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  • Creality CR-10
    Desktop DIY Printer
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:EU Plug
    Принтер Creality CR-10
    Принтер сам пришел в отличном состоянии, все хорошо упакованно и закреплено.
    Сборка элементарная. В комплекте много ключей и вообще всего того что

    пригодиться новичку для того чтобы собрать все и начать печатать. Инструкции все

    на флешке на китайском и английском языке - можно разобраться.
    Процесс сборки занял около 1 часа + калибровка стола около 1 часа.
    Для слайсинга установил Cura, которая идет в комплекте.
    Пластик который идет в комплекте хороший, на вскидку 1/3 от килограммовой

    Цвет белый. На флешке есть модели для печати + там же некоторые части для

    принтера (различные суппорты для отдельных элементов)
    В коплекте так же присутствуют годные кусачки которыми удобно удалять поддержки.
    Так же присутствует две большие наклейки на стол для лучшей агдезии и рулон

    клейкой ленты. И рулон и наклейки очень хорошо держат PLA пластик.
    Печатал на данный момент только PLA, Но диапазон температур позволяет печатать

    так же ABS, HISP, flex и др. виды пластика.
    высота минимального слоя у принтера 0,05 мм (50 микрон) - печатал на ней, очень

    качественная печать ребристости почти нет.
    Высота максимального слоя 0.6 мм (600 микрон) - на нем не печатал, но печатал на

    1.2 мм (120 микрон) и 1.5 мм (150 микрон) - фигурки получаются качественные.
    Печатал детали различного размера от самых маленьких до достаточно больших -

    качество печати хорошее. Фотографии прилагаю (на фото где кот и дракон, кот напечатан слоем в 50 микрон, дракон слоем в 150 микрон).

    Вывод: очень хороший и качественный принтер за свои деньги, покупкой доволен.
    Есть маленькие недочеты:
    1. Трубка по которой идет филамент не фиксируется четко с одного конца (решение: замотал изолентой - работает как часы)
    2. Небольшие вибрации от принтера (решение: более стойкое основание)

    Mar 04,2018

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  • Dennis Fox
    CR-10 Great Printer
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:US Plug
    This printer works very well. Whoever designed it was interested in the right balance between price and quality.

    - It took only about an hour to finish the assembly and start printing, hardly any work.
    - It comes with tools for assembly, tools for printing (tape, side-cutters, spatula), a micro-SD memory card and micro-SD adapter, a small roll of good quality white PLA, a spare Bowden tube and a spare 0.4mm nozzle, extra screws and other stuff. I used only the supplied tools to get my CR-10 running.
    - The included micro-SD card came with a bunch of helpful files, including some models for printer upgrades, nice!
    - I downloaded Cura 2.6.0 and got the CR-10 profile from the Facebook user group page. The profile made this whole thing easy to understand. I was printing in no time. This might not be a feature of the printer, but the Facebook user group is active and there is helpful stuff there.
    - The print volume is clearly the best for the price. To think, I was going to pay for 3D printed parts. This printer cost less than the quotes I got, so I have already printed my parts at a savings. This was a really good deal for me.

    Summary: Nice printer. I am thinking about buying another one.
    - All the cooling fans are kind of noisy (especially the one on the power supply). This isn't really a big deal.
    - The included cat.gcode file has a mistake in it, and I printed two decapitated cats before I realized that the file is bad. This was just weird, as the cats were my first prints. I printed my own g-code files and they worked fine.
    - The choice to not use a second z-screw assembly seems questionable, though the printer works great. I haven't tried using the entire build volume yet.
    - Leveling the bed was a hassle. The thumbscrews would be better if they were twice the size and had +/- arrows because I was confused a couple of times. Which way did it go? Oh no, I need to start over!
    - Cura made the CR-10 easy to use, only after I figured out where to get the CR-10 profile from. And that was confusing, as there is more than one Facebook user group, and the files there are all mixed into a long list of things that don't matter to the newb. For English, join this group:

