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  • Guy
    Inappropriate shipping protection
    I have purchased two of these, both have been received totally wrecked by being bent in the mail as there was absolutely no protection for this, not even a 'do not bend' sticker. The first GearBest credited, the second I took out "Shipping Guarantee" however GearBest are refusing to replace it as they say it does not affect performance of the product! Have a look at the photos of it! They are ignoring everything I write to them, saying 'i don't want the product' when I want a replacement! DO NOT BUY THIS FROM GEARBEST.

    Mar 13,2019

  • Asela
    This works so great.
    I have had many problems with adhesion. Sometimes it will not stick at all, sometimes you cannot get it off without breaking out the heavy tools. This is by far the best option I have tried. Things stick great while printing (assuming no force is applied like anything else). They also peal right off after the are done. I used on some huge full bed prints and stayed fine for 80 hours and peeled right off in seconds. I cannot endorse this enough.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Other Guy
    A Really Quick and Nice Upgrade
    I just received it in the mail today, and installing it couldn't have been easier. I have already printed several pieces and it makes removing them hassle-free. One issue I had was it came slightly damaged in the mail on one of the corners, but it doesn't affect the majority of the print area. I think packing it between two pieces of cardboard could prevent most of the damage caused in shipping, otherwise really worth the investment.

    May 02,2019

  • Daniel
    I wish I'd done this from the start.
    After fighting with a metal build plate and blue painter's tape for a year, I finally splurged and bought a magnetic build surface. I wish I'd done this when I first built my printer! Removing a mostly flat print from a taped, rigid surface is profoundly difficult, not to mention hard on the printer, but with this a simple flex of the build surface and the print comes right off. Very pleased.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Bartley
    Works Excelent
    I was worried about my purchase due to the issues that others reported, but I received 2 days ago and finally got a chance to try this magnetic build surface and i have zero problems with adhesion or with temperature. So far, it works great... One thing I will add is that I installed this directly to the aluminum heat plate and not the glass.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Jorge Oliveira
    Item arrived really really fast. the 24th and it arrived the 26th!!!!!
    Packaging not good. It allows to be bent and cqn damage the build plate. In my case there was no real damage but several users reported alot of damage.
    Sender should consider better packaging. Overal it works as expected

    Apr 27,2019

  • Gandum
    Substituição do vidro da base da impressora 3D
    Este foi o produto que mais alegrias me deu nas trocas que tenho feito à minha impressora Alfawise U20.

    É perfeito para retirar os modelos impressos, sem força, sem espátulas ou outras ferramentas, é só dobrar levemente e a peça salta.

    (depois ponho as fotos e/ou videos)

    Muito obrigado

    Mar 11,2019

  • Ofer
    Good surface
    Works well, and as expected. Easy to remove the printed models.
    However, if the printing nozzle is too low, the heat leaves permanent marks on the surface.
    Packaging was a problem: it was delivered in the mail folded. The fold left a permanent dent in the surface.

    Mar 10,2019

  • wack
    Good build plate
    Interesting build plate here, the part do pop off the plate easily but the magnetic strength could be a bit stronger, but I added rare earth magnets under the bed and that held it in place better, all in all I’m pretty happy with it

    Jan 15,2019

  • Bruno Teixeira
    Magnetic Bed
    Flexible removable bed, great to easily remove prints and clean afterwards.
    You will never need removal tools anymore.

    Mar 27,2019