main unit and bent the cables a bit but it's not a long term solution. I will ask GearBest if the can send a new cable.

    Overall, for the price, this printer is very good so far and it was easy to assemble. If it hadn't been for that glitch in the cable it would have been super easy. Still, not recommended if you are looking for a Plug and Play experience, you need to watch some you tube vids, read some instructions and be ready to experiment a bit before you get nice prints.
    Bed levelling is a bit fiddly and I think it doesn't get exactly levelled. Mine is level in the corners but it's sagging down 0.1-0.2mm in the middle. I've solved it by levelling without tape in the corners and then printing on one layer of tape to get the middle part up 0.1 mm. I'm not sure how this will work for really big prints that goes all the way out to the edges though, the nozzle might come to close to the glass. I've yet to try any of the more advanced solutions with wedges under the bed. For now it works just fine with a layer of tape.

    Could use some more instructions on how to get started with setup and printing. How to get prints to stick to the bed and so on.

    Aug 04,2017

  • T (engineering student)
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: US Plug Upgraded Version
    Just received 9/15/18
    Took about about 10 days to get from China to Northern California. Got the printer set-up and printing in about an hour. The settings on the cat file that comes on the SD aren't great, had to lower nozzle temp to 192 and raise bed temp to 60. Still working on first complete print (PSU box legs) and notice a lot of stringing, which is likely due to settings (retraction probably).

    Okay, quality control issues.1. Y-axis belt tensioner bracket was bent causing belt to ride on one side of the pulleys and twist. 2. Bracket holding y-axis stepper motor is bent and causing same issue as the other end. These are very simple things to fix, which will happen after the current print is done. 3. They did not debur and clean up the metal from the holes being drilled in the frame. Easy thing to clean up, but it probably shouldn't be there. 4. Glass bed is warped. Everyone already knows about this, and I'm sure they are aware. Hope they fix this sooner than later. 5. Hot end heat sink not screwed in on one side and is sitting cockeyed. Noticed it during current print, I think all it needs to be tightened down. I hope they didn't mess something up and then leave it like that. I'll update later.

    Packaging was A+ great. Box was not beat up in shipping. Instruction manual is good enough.

    For the price (compared to amazon/others) it seems like this is a great deal.

    Sep 16,2018

  • Creality CR-10S Unboxing and Setup
    Yes (2) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug Upgraded Version
    Creality CR-10S Unboxing and Setup
    The Creality3D CR - 10S 3D Desktop DIY Printer was a very simple and easy to build 3D printer that has very good print results.
    Highly recommend if you are in the market for a 3D printer that is low budget with good quality print output.
    Building the printer was very easy from start to finish. Very little skill was needed as a lot of the build was already done.
    Unbelievable 3D printer. Well worth the money
    Very good quality prints
    Prints in most filaments
    Everything is very high quality
    Super quick and easy to assemble.
    Some extra parts even
    I've only just started but this seems to be one of the easier printers to upgrade quite a bit
    Included micro-SD card has a couple prints on it already that are nice mods for the CR-10. Such as a couple strain reliefs and a guide, etc.
    Check out my unboxing and build video
    A few loose bolts found on the assembled parts so check when you are building yours. These may have been left loose for transport.
    At this time there are no real cons as every thing was easily assembled and worked perfect from the start

    Jun 25,2018

  • 3DPMaster
    Yes (5) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug Upgraded Version
    New 3D Printer Creality CR-10s
    The new Creality3D CR-10s is amazing! I love it!

    Well packaged, easy to assemble, easy to use with SD card or with CURA (version 3.4.1 or greater) plugged into usb, ALMOST NO UPGRADE NEEDED to get started, really good for beginner to PRO.

    Apart from the printer itself and filament (CCTREE BLACK is recommended) what do you need to get started quickly?

    - 2 x NEMA 17 dampers to put between the X and Y servo-motors
    - 4 x 2 dots yellow squash balls (using them with Squash Feet, see thingiverse to get the stl )
    - 1 x Quiet Hot End Fan (ref. Noctua 40x10mm Fan 12v NF-A4x10 FLX)
    - 1 x 300x300mm mirror for bed
    replace the stock glass with a simple mirror, see the video for more info
    use this mirror at 70° heat-bed and all objects will stick perfectly without any additional product (no glue, no blue tape, no spray, nothing!)

    that's it!
    you printer will be quiet enough and ready for production!

    Hope this helps!