    Aug 07,2017

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  • steve
    Extremely satisfied
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:US Plug
    First for shipping- It was quick, not like next day quick but i did not expect it as quick as it showd up. Very pleased
    Setup- I knew from other reviews that this was going to be an easy setup but really it was 4the bolts with lock washers and some common sense.
    Also you can tell this is a company that wants to have a good name and repeat customers. They included a lot of little extras.( bots, lock washer, snips, puty knife, starter fulfilment). I was impressed and felt like my satisfaction was important to them.
    Printing-That's where I failed, my pc was old and running windows xp and i had problems loading the slider software. Just means i also need a new computer. Hopefully earnest can help me out with that :) .
    I will update this review when I get printing.
    Thanks gear best for a great first experience.
    Nothing that was the fault of gearbest or the provider.
    You have a repeat customer. Thanks

    Apr 04,2017

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  • Miguel G
    loving it!
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:US Plug
    Easy to build!
    Easy to start printing!
    Great printing quality!
    It comes with everything you need!

    This is my first 3d printer, after arrival it took less than 3 hours for me to get it up and running, I am an engineer but had never worked/played with one. Super easy to set up, super good quality on prints, if you are getting one join the fb group and read the FAQ as well as 'what to do before it arrives. learn about most common issues, mine really came with pretty much all issues described in the group and I fixed them right away in the build even before I had a bad print (which is no more than tight some bolts, use a mirror in the printing bed, dowload the correctdemo file to print).

    Great product definitely recommend this!

    Remember to look for manual/guide on the SD card included

    May 06,2017

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  • TR
    First printer
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:US Plug
    The printer has performed as expected. After a couple of days of 1/2-3/4 day printing since receipt, this machine has produced some nice prints. It came in basically 3 pieces, once assembled with only a few bolts in a couple minutes it was pretty much ready to go. It has a solid frame and smooth quick motions. It produces quality in a rather large (esp. for the price range) print area. The printer also came with tools for every nut, bolt, and screw on the thing. Among tools it came with a nice clipper, zip ties, masking tape, roll of PLA filament, and some extra parts.

    Overall, with a nice thick glass plate, heated bed, ease of assembly, and included accessories and tools this printer is almost plug and play to print large quality prints. A solid buy!
    I would rate the shipping(and account/orders page) a 2/5 stars. Yes it shipped and made it in 2 weeks. However, my order screen displayed 2 shipments of the same item, one to me & another across the country. Then after submitting a ticket and receiving prompt, but seemingly confused assistance, I receive an email telling me that there are three more distinct shipments on the way to me. And the orders page showed only one duplicate shipment to me. It has been a couple days and I have told support. We will see is something arrives I guess.

    For the order page duplicates and errors, and thinking my item was delivered across the country, and the confused support ( I provided many screenshots and explaination) the representation of the shipping process leave much to be desired.

    Sep 01,2017

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  • Bogdan Andrei
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:EU Plug
    - shipped from European warehouse, so I did not pay any import/duty fees

    - nicely packaged, protected with thick foam

    - great price for the quality of the prints that this printer can produce

    - big print surface

    - easy to assemble, I was printing in 15 minutes from opening the box 

    - great print quality out of the box

    - everything is nicely organized in separate labled bags (parts, spares)

    - one small spool of white PLA in the box; it printed nicely

    - the decorative strips came unmounted, which was a plus for me because I would have removed them anyway

    I did not check if the glass print surface that came with the printer is bowed or not, I used an Ultrabase.
    It is a bit loud, mostly because of the fans - control box and hotend

    Feb 16,2018

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  • Silva, E.
    Excelente custo benefício [Excellent value for money]
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:EU Plug
    [pt-br]: Quanto ao produto, o equipamento corresponde em 100% com as descrições do anúncio. Antes da calibragem da impressora houve a necessidade de alguns poucos ajustes (correia e roldanas do eixo x). A montagem e calibragem da impressora 3D ocorreram conforme o esperado. Na caixa há ferramentas básicas para a montagem, com uma única excessão.