    Sep 01,2018

  • hsngrms
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug Upgraded Version
    Great 3d printer
    I liked this 3d printer but its my first so I can not say anything what it differs from others. Also I got it only 20 days ago, I am sure this is not enough for a proper analysis. (Because I am n00b at 3d printing.) However I will explain why I liked it:

    + It is pre-assembled and fully assembling doesn't require any experience with 3d printers.
    + Dimensional calibration is correct, If I draw 20mm, my CR-10S prints 20mm.
    + Quality of parts and tools are good. (Except default filament)

    Biggest concerns based on my current experience:
    - There was a document "test-dog.gcode" in SD card and it scaled hugely. If I didn't notice and didn't stop the printing, it would consume nearly 100 g (Default filament is 200 g) and the job would last 10 hours. God sake! 10 hours for first try. :D
    - Some minor scratches on assembly points of black anodized sigma profiles worried me a bit at first but after assembling there were no quality issues.

    Jan 19,2019

  • Poldy
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug Upgraded Version
    3D Ducken bis zum bitteren Ende
    Lange hat er gebraucht bis er geliefert wurde der CR-10S, tollen Support von Gearbest hatte ich in der Zeit, an der Stelle noch mal vielen Dank.
    Der CR-10 hat vieles schon am Bord was man beim CR-10 noch nachrüsten muss. 2.te Z-Achse Filament Sensor....das Heizbett ist von unten Isoliert, er ist viel (!!!) leiser als mein Geeetech-A30. Habe den Drucker von anfang an mit einer Ultrabase Platte benutzt mit hervorragendem Ergebnissen.
    Wichtig ist vor dem Zusammenbau, die Schrauben am Rahmen zu lösen und auf einer geraden Fläche wieder fest zu ziehen. Mein Rahmen war um gut 0.5cm "verzogen". Infos und Videos findet man ja zu hauf im Internet.
    Der Filament Sensor ist nur gesteckt hier muss man sich selber helfen. Das Mainbord ist nicht Baugleich mit dem CR-10 , somit muss man beim Flashen anderst vorgehen. Auch hier im Netz suchen (Cr-10S Marlin Firmware upgrade).

    Als Anfänger im 3D Druck finde ich diesen Drucker hervorragend, man lehrn viel über seinen Drucker, braucht halt Zeit und gedult. Ich würde ihn zum Kauf weiterempfehlen, wenn man große ausdrucke machen möchte.

    Nov 25,2018

  • Markus
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: EU Plug Upgraded Version
    Supertoller Drucker! Würde ihn wieder kaufen!
    Mein erster 3D-Drucker - und ich muss sagen, nach diversen Startschwierigkeiten - man muss sich erst mal so richtig in die 3D-Drucker-Welt einlesen - klappt das ganze sehr gut.

    Die Firmware habe ich jedoch mittlerweile auf eine inoffizielle Marlin-Version 1.1.9 geupdatet, da mit der bestehenden trotz erweitertem ABL-Sensor der Sensor hinten und vorne nicht funktioniert. Aktuell drucke ich wieder ohne ABL-Sensor.
    Der ABL-Sensor war direkt von Creality, löst jedoch leider aktuell noch sehr ungenau aus. Werde ich später nochmals genauer prüfen, da andere mit dem Creality-Sensor (mittlerweile) bestens Drucken können.

    Ansonsten nach 9 Monaten immernoch dieselbe Nozzle, keinerlei Probleme. Glas-Platte habe ich allerdings gegen eine Carbon-Platte ausgetauscht, da mir die Aktion mit dem Krepp-Band auf Dauer zu umständlich war.

    Auch habe ich die Leveling-Wheels durch die Großen ausgetauscht und die Federn durch Silikon-Bumper, da diese sich nicht so schnell "verstellen".

    Octopi noch angeschlossen und prima ist das Ganze.

    Nov 13,2018

  • agus
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: US Plug Upgraded Version
    Really nice 3d printer for any DIY guy
    This printer has it for any guy that likes to assemble everything, It is a DIY great product. It takes from 1 to 5 hours to assemble depending on your knowledge and understanding. For best assemble I suggest youtube videos mixed with written instructions. Almost all parts are good quality, some of them are the one that you will need to change in a couple of month depending on the printer usage. The pros is that this printer is totally flexible, you can add a Laser, or different hardware that takes maintenance work into simpler process.
    I am preferring this S version as it comes with 2 Z motors that gives more stability to the print, and I suggest to get the Mounting Lever Kit for higher printers that gives better stability and firm.
    The bed comes mostly warped but you can take a mirror that is not warped at all and works perfectly, my prints just sticks without any help on PLA.
    The motherboard sadly cannot accept any other motor driver that will get it less noisy, you can change it though.

    Jul 08,2019