    [ing]: As for the product, the equipment corresponds in 100% with the descriptions of the advertisement. Before adjusting the printer, there was a need for a few adjustments (belt and x-axis pulleys). The assembly and calibration of the 3D printer occurred as expected. In the box there are basic tools for assembly, with a single exception.
    [pt-br]: A encomenda demorou para chegar ao destino por causa da morozidade da alfândega brasileira. Quanto ao produto, na caixa da impressora 3D não há todas as ferramentas para manutenção e calibragens, pois falta uma chave n. 14 e outra n. 13 para ajuste na correia e roldana direita do eixo x.

    [ing]: The order was slow to arrive at the destination because of the morbidity of the Brazilian customs. As for the product, in the box of the 3D printer there are not all the tools for maintenance and calibrations, because a key is missing. 14 and another n. 13 for adjusting the belt and right wheel of the x-axis.

    Feb 08,2018

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  • Rudi Geiling
    My first purchase from GearBest (Creality CR10)
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:EU Plug
    First, thank you GB for the fast delivery, 6 days that was fast. Packaging was excellent and without any problems, setup of The Creality CR 10 was easy, and I was printing in know time.
    My first prints are successful, I had no failures just some adhesion problems but with some fine tuning of the bed leave and heat settings on the bed it all worked out great.
    All in all I can say it was. A pleasant Experience and I will be buying more products from GB the Creality CR 10 is a awesome 3D printer and I would definitely recommend it to new 3D clients.
    Thank you GearBest (GB did not sponsor this product) it was a purchased by me and is a honest opinion over GB and The Creality CR10.
    I can only fault one or two things, memory card was not in the package, and the bed leavening is awkward at best and can be sorted wit a bigger knob which I downloaded and printed the first day to solve this problem. Get through the correct department of GB was a little difficult but that is to me being a first time customer and not knowing how there system works, I am still trying to get my memory card but am sure the will resolve this problem soon. Looking forward to receiving my memory card.

    Apr 19,2018

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  • Emanuele
    Ottima per iniziare con il piede giusto
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:EU Plug
    Semplicissima da montare, qualità dei materiali ottima. Ha un rapporto area di stampa/costo assolutamente invidiabile, aggiungeteci pure che ha una qualità e un dettaglio di stampa assolutamente epici, niente a confronto con altre stampanti 3d di fascia bassa. L'alimentatore si sta comportando benissimo anche dopo varie sessioni di stampa molto lunghe e non ha mai tradito, cosa che con molte economiche succede. Provata solo con PLA, in ABS non ne ho avuto la possibilità e per ora la necessità. Assolutamente da consigliare e seguire il gruppo a lei dedicato su fb dove vengono pubblicati numerosi consigli e file di configurazione
    Il file di prova dentro la SD era danneggiato, ma basta scaricarne un altro da thingiverse (anche lo stesso del gattino) per fare le prime prove e calibrarla

    Nov 08,2017

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  • nick
    Color:Coffee and Black Size:US Plug
    im new to the 3d printing world,after seeing many reviews about the creality cr-10 i decided i had to have it.
    once i recieved the cr-10 i went over the printer checking every screw,plenty lose screws.
    every wheel for x and y axis wasnt adjusted properly.
    easy fix by performing proper maintence.
    once up n running it was simple to use thingiverse and cura to start printing quickly.
    after 1.5 hours of unboxing i was printing.
    -easy to setup and use
    -nice quality prints
    -nice price
    -reliable printer performance
    - screws need to be checked right outta the box,not a big con.owner should be checking this before use anyway.
    -my lead screw top bearing fits very loose into the bearing housing,i shimmed the bearing to pick up the slack.
    -my bed and glass are both warped,i shimmed bed and glass as needed to get good prints,but a replacement is in order.
    -the printable files supplied on sd card were corupted and resulted in a failed print.
    -factory bed only reached a max of 78c in 1 hour.
    ive insulated the bed with foam backed foil tape and can now reach 96c in 20 mins.

    Dec 07,2017

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